Women & Human Rights Advocate Amb. Peal Nyenkan Writes An Open Letter To The Liberian Senate

Open Letter

To: Senator Commany B. Wesseh, Nyonblee Karngar-Lawrence, Abraham Darius Dillon, Jonathan B. Sagbay, Prince Moye & the Senate Pro tempore,   54th Liberian Senate, Republic of Liberia

Ref: Request of Intervention on the Kangaroo Dismissal of members of the LWSC Workers Union & the Disbandment of the Worker Union in via lotion of the Decent Work Act, 2015

Date: February 5, 2021

Dear Honorable Members:

I have the troubling honor as a result of the action of the Liberia Water &Sewer Corporation (LWSC) to have illegally dismissed key members of the Union’s leadership; namely: Ralph Jahny, Fred D. Gardley and Henry Gbiahon an alleged account of disrespecting the office of the Managing Director and with gross disregard to the Decent Work Act, 2015 dissolved the Worker Unions.

Honorable Members of the 54th August (The Senate), the action of LWSC does not only violate Article 17 in part, which states amongst other things that “….All persons shall have the right to associate fully with others or refuse to associate in political parties, trade unions and other organization”. It is on this basis as the bedrock that Part II, title: FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AT WORK was drawn within the Decent Work Act of 2015. Accordingly, Chapter 2 of Part II of the Act Chapter 2 of the below sections state as followed:

  • 2.6 Rights to form organizations and to bargain collectively, § 2.11 Protection of workers’ freedom of association, § 2.12 Protection of employers’ freedom of association, § 2.13 Proceedings alleging a contravention of fundamental rights and § 2.14 Onus of proof.

Honorable Senators, section 2.6(i) a) states as follows “All employers and workers in Liberia, without distinction whatsoever, may establish and join organizations of their own choosing, without prior authorization, and subject only to the rules of the organization concerned. What will interest you to note is LWSC dissolved the Worker Union and dismissed said persons by prejudice and preemptive judgment that which violates those dismissed rights as well as trample on the rights of other employees who are so desirous of joining a Union or an Association that will advocate for them.

Honorable Senators, I write to crave your usual indulgence as the People’s Senators to intervene into the matter as presented supra.

Best regards,

Peal Nyenkan (AMB)

Women & Human Rights Advocate

Member, UN Women Africa Youth Steering Committee

Email: future.child@hotmail.com

WhatApps: +231 770747968

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