Worried Man

When you turn out to be unconcerned about honor and disgrace as opposed to your famous and widely acclaimed salient pronouncement that not the eloquence of your speeches must be judged, but by the substance in the quality of the decisions you will proffer in the supreme interest of national growth and developments that must you be judged; then spreading close to three years running, indeed, you should be a worried man.

When the high hope of all those who braced the odds and stayed in the long and unbearable queues to cast their ballots that made you President is being shunned and disappointingly eclipsed by the untouchable appeasement of cronyism blind loyalists and sycophants as the nation takes a nose dive against acquiring higher and advance achievements in the competitive global village, obviously, you must be a worried man.

With almost all facets of your leadership style reflect that the sky is falling, as your most cherished deliverables are no longer at ease with the unscientific and unempirical  professed political calculation that your administration has done much more and achieved in a short time far more better than any administrations since 1847; while struggling citizens of the greatest proportion are craving on bended knees to barely keep their noses at  least above the water without success, while roaming in the rock field of misery, despair and frustration, then why don’t you read the writing on the wall that you must be a worried man.

Despite numerous groaning about just when will the Pro-Poor leadership even learn  as echoed from by many let-down-people;  and even  when will it robustly overcome the toxin of being consistent in its inconsistency and begin to live up to the true meaning and value of democratically-driven tenets of transparency and accountability from top to bottom guided by equity; it is a grave burden lumbering on the mind of the regime to keep passing the buck of blame shifting; failure to  change course for the better, and stand firm to accept responsibility of happenings originating from your time and performance; again, at that level, make no mistake, you are still a worried man.

Time to devise a leadership that will serve all Liberians without selected justice, interest and treatments inspite of disagreements. A leadership style that will be there or all despite political leanings; a leadership that will practice what it preaches and not transform its citizens into mere spectators instead of privileged and empowered custodians of their own economy as was proclaimed by the head of this regime in one of his most important and auspicious occasions of his administration.

Time that the leadership divorces the infamous art of abusing the Constitution, and being an ardent respecter, defender, protector and promoter of the latter and a true reconciler, and not cherry-pick or gloat over the dividend of divide-and-rule syndrome.

Time for the leadership to desist from the harbored suspicion and hate against a segment of the citizenry with the notion that “their is to do or die, and not to ask the reason why”?

A hint! If you’re wise…then heed the advice.

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