Why We Must Be Here

When the late Field Marshall General Fidel Castro once declared that the duty of the revolutionary is to make the revolution, little did clamoring individuals chanting and wailing as champions and prophets of change know that history, fearless of self-styled movers and shakers with buried faces in the tempting vault of wheeling and dealing in determining the weakness of such character was fire to text gold and with gold they are tested to know their true chemistry  whether they are sincere revolutionary-people servants or the grab-and-get-rich-quick-chameleons.

Indeed they came, mounted the stage of service to the people and state, and in the pool of trial and temptation, they blinded their revolutionary agenda, saw change too difficult and a waste of time to pursue while as self-achievers, could not delay an inch, let alone uphold the tenets of positive change that breaks away from the odds and spoils of the past, there and then they elected to incarcerate the useful fruits of genuine change that truly reflect the breaking from the sad and miserably failed habits and practices that try men’s souls.

The state has been grimly let down, the craving-for-a-better-changed- society-dream has also been abandoned; the pride, respect and image of the nation also have been  marred by isolation and slow motion dejection; people are distastefully trapped between cronyism and should-be-pace-setters now masquerading as unconcerned about honor and disgrace professed change demi-gods.

Today, the nation is weeping and bleeding profusely, citizens are status-less in the socio-economic-politico equation, but the nation cannot be deposited on “dry-dock” while Liberia still has truly loving and caring men and women; and why we were not here before with such renewed vigor now, you can rest assure and make no mistake, we will work through civility to make the revolution and that is why we must be here.

We have come to ensure that the once glorious land of liberty does not sink in gloom and doom and with the Parrot Newspaper at the helm of the frontline of patriotism and nationalism and openly extending hands to committed sons and daughters of like minds with similar quest for national healing and recovery for the years injured by the political locusts, we must re-invent the kudos, global respect, bruised image and significance of this saddled and broken-hearted people living with absolute grief.

In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, either “we swing together or swing separately”; so true, we must robustly subscribe to the former and not the latter knowing that we owe it all and exclusively to the betterment of the nation and in the supreme interest of the rejected suffering and struggling people in their own land…indeed why we are here with the Parrot, is to change things around through the avenue of constitutionality.

Obviously, when the true history of this age and nation is written, our footstep will be deeply embedded on the sand of time progressively, and the tide of trial and temptation will surely be unable to wash it away- we have come to be servant of the state and people. This is why we must be here to serve by portraying the hard facts of reality.


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