What Does Ellen Want?-Who Are Those On The Radar Of Quandary To Be Dragged In The Mud?

“Sun Tzu once wrote that if you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” With this ballooning fresh scar as the nation gears up for the senatorial election slated for December, imagine someone digging deep into your still-painful political scar and asking  to hurt you again?

Indeed, the record and activities of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in her Unity Party that propelled her to the helm of state power for two-term could be sized as the rise and fall of the booted out ruling party with an engraved political scar bore by the smashed standard bearer who once served as Ellen’s vice president for 12 years without playing the cardinal role most expected from the constitutionally-retired president who denied the Unity Party from glowing in victory in the 2017 presidential and senatorial elections.

At the most trying and tempting moment, when all parties were extremely craving on bended knees to secure maximum resources with emphasis on massive financial support coupled with unwavering moral backing from persuasive, influential and well-grounded and outstanding movers and shakers partisans mainly the likes of Ellen, would elect to, without second thought punish her party, strangulate the standard bearer (her immediate successor) by freezing every most and urgently needed push for victory and capture the presidency; the least expected became a vivid reality.

She cleverly dumped into the mainstream tons of confusion and chaos that fertilized grave rift, incohesiveness, mistrust and unbearable pressure. When political pundits read the sad and very disturbing writing on the wall and inquired about the simmering alarming bad blood between the outgoing and current standard bearers, Ellen made it clear that if Dr. Joseph N. Boakai is desirous of becoming the next president, he will have to work hard. If not much harder as she did during her sojourn and stuck with that.

Moreover, when Boakai was quizzed why much was not seen or heard about his political activities in the 12 years as deputy president, he conceded that during those years referred to he was only a racing car parked in the garage waiting for his time to come when he will be his own man wherein the people would see and fell his political flavors.

After bringing down the party, slapped with expulsion, fought the power and found a way barely back with the once politically managed Boakai yet still maintaining unshakable appetite or the highest seat in the land and hanging on the party’s standard bearership, and despite the smoking of some kind of fragile and quizzical peace pipe, this should put Boakai on the red alert as it is often stated, a gift from a wicked person is a trap and never twist an alligator’s tail and expect lizard to laugh over it as fun fare. As the senatorial election draws nearer to be followed by the 2023 presidential election with the determination of the party (Unity Party) refusing to take a nose dive politically, what does Ellen want; although she’s been barred by the constitution to ever venture in the race, just who are those on her clandestine radar of quandary, frustration and dejection to be dragged in the mud?

The nation in general and the Unity Party in particular, and most importantly Boakai who had been bitten before has all reasons tactically to even not take any unseen moving headless tail knowing that monkey will not live without its black hands. So let’s face it, what does Ellen want? More imposed political disaster for her former denied deputy of which she cannot exclude her engineering craftiness in stalling and ensuring his defeat at the profound pleasure and massive celebration of George M. Weah’s Congress for Democratic Change (CDC). What does Ellen want from the Unity Party by extension from the outcome of the series of elections waiting in the wind, make no mistake, she remains a very serious kings maker and a dangerous wheeler and deal when she does not have her will and way, as the practical political history of this nation is in no hurry of divorcing the indelible print established over the years.

Inspite of the honeymoon CDC knows far too well that when the unresolved LD$16billion hit the ground she being a fighter and she did do just that during the flying hints and allegations about who feet should or should not be kept over the fire.

Ellen vehemently charged back that the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is attempting to draw her administration in the muddy waters regarding the reported missing LD16bn container controversy.

Ellen in a BBC Focus on Africa interview frowned on the way in which the current government is dragging h reputation into the mud stating that “she is angry” about the way the matter is being handled by the present administration. She wondered why the   Weah-led administration is refusing to release an investigative report compiled by the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) on the matter. The CBL has already done an investigation on the decision of the Justice Minister w haven’t they released the report of the investigation and why are they sitting on it? The reputation of the country is at stake. They are talking LD$16bn, do they know what the GDP of this country is, said former president Sirleaf.

Be as it may, Ellen’s second coming to the party after being left off the hook by whatsoever means equally sends a bleak signal for not knowing exactly what’s in her mind and who could be her final target and out of this peculiarity many will have to worry; the likes of Boakai must be deeply concerned for no one politics as long as leopard can’t change its color, an enemy is an enemy whether passive or active, lest you forget. Will the party make it in both the senatorial and 2023 presidential elections while Ellen is back on board? Have Boakai learned any lesson from Ellen’s political maneuverability? Is he set to weather such storm as most of his staunch supporters’ blamed him for spilling his guts too soon on pertinent  national issues that could be handled and robustly implemented upon obtaining victory during the 2017 presidential election.

Boakai and his political henchmen must keep an open and very clear eyes on the neo-style of Ellen’s return be it in good faith or another ambush to complete the circle because when all is said and done, what remains vivid on the books is simple and crystal clear; after the honeymoon comes the hangover-It’s like a diving jeans, it does not change.

Writes GDJ

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