Where Is The ‘Crisis Jet’? -Indeed The Friends Are Not Known As The Good Samaritans; Although Their Names Not Disclosed; Rather Reflective In Contracts; But Then Who ARE The Friends Of Weah That Hide Their Faces Even From The Night?

  • Critics and skeptics of the Pro-poor regime are still anxiously and very eagerly asking for the whereabouts of the controversial private ‘crisis jet’ that President George M. Weah stated was given to him by a friend to use on his foreign travels as a prestigious morale-boosting.

While it is also shady regarding attending stories about the actual ownership the controversial private ‘crisis jet’ with one story noting that a friend gave it to Weah to use on his foreign trips as confirmed by the former presidential press secretary Sam Mannah, and that Liberians should be very happy that their President has good and big friends and always willing to lend in a helping hand to enhance morale among his colleagues; another story alleged that President Weah bought the controversial ‘crisis jet’ for US$30m and out of state’s coffers which has since been denied by the government, but without providing an iota of cogent evidence pointing to the fact that indeed, the controversial ‘crisis jet’ was given to him by friend X who lives in  this place or that place with a brief history of his financial status, the grave suspicion has just begun to gather much more steam to establish transparency and accountability especially as the nation draws near to presidential and general elections in 2023 .

The actual story about this controversial private ‘crisis jet’ will not remain passive under the rug it will fully form one of the center pieces of concern with thorough redress now and throughout the 2023 campaign debate. The great pleasure of breaking the law with impunity by Weah and others have become the things of the very forgotten past; everyone from up to down must thoroughly give account of their conduct and dealings, no time to continue to worship and baby-sit those who abuse the laws and denigrate  the process of good governance.

It is equally foolhardy for Manner’s statement alleging that Liberians should be happy that their President has friends, is also considered as an affront to the people’s integrity and their right to know clearly and be told in no uncertain term names of the friends who provided the questionable and controversial, knowing that even the devil has friends and those receiving gifts from the devil are no different from those who ride the back of the tiger obviously it’s an open secret because they will surely end up in the belly for the tiger because the devil does not give anything  freely or for  nothing; everything given takes along with it something in return, and most often, by far greater in value and preciousness.  So reflectively vivid it is, concerning the saga of the controversial private ‘crisis jet’ given to President George M. Weah, according to official defense. The President must now clearly tell the Liberian people how, why and on what terms and the agreements for the ‘crisis jet’ if he is sincerely a respecter of the laws o the land and a defender of the rules of good governance. .

At the same time, the critics and skeptics radically cited the case of Israeli’s Prime Minister Benjamin Naytinayu  who has being dragged to court along with his wife for receiving expensive gifts including jewelries from a Jewish billionaire, on alleged levied charge associated with political corruption in violation of that country’s law regarding the code of conduct of government officials of which similar spirit is embedded  in the Liberian Code of Conduct enshrined in the Constitution.

They also intoned that Weah based on the popular mandate that propels him into power and predicated on his promise that in executing the function of his Pro-poor  agenda which touches on open government, will in no way be hindered; and as an open administration, communication will be equally so opened; and the flow of information featuring the Presidency and the working of the government coupled with the right to know or be told promptly about issues that could create mixed-feelings, doubts will be quickly addressed to erase harboring suspicion, in order to make sober and informed decisions bordered on governance, national development and the workings of the President in line with the Constitution and code of Conduct.

According to them, when their President Weah made it no secret in his inaugural address when he openly took the oath of affirmation to respect, uphold, protect and defend the Constitution and all other laws of the country; he was indeed signing a legal and legitimate promissory note which does not exclude the tenets of the Code of Conduct with emphasis on receiving dubious gifts.

Moreover, they argued that the President is under constitutional obligation to inform the people about expressed goodwill from friends whose names should not be kept under cover or treated as taboo for the Liberian people, noting, is it not their right to know or be told just to say the least?

Again, they indicated to PARROT over the weekend that the President should be a truth speaking leader and must be mindful that in this day and age, there is nothing in politics called “free gifts” or free lunch; for every gift or favor from rich individuals or companies directly and exclusively for the President has an attached string that is bound to be honored at one point in time or futuristically which can be troubling and should be nibbed from the onset.

They also observed that while the un-named friends did not give him (President) sample of a new stylish and romantic sporting car; or a bulletproof hummer jeep for the 12 years spent in the opposition community as head of the biggest grassroot opposition political party, let alone a limousine for the four years he served as Senator, but could now be given or provide with a private jet upon his ascendency  at the helm of state power on a quiet note with names of givers buried or hidden; should such episode pass on without being checkmated by the people who have the right to be told all about the hows, the whys, and what that is binding on the President to honor, and speak out on such a tempting controversial issue.s.

A staunch admirer and uncompromising supporter of Weah’s leadership, Mr. Jseph S. Kodatee of Paynesville who boasts of his unwavering support for the Pro-poor regime of Weah, however, quizzically wonders why has the President not set the record straight much earlier about the private jet to include where did it come from who provided it and for what manner and form or purpose for presenting the gift (jet) to President Weah in order to avoid putting public tension on his smooth, popular and people-centered government that is so loved.

      Raising additional qualms the critics and skeptics pointed out that in the absence of asset declaration and with looming thoroughly unexplained episode of the “Crisis Jet” where and how does the President expect himself being the custodian of state power to draw the red line, adding, “what then can we say to such development and to complicate matter, the President when he dedicated the Clar Weah Market in Rehab Community, he (Weah) emphatically sounded that work on the market was not paid for from government’s money rather bankrolled from his own money; what prove do we have in the absence of asset declaration nor where do we start from and how do we draw the line in the sand”? They asked.

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