Every poll conducted by the media whether on line or on air put JNB in the lead.

What is the meaning of that?

Answer: it means Liberians have come to realize that it is a matter of urgency to Address the leadership problems in the country.

Only people who are unrealistic, pretentious and ignorant of the reality will continously downplay this very important factor in our politics today.

Liberians are yearning for direction, they have come to know that leadership is not only the presidency, but also  at the constituency level.

“This country is in trouble JNB told the nation Wednesday when he appeared on SKY FM to address some issues of policy and matters of concern in the country.

How many of you have waken up to this reality.

Every call on any of these talk shows from the citizenry is most likely to touch on the leadership crisis in our Country.

Some have lost faith in their legislators or their superintendent or some community chairperson, simply because of  bad Governance that has taken over every aspect of the society.

The people of Montserrado were very clear on the leadership question during the December 8  Senatorial polls and I can guarantee that almost all of the legislators will take their bow come 2023.

Only very few will remain,the reason being that some of those in the House are no longer in the interest of their constituencies.

By implication, some are telling you that they paid you with cash or some community project,so that’s what you got.

Some of you received as low as twenty USD for the vote.

You sold your constitutional right, Biblically we say you sold your birthright for a bowl of soup.

So stop making noise you are an unpatriotic citizen if your did so, your duty as a citizen under the constitution was to move the country forward by choosing the right person.

On the other hand, some are performing to expectation and we say thank you to those that have stood the test of time.

Posterity will judge you as heroes and heroines of the Nation.

Back to the main issue  of leadership, Liberians are frustrated in the sense that the country has lost direction, like a rudderless ship on the wide ocean moving in all directions ,no focus.

The engine is working but the steering has problems. Have you been driving a vehicle that all of a sudden  the steering can no longer work? Don’t be coming down the hill buddy when that power steering  fails you are in deep trouble, that’s how we are right now.

But I am not sure we are rolling down the hill yet, we cruising at the speed of 70 miles per hour on a level highway, but their are signs that we are approaching the curves, some mountains, we are also seeing sings that there is a mountain side highway with nothing to hold you from falling in the deep valley below.Every sign ahead point to a possibility of an accident in short we are in a train on a mountain railroad.

2023 is the destination and some of you are prepared to plunged this Nation in another bottomless pit, selling your birthright for a bowl of torborgee beans caring less for your children and grand children.

When the Unity Party took over the leadership of LIBERIA the budget was Eighty Millions on exit from the Mansion it stood at  nearly Six hundred and fifty millions.

How you think that came about, by stealing government money and building personal property?

Why are some of you backing the wrong things in this country?

Anyways, I am sure we have awaken from the slumber and looking forward to a Great political revival, your revivalist is JNB.

The country has become filthy with crimes, sanitation problems, economic malpractices even at the community level, how is this impacting our our young population no one cares, drugs is the order of the day.

Like the prophets of old, some of the broadcast houses are crying loud on the issues of our time that are destroying the country but there are so called defenders out there justifying every negative issue raised by activists because of monetary gains.

Again we are clearly seeing the signs of the times and the question is are you prepared to continue in this direction come 2023?

I am not sure you are ready to Gamble the future of yours and that of your children.

Anything that has to do with elections in 2023 should closely be examine to ensure that we put the country back on track.

And to our NEC folks, let us retrospect in 1985 the polls were rigged in favour of the ruling party, the NDPL, that was a major contributing factor to brought about dissatisfaction that led to problems In our country .

In conclusion, the TRUTH and only the TRUTH can save Liberia and any other society.

A society that thrives on lies and deception is temporary, because by the time you are found to be in error, it is too late.



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