‘Yellow Machines’ Row Rocks Gd. Bassa -Supt. & Sen Tussle Over Broken Trust; As Transparency & Accountability Held Hostage

Since the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Government introduced the County Social Development Fund (CSDF), most of the sitting occasions of county’s officials and stakeholders to devise ways and means for the proper utilization to benefit the people and enhance development projects in such counties from funds provided by companies operating therein; as giving back to the counties identified as corporate responsibility; wherein, such meetings have most often been heavily punctuated by serious hullabaloos based on broken trust, transparency and accountability.

Moreover, with such uneasiness becoming an unwarranted culture, the Grand Bassa County’s sitting has been stalled due to the absence of some purchased yellow machines from the county’s previous development fund before the ascendency of the present Superintendent Janjay Baipkeh.

The stalemate which interrupted the traditional sitting emulated from Senator Jonathan Lambort Kaipay’s request about the availability of the yellow machines which Supt. Baipkeh reportedly rented out including a dump truck.

But in an interview with OK FM Radio Station on Friday, September 4, 2020 Supt. Baipkeh explained that the yellow machines in question were bought before he became Superintendent and equipment since had been parked in the Superintendent’s compound enduring the rain and sun which started to depreciate in value and something had to be done about them.

He further noted that one Kaba expressed interest in renting the dump truck for the payment of a specific amount which then would be used to repair some of the yellow machines which was agreed upon by him and some stakeholders of the county which did not go down well by Sen. Kaipay who played a key road in purchasing the yellow machines.

According to Sen. Kaipay, it is unrealistic for someone to rent a piece of equipment, then uses the payment of the rental fee to repair equipment belonging to the entire county without the acquiescence of all relevant parties connected; and moreover, what justification would be the reliance of the collective county’s authority to use as a yardstick in monitoring the ongoing work which he was not a part of such negotiation in the first place.

Other report revealed that while the depreciated yellow machines were poised to be sold as scarps which would have netted less than US$100,000 which according to the report is a drop in the occasion for the county, the entire operation was carried out without the concern or legal input of the County Attorney who would have ensured that the transaction is done properly and legally to avoid future backlash since the items involved belong to the county purchased from its social development funds and susceptible to public scrutiny.

Report also noted that while both county officials are of the same conviction that in whatsoever they do, the greatest emphasis of supreme in term of benefit must be Grand Bassa first and Grand Bassa last; however, Supt. Baipkeh believes that the matter should not be as though it is being politically motivated; while Sen. Kaipay intoned that he has a constitutional obligation to seeking the welfare of the people and by extension, the county and will not renege on such.

So, while the ‘yellow machines’ row continues to rock Grand Bassa County Social Development Fund sitting, the presence of the latter remained the key to unlock the stalemate, pundits observed.

-Writes GDJ 

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