Why We ‘Must’ Salute The New Army With Exceeding Pride And Joy -On This February 11 Dubbed Armed Forced Day; From A Spent Force To A Rejuvenated Entity

When the Great Book, the Holy Bible quoted Jesus Christ when quizzed about imbued what to render to whom, to Lord and savor made it crystal clear that one must render to Caesar the tongs of Caesar and to God the things of God. When that statement was made by Christ, he was infusing into the sober consciousness the sense of belonging and the unflinching realization of presenting the flower with the glorious fragrant worthy of smelling.

The uniqueness of celebrating this Armed Forces Day with all  due pride, respect and joy is wholly and solely reflective of the existence of the new Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL)  that has not only broken away from the disdainful and unscrupulous conduct by conducting its self, worthy of the praises and admiration of the  state  an people they  serve. Indeed they have absolutely won a reserved space in the softest spot of the heart, mind and soul of the state and people for truly representation the true and credible image of the people.

Unlike he raw and vague days when it was call Liberia Frontier Force, when its performances were solely due to collecting booties for the self-styled local colonial masters by instituting cruel and barbaric methods which named that force the FLAG-BO-BO(red Arabian Hat). Upon its transformation to Armed Forces of Liberia, instead of providing services to the state and people, it allowed itself to be chronically used and manipulated by politicians, the higher bidders and the influential elites at the total abolition of the state including its statutory mandate. From the strike of any imagination, the AFL of yesterday could no longer be trust by the people and completely lost face with the people and the society, while the very people have not an ounce of trust and confidence in its existence.

Today, the new AFL has won the command and demand of the Liberian people for detaching itself from being fragmented into pieces of being errand force, absolute puppet to the whims and caprices of the neo-apartheid agents and chief patrons. All working assiduously against humanity and the dignity of mankind. The new AFL whose glowing example has re-fixed the once damaged image and worn-out prestige, is well and behaved and functions professionally with well-cherished deportment in the truest spirit of patriotism and nationalism.

Without any form of hesitation, it claims our collective respect and the kindest virtue in joining the new AFF, the body, soul and mind coupled with the unwavering commitment and all-out support to the noble gallant men and women of the prestigious new AFL in celebrating this auspicious and memberable Armed Forces Day whose lost value an acceptance have been resurrected by the new AFL totally devoted and committed to the supreme services to the state and the people and not click let alone infamous cartel. On this February 11, 2022 as the celebration kicks into high gear, we wish you all glad tidings of every inch of patriotism. Nationalism and professionalism.  Indeed, the New AFL has meaningfully drunk from the fountain of appreciation and unhindered courtesy. We salute and must  you; because you deserve it in its entirety .

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) are the armed forces of the Republic of Liberia. Tracing its origins to a militia that was formed by the first black colonists in what is now Liberia, it was founded as the Liberian Frontier Force in 1908, and retitled in 1956. For almost all of its history.

The AFL has received considerable materiel and training assistance from the United States. For most of the 1941–89 period, training was largely provided by U.S. advisers, though this assistance has not prevented the same generally low levels of effectiveness common to most of the armed forces developing world.

For most of the Cold War, the AFL saw little action, apart from a reinforced company group which was sent to ONUC in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the 1960s. This changed with the advent of the First Liberian Civil War in 1989.


The AFL became entangled in the conflict, which lasted from 1989 to 1996–97, and then the Second Liberian Civil War, which lasted from 1999 to 2003.

As of 2014, the AFL consists of two infantry battalions, a Service Support Company, a Military Police Company, a Logistics Command, and the Liberian National Coast Guard.[2] For several years after the war, a Nigerian Army officer served as head of the armed forces.

After President Weah was elected, Prince C. Johnson III became Chief of Staff, promoted to Major General, and Geraldine George Deputy Chief of Staff, promoted to Brigadier General

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