When The Wheels Fall Out

Monday, January 16, 2023

The wheels of the ruling Coalition for Democratic (Change (CDC) bandwagon are pathetically falling out at the time` the party should be craving on bended knees to tighten all he bolts, nuts and seal up all the cracks with the requisite bearings of the wheels to weather the political tornado in 2023, it should also be very keen and thoroughly mindful when the wheels fall out. Because The Most High is never surprise by things His created do on this planet-earth nor is He late ever too late to save and enter into judgment with those self-declared untouchables, because or Him, when He draws the line, absolutely no one can undo it.
Today, it’s a whole lot of crying, wailing and gnashing of teeth for the last five years; believe it or not, the voice of the people is the voice of The Most High. When the people are very badly yoked, frustrated, divide and profoundly disappointed and turned into slaves in their own country by those proclaimed to be the makers of the people and not their servants completely and conversely, in keeping with the constitutional provision and mandate that power is inherent in the people, as The Most High is the only supreme owner and giver of power unto the people, and so the year 2023 is destined for the constitution to speak trough the wary people regarding the fate of the leaders and their performances based on careful scrutiny.
Indeed, it shall come to pass. But what is so cardinal is the sincerity of the people to themselves to make real of such constitutional mandate an empowerment to make or break. They’ll have themselves to blame the most if they allow their mini-greed for crumbs and sweet lies capsulated in gigantic colorful promises-So true, “even diamonds are not forever” for everything. Now 2023 has arrived and what will you say on the altar pf performance, behavior an credibility in line with services to the people regarding their constitutional mandate provided you to function as state’s administrators.
Breaking news or morals on the people by forsaking them for more than 40 days busying yourself with things farfetched from national duty; while wallowing in the state’s coffer like one’s petit cash box; casting dark cloud over cultural and traditional norms, basically making political capital by pretending to demonstrate care and respect for the elders will impact and saddle the bandwagon when the wheels fall out.
Moreover, Liberia is in the storm of mistrust, disappointments, sadness, selfishness, misery, frustration, applied lackadaisical concept towards the essence of genuine governance in which the governed can see and feel things pathetically happening in manner and form most often very backwardly, contrary to the standard norms of society; wherein honesty, credibility, trust and are savagely being decapitated on the altar to appease opportunism and criminality.
The storm that Liberia finds itself being caught up in is one propelled by long standing leadership crisis;, and this crisis runs very deep that it clearly defines the quality of leadership this nation has been forced to live with; but equally so, in total acquiescence with the very governed, who in their hands rest the power, honor and glory to firstly employ and then empower the governors who in return subjugate them to all sorts of bad leadership toxin that places them in complete quandary continue to sound the harsh echo when will they t(he governed) ever learn?
However, five years down the road, with Liberians being not just spectators in their own economy, but have become total beggars in their own country based on government’s inability to attract direct foreign investments into the country which could alleviate the massive suffering and abject poverty now very glaring in every little place one looks, with people wearing pitiful faces and crying out with hands stretched out for a drop of something to bite on, the secret, I at all there’s any, has become pathetically pain-stricken to continue to bear under to psychologically spell that “ the man (president) loves the people and have the country at heart.
This pathetic scenario is obtaining every day in a country graciously endowed with multiple most needed rich mineral and natural resources coupled with rich soil, climate as well as reliable and rain forests and dependable Marnie blessings-like the Atlantic Ocean including many water outlets that could generate more revenues it taken care of and handled with pride and care.
This nation is grimly saddled with an old aging long-lasting virus, and despite its (virus’) ailing status, has been, and is still tormenting, denying and undermining the country’s political landscape, castigating and ruining the opportunities, hopes and aspirations of most potential individuals who are politically relevance, but reject playing to its whims and caprices; while Liberians continue to falter and allow themselves to being frightened and overwhelmed by the harbored and unopenly mentioned secret of fear; and until the people can stand up and unleash their displeasure in the fashion of the law, and democratic tenets that the virus will give thorough account for all the political misdeeds, intentional missteps, vendetta, with emphasis on all ill-gotten wealth coupled with that exclusive clandestine right to be the supreme kingpin; Liberia will always remain in a leadership quandary.
When President George M. Weah declared that he will beat his opponents like baby in the 2023 presidential election at celebration of his 55th birthday on October 1, 2021, little did he know that the very election will be heavily weaponized from the arsenals of governance, transparency, accountability, competence and respecters of the constitution along with the due process of the law; are gallantly, without compromise, heading the substance of the frontline reflective as cardinal political spectrum where the current leadership has performed very gloomily for five years running.
With the long chain of unaccountable funds recklessly spent from the coffers of the taxpayers wherein the government serves as the custodian beginning with the US$25 million mop up exercise which today remains chaotically troubling as the government cannot give a comprehensive report coupled with legitimate result, is unacceptable and full accountability is demanded; the over US$30 million sustainable lockdown Coronavirus for the citizens which sadly short landed thereby denying vast segment of the population of such benefit from the resources of the state without proper transparency and accountability, is mind-wrecking; the printing of LD4 billion all in 500 banknotes which became eclipsed and did not resolve some of the most sticky and painful economic crunch, is also disturbing ; the scar engraved on the image of the government and country regarding the absolute disappearance of the LD16 billion today still serves as a mystical devastation and leadership style of ground swell cronies sycophantic praise-singers;, the breaching of the law by meting out selective justice and showered impunity on presidential henchmen including other vicious odds against the people, have transformed them into total over looked casualty of their own achievements; all these have built the political death bed of this leadership at the ballot box in 2023 if the electorates wholeheartedly with a set mind, surely want to see the back of this problems-saddled leadership.
When the wheels fall out democratically, will down come babies, cradles and all?

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