Why Protests Overwhelm Weah’s Regime -Tale Of He Who Fails To Prepare; Prepares To Fail


There was once a private elementary and junior high school hot-boiled principal and teacher whose classroom while bore the force and spirit of a fierce battlefield wherein all those who ought to be in that class or classes based on the numerous subjects assigned to him, would have to be fully prepared, free of taking clandestine trip on other’s work or engaged in an unsanctioned secret dialogue with anyone, and above all else, remain very set to operate with an independent mind and capacity.

While throwing out his words like a grueling thunder in the spelling and dictation class, and finds or catches a student taking unforbidden trip on other’s work, that heavy echo will seriously vibrate with the words “it is not what you eat that makes you grow, but what you digest my young man or lady, so draw water from your own well” would fill the four corners of the classroom wails, and sounds so loud, that the perpetrator(s) would short land into the state of complete disarray. Another drill of self-preparation learned from that tough disciplinary derives from the spelling and dictation class where he does not lavish the luxury of repeating words already voiced out, and in the process of drawing his attention to repeat, again, his answer will always remain the same, beginning by calling you oh…‘Solomon Slow.”

Also, the late Gabriel B. Matthews in one of his political gatherings pointed out that “where a man is coming from, is not as important as where he is going.” After years since that statement was made without properly eating deep into it, now realized that its political dimension spells out the challenges one will face and over to get to where he or she may set to be and endures all the ups and downs; while keep the mind from being distracted, and by extension, corrupted.

Today, and in just few days, this country will be 174 years old as an independence Republic, and in spite of the unshakable records cleaved to its respective deplorable governance systems years in and years out; the Congress or Democratic Change (CDC) proclaimed to be the biggest and largest gassroot opposition political party, and having spent 12 consecutive years in the opposition community; applying and instituting all the democratically sanctioned tenets and practices including massive (which they greatly took advantage of and utilized openly and publicly) proteststations against the power of the day as the avenue and legitimate platform in getting the messages across coupled with venting out the political exclusion and the odds rooted in the character, governance style and manner of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administration, left the rough, tough and mean language emanating from the very staged protests unleashed by the mighty CDC ,were all ha! ha! ha! ha!  and while not forgetting to know that every opposition political party is considered a government in waiting, and being cognizant logically, and by extension, politically, that what goes around, come around, however, the pitifully unscaled-circumstances driving previous aspect politically, is when the previous regime’s chickens came to the roost of the current (most often poses strings of internal rift) ; most political observers and analysts believe that the 12 years spent in opposition community should adequately nurture and profoundly prepare all members of the hierarchy to have tick skin as they lead a democratic society.

This government without second thought, openly and loudly boasted by priding itself of achieving a lot politically and developmentally in a short period than all the administrations put together dating far back as 1847. Is it really truth or just mere and substanceless charade? Then why is it that the power, honor and glory of democracy reflected though protests is a chronic pain in the neck of the CDC-led government? Then why tremble in total dismay over the same method once used mostly to exert severe pressures on the leadership of Madam Sirleaf; the quite frankly,  simple logic tells us that the same rope that once hanged monkey, is now being viewed by baboon as being a grave threat to peace and progress. Who can purchase that? The beat of the old time religion must go on; once it was good for Paul and Sally, indeed in the name of democracy, it must be also good for James and Peter.

What brings about protests is simple and clear. For example, if you don’t want for the cat to bother or eat your fish, then you must do what is right by making sure that your fish does not smell all over the place recklessly with impunity. If the George M. Weah’s government has conducted itself in the careful and proper fashion of good governance, make good his inaugural affirmation; ensure that competent people are hired to serve in government; no hesitation in shaking the table (reshuffle); presiding over a political system void of personal malice and political grudge against specific individuals, group or place; playing always by the rules governing statehood; and ensure to  providing the most needed leadership with the distribution of equal opportunities without pick and choose; robustly keeping impunity under complete lock and key; doing everything legitimately acceptable to avoid cutting corner to amass very quizzical and questionable wealth; using state power driven by authority vested in the beholder to cut deals clandestinely; no sense of duty and obligation regarding safety and security of the governed; marvelously entertaining beloveth to the core, the establishment of cronyism; showering gifts and political sympathy on the culture of sycophancy; running an open administration; listening more keenly to the people and providing for them what they need and asked of you, instead of rejecting their saying and imposing on them what they viewed as intolerable and unacceptable; and if the self-styled pro-poor government  should change course, turn the corner for the betterment (which is very impossible according to pundits that it is very hard to teach an old dog new tricks) and once the positives are engaged and done coupled with the respect for democracy and its tents; obviously, most protests, if they had to be, would always be pro-regime.

Conversely, the regime had paved the way for the many wave of protests it has and will  continue to be confronted with as long as the political lies continue to go under roll; dishonesty leads the anthem; corruption is stuck in the driver’s seat; care and attention of the people’s wellbeing is totally dashed like bad habit; disrespect for the Constitution  has become a  custom for the elite; the rule of law is victimized by the scourge of suffocation fertilized by the supreme council-gurus; the ailing and almost none-functioning economy, the badly poor and dilapidated health facilities nationwide with employment hope are all breathlessly struck in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

This government that pretends to hate protests has been confronted with more protests from its tender age, now running to four years than almost all administrations put together. From the controversial June protest followed by its succeeding part two; including other chain of protests. The Water and Sewer display;  support staffers of the Capital Building impasse for their salaries and other benefits long overdue;  the BWI showdown;  the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC-let enjoy corruption) standoff in demand of the immediate  restoration of 30% salaries cut without prior notice attended by some  recommendation for management to resolve some sticky obstacles, and with the youth wing of the mighty CDC begging and appealing to CPP-COP to hold on to its pending march because of the current raging COVID menace, (of which  was accepted by the CPP-COP according to report ) just to stretch on a few inclusively, is surely a tip of the iceberg.

As the non-people-centered (besides the selected few) leadership continues to throw its weight around and diving futuristically into profound higher political aspiration, with the unchecked talent of being unconcerned about honor, disgrace and doing all the wrong things without second thought; clamoring over massive achievements pinned on the political image by heartless blind sycophants; the governance weaknesses found in the character of the nation’s current face; coupled with rejecting the glory to illumine a very dark segment of this world  rather established an utopia (paradise) in such a very dark where the glittering mode brings only you and the chosen henchmen and women comforts, luxuries, power an distinction where all must, time after time extol them for their desperate and questionable political baptism by a more quizzical supervisor. But one thing is surely curtained, and that is found in Ecclesiastics Chapter Three beginning with verse One: “There Is A Season And Time To Everything.

-Writes GDJ   

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