While Liberia is in Turmoil and Crying for Good Governance; Weah Turns Zombie Dancer & Musician

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

While the Liberian nation is in turmoil, governance is not working for the people and there are huge potentials to reverse the country to another round of war, President Weah has convincingly proven to the bulk of Liberians and the international community that he is not ready for the business of governance as he now takes pleasure in pageantry – thus threatening the lives of millions of our people.

In every society and the world over, the lives of all peoples of this world rest on the actions and inactions of leaders. If the lives of the people of a country must thrive, it is always and at all time, dependent on how seriously its leaders or governors will take the business of governance and put into place the right policy prescriptions to improve the quality of lives and advance the country. When the leaders of a country take very unseriously the business of governance or what it means by leading people of a country, certainly they set a stage for the future of the people to be doomed.

In Liberia, what we have seen vividly in the last three years is a government that is reckless, irresponsible, insensitive and thoughtless to the plights of the people. Amidst the economic misery and the social chaos we are witnessing currently in our country, President Weah has found too much pleasure in being a musician and a zombie dancer than with the business of governance. Which president in the face of a declining state of our economy will not be troubled in finding a solution to the nation’s turmoil but parading the space of our country mocking the hunger of the people and dancing zombie dance in the streets of Monrovia. This is a hallmark of irresponsible and insensitive leadership traits found in a zombie President Weah.

Liberians are already seeing how Weah and his officials are looting and plundering the wealth of our country, subjecting our people to painful lives very unbearable for a people who have longed for a better leadership after years of carnage, than the president is turning drunk and provoking another round of unrest in the country.

Political leadership has always been key to the development of a country and the improvement of the lives of the people.

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