Widespread Mysterious Killings Troubling, Unacceptable -As Chief Justice Korkpor Wants Gov’t’s Robust Investigation To The Logical Conclusion

Of late, the widespread mysterious killings nationwide attended by horrifying and amazing revelations had kept people to urgently, and with immediate effect, institute self-imposed curfew due to the uncertainty of their own safety as it seems to them (people) that the crusading infamous human tragedy rages on.

The country has been under siege from the wave of ritual killings with discovered dead bodies’ human parts extracted; as the secret society vicious-minded people subscribed to needs human blood and parts to achieve power, fame and debased, quell or mute any punishment slated to be meted out against them for the commissioned of unscrupulous acts committed, as this practice is not strange to the Liberian society, and becomes rampant during elections’ season.

This scaring and frightening practice has not been lightly accepted by the people especially when some people involving the four auditors were found dead mysteriously over the span of two weeks with President George M. Weah informing all citizens including those residing within our territorial limit, to secure for themselves, Close Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) for their security due to the heightened prevailing security danger, mostly in a country where most of the people go to bed on complete empty stomach due to abject poverty suffered in their own country.

      As the evil and vicious cartel continues to break more fresh grounds in the name of blood and human parts for power and other most needed services, many prominent personalities in the society have challenged the government to step out and address the people on the menace and what it is doing rapidly to curb or contain the disturbing and outrageous development; with the President of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), Bishop Kortu Brown challenging the President to speak to the nation regarding what is obtaining.

Also recently, the nation was shockingly entertained with a startling revelation clothed with the Gboyoistic (ritual or heart-men society) narrative involving some highly placed and re–nowned personalities emanating from a secret recording done by Ellen Corkrum. According to the leaked tape, she (Corkrum) vehemently rejected the ardent requirement to perform the ritual that would bury whatever prevailing obstacle weighing her down, and while caving in to what she would do, could only be animal (cow) sacrifice than trading the heads of three virgins as reflectively portrayed.

Despite damning allegations levied against some heavyweights currently in very high public places; although a key player has vaguely denied such levied allegation rather brought in a different story as what has existed between him and recorder provider; one salient message sent out to all Liberians specifically parents, is for all to watch out for virgins snatchers and by extension, ladies in general as the elections’ storm begins to unleash all of its full force, and graciously to the booming spree of the human part industry enshrined in the cult of Gboyoism.

Another eminent personality who has added his voice to the reported wave of disappearances of people and the alarming insecurity due to ritual practice in the country, is the Chief Justice, Cllr. Francis S. Korkpor who noted that “it is not enough to just condemn these wanton acts… the cases must be handled to the logical conclusions; let us not wait until Justices, Judges or Magistrates becomes a fatal victim before actions are taken”.

Justice Korkpor added: “In a similar manner, we call on the Government for the protection of the ordinary citizens. Recent reports of killings, whether real, orchestrated or imagined, need to be fully investigated and appropriate actions taken.

He also called on government agencies responsible to investigate cases to become more robust in playing their rightful roles.

Chief Justice Korkpor spoke Monday, October 11, 2021 at the joint and formal opening of the October Term of the Supreme Court of Liberia.

-Writes GDJ

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