One of the  principal concepts that William R. Tolbert, Jr. the 19th President of the Republic of Liberia brought to his Administration, was the idea of creating a “wholesome functioning society.” Fifty years have come and gone–1972 to 2022–and we are still chasing what seems like a pipe dream.

In such a society, everything is operating or functioning nearly perfectly. The citizens are to a very great extent happy with the conditions in the country and in their lives.

(Some may argue that this is too idealistic, but I will counter that it is worth fighting for).

Health, security, social services, food security, the environment and peace are sustained.

We don’t have such a country where these are at a minimum happening.

Crime is on the rise; the economy is in a bad shape; and basic social services are hard to come by.

We have to shift the paradigm; we the people have the power and right under the Constitution to replace the leaders; to change the way things are currently done in our beloved country.

Most Liberians will agree that we are in a sort of “strange Liberia,” where those in the official hierarchy do not care. They don’t have time to understand the issues facing the people. They’re too busy attending to their own affairs, while the poor suffer and their wealth is squandered.

Aay my people. Please help us O God!

Well, yesterday it was pomp and pageantry. Now the reality has unfolded: it is either lack of school fees; no power or electricity; or, no water. It is either crime or insecurity; fear of an uncertain future, or some othe crisis.

Why do these things happen? It’s because when you have a society that fails to function due to mismanagement or corruption, anything goes, and anything can happen.

The decision you took in 2017 is haunting you. You elected your national leaders, including for the House and Senate. Now you are blaming everyone, but the real person: yourself. Blame yourselves. You are reaping your just reward. It is the “salary” or “pay” for the “hard work” of voting in the wrong people. Your poor judgment is paying you off!

2023 is around the corner, and already people have packaged money, rice, motorbikes, vehicles, and other goodies for those who want to get “their pay” now for the next six years. How sad!

In all sincerity, the  problems of Liberia are prolonged and pepetrated by the voters themselves. We will remain in abject poverty if we don’t know how to vote right. (Our insincerity to ourself saying,  “my vote is my secret”–where we take money from Paul but promise to support Peter–is self-deception, dishonesty and downright fraud.)

There are people waiting to do anything to keep you where you are, while using your own money. The 5 Liberian Dollars they give you are yours in the first place. It’s was, and is, your taxes.

You will remain a slave in your own country if you fail to take the right decision for the country.

Believe it or not, there’s a cartel that plays in the politics of Liberia. They want to dictate who becomes president and vice president, and senator and representative.

As far as they are concerned, it is their right to decide, for the rest of us; to use whomever comes there (in power),  to get their aim accomplished (whether it be even the president, or a lower ranking official of government).

They see it as a “generational right,” or an “ethnic” or “indigenous preoperative;” and they will do all, and everything within their might, to make sure it goes their way. (It is either their way, or you can take the highway!)

So, this is where we are right now. Some fear prosecution for economic crimes committed over the years; others for heinous acts of violence against the people; and so on.

The society which President Tolbert envisioned so many years ago, is yet to blossom in our country, and it won’t come about unless and until we decide to reject people who are in the business of stealing the national resources of Liberia for their personal use.

There WILL be peace. Yes, there WILL be elections come 2023. And the people will win!

It is sad, but the fact  is, they will take your money, but WILL not vote for you.

Listen. Power is not for those that mismanage the resources of the people, and in turn make a mockery of them.

Neither is it for those who steal from others’ Houses and bring the loot to their families in the name of development to enjoy all by themselves.

What kind of development would that be?

Power is for those who care for the people, who have a well-defined national agenda and development strategy!

All Power to the people.


This is a done deal!

 By Atty. George K. Saah

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