Who’s Reneging? -Is Undermining The COVID Battle A Pleasure? As The Unidentified Escapees Reportedly On The Run; The Nat’l Health Crunch Is Terrifying


Since it was reported that more than 100 COVID’s registered patients have escaped from the center where they’ve been kept and did not know which way did they go or where they were, without any known form of identification, the public did not only go amok, but with troubled-hearts began to breathlessly panic every day as they learn that the numbers of cases, infected victims and casualties (deaths) are in no hurry of deescalating ; and the  critical question on their lips is who’s reneging on this  national collective efforts to battle Coronavirus with emphasis on the third variant?

Is the COVID battle a profound pleasure to some set of individuals as the over 100 unidentified escapees who are on the run and may have mixed up with the innocent population, is bound to prove catastrophic as it is already having a toll on the weary population while the most challenged health facilities gravely dwindled under severe pressure to cope in a more professional ways, means and manner in curbing the raging scourge.

Again, we as people begging from one western capital to the other in search of vaccines and other most needed medical supplies to re-strengthen our handicapped health delivery system, it is too pathetic to hear that indeed, over 100 escaped COVID patients cannot be located because of the system put in place to contain such people from freely and clandestinely mixing-up with the greater public, be it in the various communities or nationwide.

We as a hat-in-hand people, despite an age of 173 years of Independence as a country; and graciously blessed with so many rich and market-attracted natural and mineral resources coupled with fertile soil, progressive rain forests and encouraging climate along with fantastic and geographically reorganized stretch of ocean, rivers and several water outlets embedded with marine benefits; yet our deep-rooted  corrupt nature compounded by dishonesty in the collectivized DNA of all the leaders including present; although not (country) poor, but poorly and badly managed in the vested interest of self-achievements,

We sit in cozy corners and propound decent recovery schemes for the people including the utilization of assistance from institutions, governments, philanthropists, organizations and many foundations, but when the moment steps in for mass distributions, all sorts of short-circuits creep in, thereby totally denying the targeted audiences of receiving their just relief packages. Reason? The packages enshrined in the process vehemently short landed, as those responsible to ensure the comprehensive application of the entire exercise are never dealt with to show cause how and why the operations ended in such  dismal state rather they are assigned to spearhead more developments of that nature.

Today, it’s being declared that President Georg M. Weah’s visit to Paris, France bagged some 50,000 Coronavirus testing kits added to the 25,000 most sophisticated testing kits brought into the country of late by the Ministry of Health, which according to pundits, are enough to reach the 14 counties excluding Montserrado that plays host to the Capital; amazing stories of heart break might sooner than later begin to simmer. Why? Nothing, this is just us; and that’s the way we (mainly of those privileged to head such schemes) calculatedly believe it is the way things should go; sizeable portion of the recipients must be denied for the privileged few to immensely benefit from poll to poll. Dangerous mentality and disdainful concepts.

It is a sad moment that our people are being so grotesquely trapped in such quagmire, with no practical education, information is being run in the various vernaculars, reinforced by jingoes in the said vernaculars. Frustratingly, no update regarding whereabouts of the over 100 COVID’s escapees who may have melted in the poor crowds. Why is there no salient information to the very worried public about what has happened to those responsible for the place from where the escapees were held? How did it really happen in clear and factual explanation? Where were they (those in charge) and how did they know or when did they know that such loose cannon  or careless gun has turned invisibly damaging and with mounted silencer, is in the public glare and increasing its rate of danger and fear? Someone with authority must step up to the plate now, and provide the actual and accurate revelation to the fear-prone public.

The government is also under grave obligation to allay the fear of the people by ensuring that the tracing team doubles up its efforts in finding a lead, from where the public’s temperature running extremely  high, could be lowered to an acceptable base. The reports that the government will not entertain any professionals, basically a Liberian who is widely celebrated and have been requesting to join in the COVID fight, but sternly refused to welcome him due to his strong position against the government about the manner and form in which the governance system is being practiced; will not in any way help the country out of this health quandary.

Even though a lot of hot air is being blowing depicting that all Liberians should form a key component of the COVID battle, but in reality, the government is not pleased with some acclaimed medical professional to get involved with the human tragedy ravaging the frightened population; and if that is the case, how then can we succeed? Do we rely so much on others, even after given us some of the vaccines, must provide trained manpower to run the show for us, when in fact, it is a pandemic plaguing almost every nation; and while others are successfully utilizing the expertise of our professional others are making good use of the value of our own citizen, then simple logic tells us that it is to our advantage to get the latter over especially  the lad has openly volunteered his offer to be a serious and productive part of the army to fight COVID in his homeland.

Does this mean also that the government does not trust itself?  Then who’s reneging? Time for the war against COVID to be an all-out one with everyone inclusively involved, connected and committed in the spirit of oneness and in the supreme interest of the troubled-people and besieged country. Any trophy from this battle strictly belongs to the people and nation. Not a particular persons, group, section or entities.

-Writes GDJ

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