Witch-hunting or Seeking Justice Against Gibril Massaquoi?

According to credible sources associated with efforts to ensure a War and Economic Crimes Court for Liberia the government of Liberia is reportedly in talks with Civitas Maxima/Global Research Project to set up the War & Economic Crimes Court in Switzerland where they have Universal Jurisdiction and can prosecute Liberians and others associated with the Liberian Civil war in Switzerland. If the reported talks transform into a deal between the Liberian government and Civitas Maxima, the Swiss Group is poised to net millions in return. Civitas Maxima is headed by Allain Werner who is said to be allegedly pursuing other prosecutions and targeting former insider witnesses of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, such as Gbril Massaquoi, a move some observers of the Special Court for Sierra Leone say has disingenuous and shady motive essentially meant to enhance his reputation and that of Civitas Maxima for personal and financial gains.

Parrot is learning that contrary to the plan by Civitas Maxima to go after Gibril Massaquoi, a former RUF General, that there is nowhere in the Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission or TRC report/trial that his name was mentioned as a perpetrator of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the domicile of Liberia. The question lingering thus is why will Civitas Maxima want to go after a man who didn’t commit any crimes in Liberia instead of going after people who are already documented by the TRC for committing hideous atrocities in Liberia during the country fifteen years of a senseless bloodbath?

Gabril Massaquoi was a secret and/or insider witness in the marathon war crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor who was convicted for streams of bloody war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone. Taylor was tried in the Hague and currently serving a maximum jail term of 50 years in London, England. According to an agreement with the Special Court, inside witnesses must enjoy a certain degree of protection after testifying against the accused. It is said that the war crimes court trial has become a “big money” spree that is causing others to build up false cases against individuals like Gibril Massaquoi with the embedded motive of making “big money”, sources at the Special Court for Sierra Leone have informed the Parrot on grounds of anonymity.

Gabril Massaquoi is a Sierra Leonean who fought with RUF and has a great depth of the Charles Taylor involvement in the formation of RUF on the Liberian soil and its onslaught on Sierra Leone. It is from Liberia the RUF launched its insurgency into Sierra Leone and this could be the only Massaquoi has with Liberia. He mustered the courage to assist the world to bring Taylor to justice by agreeing to testify against him in Court, something he must be celebrated for rather than being pursued by some who are believed to be on a “Money making expedition”.

Investigation continues.

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