When The Table Turns Upside Down

Despite proclaiming through dismal performance while continuing the swimming in the angry seas of transparency and accountability at the national and international frontiers time after time, depressing some key and cardinal components of democracy, definitely applied to mirroring the reflection of good governance and best practice globally accepted as norms; without dwelling on the correction of tons of missteps in the governance system; with absolute established mentality of being unconcerned about honor and disgrace; the current questionable sad tale gushed out as defense for the diversion and misapplication of the controversial Road Fund; coupled with the bitter pill to swallow from the Audit conducted by the General Auditing Commission (GAC); as the Legislature struggles to bite the hot bullet under the canopy of “Recast Budget” to save face amidst reiterated public demand to be told the hard fact of administrative indiscipline fiscally; while international partners seem not to be singing from the same hymn sheet in that direction; it would appear that until the government takes the bull by the horn and speaks the plain truth, the controversial Road Fund hullaballoo will be here, and around for longer than expected.

In the same vein, democracy will openly welcome multitude of heartbreaking flunkies after the ballot boxes may have been done with the pale, unsuccessful, worn-out and so-called popularity disdainfully struck in the whitewashed kudos and badly pierced prestige; when the table turns upside down democratically. As usual, there will massive gnashing of teeth; and while a whole generation of political underachievers will shrink to square one; and as incompetence, thieves and sycophants including their criminal-hearted associates and go-in-between will be perpetually stalled with their overnight unjustified amassed economic empires; when the table turns upside down at the democratically run ballot boxes.

There will gigantic condemnations with justification of being very weak, bad and poor state’s managers with useful and precious times spent on pillages, plunders, immeasurable corruption at the highest discouraging proportion imbued with the absolute crusading password: unconcerned about honor and disgrace, and total disrespect for the Constitution as well as the rule of law, when the table turns upside down while democracy truly presides at the pool over the ballot boxes. There will be wholeheartedly welcomed of dislodged suffocated sadness, grief and nefarious underperformance and performers, with faded glories and marred aspirations, when the table turns upside down, when the transparent and accountable mirror of democracy will draw the red line wherein, the gracious political sheep shall be separated from the grim goats classified by their infamous worth and value, wherein, insignificant green leafs shall also turn to brown in the court of public opinion when the ballot boxes speak the sweet practical, patriotic and nationalistic message once and finally.

When the table turns upside down, and democracy begins the greatest long waited national political roll call predicated on public performance, and indeed, and so true, all those involved and profoundly connected to the ‘CO-CO Party’ will lose whatever is stolen and ill-gotten, as most people have begun calling it pay day and the point of no return; where eyes will turn deep red, wherein, some will be drowning in the sweat generated from their bodies; as others will float in the tears from their eyes. Obviously, and quite frankly, every large, if not the largest segment of the nation’s population is immediately , totally and regrettably, under President George M. Weah’s leadership propelled, and politically powered by the mighty Congress for Democratic Change (CDC)m under the rubrics of the so-called Pro-Poor Agenda, Is absolutely angry, disturbed, disappointed, practically flat-footed and socio-politico and economically eclipsed.

Inside Pro-Poor’s Closet

Some insiders and key components among the wheelers and dealers including the movers and shakers of the current administration, being caught somewhere between soberness and fiercely pierced from lashes kept being felt by the so-called-self-styled Pro-Poor Venture, took the bull by the horn, (calling spade a spade) and by, out of inner review, wondered just how; and whether the government had ever paused politically to take stock, and to think how, and why it finds itself keeps swimming in the very angrily troubled-water, and continues to sink time after time; despite self-declaration of being the very best thing that has ever happened to the nation and people since 1847.


I Am For Peace, But…

Somewhere in the Holy Bible, it is stated that “I am for peace, but when I speak, they are for war;” so true, for this Pro-Poor Regime. In spite of the good and beautifully wonderful things written on papers to lift up the country and people progressively, but when the time comes for distribution of national wealth, opportunities and political inclusion through application, it ends up going exclusively the way of the governors and all the henchmen closing up totally the intended target as the elites and praise-singers amass benefits from state’s resources, privileges, facilities, opportunities, power, honor and glory; while the people and state become the passive forgotten spectators, a manner, style and fashion very disappointingly outrageous from the narrative of a democratic platform.

           Massively Eclipsed Honesty For Unbelievable Corruption    

Mounting political pressure aimed at completely exposing the manner and fashion in which President George M. Weah’s government has dismally failed to live up to the tempo that propelled him and his Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) to power on the back of popular mandate; can no longer be tolerated as all basic political and social goods and services are mostly anti-people and rapidly lack functioning and productive capacity to deliver.

With such massive failure in every sphere of Soccer Legend and now, President, Dr. Weah’s regime which is deeply-rooted in the administration’s calculated consistency of being inconsistence, has created vast mistrust in the public space; lost of confidence in the governance apparatus, with most of its agencies totally paralyze with grim corruption, reckless impunity and applied patronage doctrine for sycophancy, praise-singers and presiding over the self-styled utopian segment of blind loyalists; all, and collectively have placed the nation in a political quandary.

Downward And Backward Trend    

Amidst such appalling downward and backward trend, the nation is trekking with debilitating frustration pinning the people completely down and out; but one person who with determination, courage and defender of the spirit of nationalism, patriotism and the true spirit of onenwess, with also the fullest will-power not only to increase and keep the fire of democratic tenets uncompromisingly burning under the feet of President Weah, with a loud and fearless message that all is not lost; that Liberia has men and women coupled with inspiring political visions and will-power to form serious coalition(s) or collaborating forces that   will unseat the flaws-prone incumbent at the democratized ballot box in 2023, is Professor Alaric Tokpah.

In his recent news conference, Prof. Togbah among several pain-stricken national woes unequivocally told President Weah with his team of leadership that has been in opposition for 12 consecutive years before ascending to the helm of state power, not to bury Liberia alive.

There is a serious leadership ‘crack’ debilitating every ounce of the political realm grimly infused with debacle serving as the butcher of democracy and the vicious scourge of disabling the tents of a free society; imbued with the anti-good governance system and totally portraying absolute attack on security, freedom to associate politically, poorly exhibited human rights coupled with the wanton disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law; while sycophants clamoring and craving on bended knees to shower useless and long pseudo-praises to their politically failed leaders and masters whose regime is badly fertilizing calamity deeply rooted in shameful scandals, practically reflective of the pathetic past 14 years of the senseless war; a catastrophic no one has any expectation nor appetite of seeing around anymore; no matter whatsoever form, manner, fashion or style it may struggle to bounce back.

Will 2023 just be out for grab when the table turns upside down after democracy finally cuts, sanctions and apportions the national cake at the ballot boxes to the well-deserving winners; at the setback displeasure of the flunkies whose clustered maneuverings and manipulations including rigging remained completely frozen on an isolated island of doomsday? Seriously, for the political saints to go marching in, it is indeed welcoming; but, also make no mistake, those who failed to prepare, will definitely become those who have prepared to fail. In short, he who fails to prepare, prepares to fail. Because what democracy at the ballot boxes will dwell on is simple: “Let your work(s) so shine before men (women) that they will see the goodness of your work, and glorify your Father Who is in Heaven. Because when the table turns upside down democratically, only to God be the glory.

-Writes GDJ

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