Zombie Nation

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

Liberia, after 173 years of independence, is still struggling to enjoy the real dividends of independence. Our country is Africa’s oldest black republic but the least in terms of development on the continent. Despite the vast mineral resources, the bulk of our citizenry still lives in acute hunger. To this extent, theists or religious people of recent have begun to seek the intervention of their Supreme Deity to find where we have gone wrong as a country and people. But truth be told, the zombification of our country by our leaders has been and continues to be the problem for our massive underdevelopment and impoverishment since independence.

Liberia is truly a zombie nation with zombies leading us as our leaders. A zombie, according to pop culture and folklore, is usually a reawakened corpse with a ravenous appetite to feed on the flesh of others. They are unemotional and ones who don’t show mercy to victims of their zombification. Zombie leaders are always thirsty and hungry to feed on the corpse of a nation. But when it comes to the implementation of authentic policy measures to lead reform in a nation, zombie leaders are always chicken-hearted in the implementation of said measures. In a zombie nation, leaders seem to lack the foresight and vision to advance genuine policy prescriptions for the better of the society.

After 173 years of existence as a nation-state, all we see is incidence of street children, hazardous and exploitative child labour, youth unemployment, poor nutrition and health, commercial sexual exploitation, girl prostitution, juvenile abortion and wastage/spilling of human blood, teenage motherhood and child abandonment and dumping on the streets, stunting and wasting (among under-five children), child begging, youth drug addiction, delinquency and crimes with the danger of the children becoming hardened criminals and various other vicious means of livelihood, as well as various harmful traditional practices against women which remain nagging symptoms of underdevelopment and deepening poverty since our independence almost close to two centuries.

Corruption has crippled our economy, ruined our roads, health and educational institutions. It has put so much money in the pockets of a few privileged people and rendered the vast majority of the people poor. The level of impoverishment is getting more acute and the pains of the ever-growing mass of the poor have become very unbearable.

Adding insults to injuries is the rapid spread of the zombie plague across Liberia by George Weah and his reanimated zombies who are the worse parasites in the existence of mankind preying on the masses of the people. They put our people under the false impression of rewriting and redefining the trajectory of development, but only for the people to know that in the history of class struggle and man inhumanity to man, they are the highest in the order of blood-sucking zombies in the history of mankind.

Our people are getting frustrated daily by the wonton misrule of their country and the lack of foresight on the part of the current leadership to institute reform. Healthcare and other basic social services are non-existing. The future of our children and generations unborn is uncertain. The rush to feed on the last carcass of our country is on a 5G speed. The dreams of young Liberian entrepreneurs are disruptive, unachieved and unrealised. Foreigners are benefitting from the economy while Liberian businessmen and women are being made spectators.

Disgustingly shameful, potential Liberian citizens have been made underachievers in their own country. Our healthcare facilities in the country after 173 years can best be described as funeral parlours. The political will on the part of our leaders to address the perennial problems and challenges we face is lacking. Greed has overtaken our land due to the zombification of our nation.

The determination to change our country and get rid of zombie leaders lie with only the people who have endured widespread poverty and class marginalisation for a century. The power to alter the course of things and reset the pace of development is resting on the shoulders of the oppressed and poverty-stricken citizenry of Liberia. And this can be true everywhere in Africa and the world. The people and only the people can move into history and alter the change they want.

There is no time necessary than now! Don’t sit down till it gets too late. Weah and his zombies are on the rush to destroy your country finally. This is not the change you stood in long queues for in the 2017 elections. You wanted a better Liberia. You voted for better healthcare services. You wanted the best education system since independence. Yes, you wanted unemployment and maternal mortality rate reduced. You didn’t sign up for a zombie nation. Yes, it’s true! But to rewrite the history and dismantle this looters’ paradise can only be enabled by you the masses of the people. Turnout December 8, 2020, and October 2023 and vote out corruption. Yes, vote against the zombification of our nation. Vote against thieves and cannibals feeding on the corpse of our nation. Grievances surrounding issues of governance can loudly and clearly be expressed through the ballot.





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