When The Cracks Really Start To Show

Saturday November 19, 2022
The terrible oozing odor of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s 12 consecutive years political leadership imaged through governance and after exiting the helm of national political power; in the wake when the cracks really start to show; despite struggling vehemently against the rising tides to keep such filthy and gruesome policy packed in gangsteristic style of dealing with those most hated without succulent justification accepted by clear and sober sense of reasoning; including rooted- malice vomited out, and on perceived individuals of absolute threats to her ill-gotten “relics” hidden in the badly marred worn-out empire of her political leadership; heavily inclusive of every inch of collected booties along the way; are now what she is fighting the hardest from tooth to toe to keep undercover in the closet of political reigning administration for guaranteed political protection which spread onto her families (be it immediate or distance) and in return, a handsome reward in substantive cash and maximum support politically and morally are indeed, enshrined in the sealed deal of give-and- take.
This scenario played out well with the now very troubled leadership of President George M. Weah who played so well his role, by intentionally and knowingly reneging, and somewhere down the route, uprightly be sluggish to conduct a comprehensive audits on the 12-year administration of Ellen; despite spewing public outcry and demand for the conduct of the audits, to establish clearly, democratically and once and for all, upon what page (clean or not) the self-styled Pro-Poor regime was taken over from Ellen; in spite of now trading hints and allegations that “my government inherited a broke system with an economy in total free-fall”, as opposed to “I left a sound and credible system with cash in the millions of United States’ dollars “, reacted Ellen. However, the easier way to determined who (Weah or Ellen) is talking the truth would have been the conduct of a comprehensive audits of Ellen’s 12-year leadership by Weah’s. But what stopped the audits? What was the fear? Why harbored and developed complete cold-feet to perform a patriotic duty in the supreme interest of the state, people and integrity coupled with international best practice or globally acceptable norm.
Moreover, make no mistake nor be fooled into thinking, besides the tons of startling revelations reflective of her many decades in the Liberian political history firstly, as politicians without being at the helm of state power, where she accumulated so many accolades; also considering all the questionable roles she practically played including regime change; all the way to her established 12 years uninterrupted leadership, wherein she’s declared the first African female president, and what did she get out of it, and why now she is so frightened for certain kind of individuals to take on the leadership? Just why is she so uncompromisingly particular? What is Ellen’s fear? What is she running from? Did anything ever go wrong… how and why? Who must always be kept under the bus, as she (Ellen) has no expectation of dropping the ball? Interestingly, her harbored fear, apart from being the darling of the west; the harbored fear on the home front is critically saddled with uncontrollable and by extension, uncontainable porosity very vulnerable to many political crusaders; such harbored fear cannot stomach a long time hang-on, let along perpetual kudos.
Will Ellen Still Be Ahead Of The Game?
Quite frankly, there is an unexplained looming proposition or something locked up as the skeleton in the closet that has not actually been made know regarding the heavily perceived politico-deal allegedly cut between Ellen and President Weah purportedly to be cool on advancing obstacles that’d keep her, administration and family members’ quizzical earnings coupled with the attended massive spoils. Why it is asked out of curiosity just where did, if at all a deal for politico-protection was allegedly ever cut in the first place because the absolute reluctance for the conduct of a comprehensive audits on his (Weah’s) predecessor’s 12 years administration; when in fact Weah’s government to signal out blame for some of the difficulties confronting his regime somehow seems to point in that direction. Additionally, pundits noted that the latter reminds the people of Liberia about passage from the late Doris Banks Henries’ ‘fairy tale book’ dubbed as so-called history; wherein she stated when a row erupted between the settlers and the natives about the sale and purchased of land. That passage from the so-called historical fairy tale recorded that: “having you sold you land and accepted payment? Let the settlers have their land”. Under the authority of the powerful Chief Boatswain, it was stated that the Chief, in his verdict said, “I promised you (settles) protection and if these natives caused any trouble, sent for me, and if they obliged me to come, then I shall do as I did old King John during my visit to the coast by making him tolled his head upon his shoulder”…what a waste of precious page. Bu be as it may, pundits believed that Liberia’s Chief Executive in a way, live up to his side of the would-be alleged deal. And now, according to them, although Ellen has denied ever supporting and presidential candidates’ yet all of her old guards and confidants are loaded in Alexander B. Cummings’ camp as was done in the case of the Congress for Democrat Change (CDC) during the 2017 presidential and general elections when she became very uneasy with her 12 years vice president and principal deputy, when all her chickens came to Weah’s roost; but today for 2023, pundits observed that all the Ellen’s chickens are thronging to Cummings’ roost. So they (pundits) wondered how it happened. What is in there for them or just sheer proxy? And above all else, how come? Will Ellen still be ahead of the game even when the cracks really start to show?
Contaminated Recruits
Following the onward gradual trooping of Ellen’s chickens to Cummings’ roost, a Liberian Economist and a staunch supporter of President Weah, Mr. Samuel P. Jackson in the United States of America (USA) told the USA-based-Spoon Talk-Show and transmitted to Liberia, during a cardinal conversation of Ellen’s chickens clustered in Cummings’ roost; and while the Chief Executive Officer Stanton—————— pointed out that the conglomeration of Ellen’s political players in Cummings’ camp who all came from a failed administration to some degree could not help Cummings to accomplish his presidential goal of changing the system with the same set of people who obviously failed to change the very system when they had 12 unbroken years to constitute the change or at least set into progressive and uncompromised motion; he (Samuel P. Jackson) referred to the batch as contaminated and corrupt individuals who will not make any difference; and as such, Cummings has got a serious problem of succeeding considering his (Cummings’) usual political slogan that you cannot keep doing the something the same way over and over and expect a different answer-an apparent reference to the existing political governing system that must be change in the truest sense and meaning of the word-change.
In continuation, political observers following the trend of the building blocks of Cummings’ flight to victory as for sure contaminated worn-out recruits labeled tough political notch-miracle makers sinking grimly in the quicksand of looming criminality; struggling compromised politicians and offspring of intolerance, unleashing the packaged power of wickedness; and seeing the manner and form along with abject poverty and badly debased citizens obtaining under the current leadership, 2023, besides being gravely viewed as not only being very crucial, and a make or break competition especially for the incumbent craving to have a second term; as well as the first time political fighter(s) opting to see the incumbent take the door; also clearly signals that the system is running out of option, progressive and dynamic steam; and in the people’s quest to keep their most cherished democracy alive and safe; they must, without fumbling and weakness, engage every and all threats robustly through the principled tenets and fashion of democracy; the very political system (democracy) now undergoing immense threats and massive political stitches (marginalization) for firmly standing very tall for government of the people, by the people and for the people.
Past and Present Beneficiaries Of National Spoils
The traditional sickness encapsulated and recklessly entrenched in the dead weights of bad governance, poorly exhibited managerial skills and absolute denial of most required fruitful and law-driven performance of this nation, by and large has been the fault and gross making of the very people who are equally and exclusively empowered by the Constitution as the custodians of POWER exercise under the rubric as declared electorates who do not seem to get it straight and right that voting should be linked or must be tailored with substance to enhance improved growth and developments that directly aimed at lifting he state and people coupled with a progressive an productive secured future or even succeeding generations; instead, to misapplied such sacred and Constitutional empowerment by falling to a worn-out whims of the past and present beneficiaries of the spoils they (self-glorified beneficiaries) effectuate to play to their respective gallery while milking the country and subjugating the abject-perpetual-poverty-ridden people who are made to regiment themselves as left over and mere push-over; only for allowing flimsy notion that the person is my friend; the person loves the people and has the country at heart; leave it alone let’s give him/her the opportunity; permit him/her to complete the work started nod wait for your time, and on and on with such faint and visionless determination in place of being so robust, and pressing far and harder for better days and achievements. Painfully, it is too frustrating to see a people professed to be very educated both at home and in foreign counties in well laid down disciplines in the education theaters; are now sitting there and watching with inaction drowned in complete non-civil representation while these heartless archaic bleak-minded leftovers wallow in their banjo precious votes on the altar of undefined serious spirit of nationalism for a greater day and in touch with the future.
Again, everyone stood totally dumb-founded with nothing patriotic to utter when very politically questionable Ellen Johnson Sirleaf pounded her chest in untouchable defense of her son Robert A Sirleaf whose administration at the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) could not account for US$30 million of the taxpayers’ money by simply saying…”I take responsibility” without restituting the stolen amount or turning Robert, the apple to her eyes over to face the music of the law of the land, instead was glorified and eulogized for doing a very great job and walked away as frère as the bird flying joyously in the sky. Yet that did not warrant corruption to say the least Besides boring you with tons of toxic filths of inherited spoils of past rulers and not even leaders;. In the words of the Sierra Leoneans: this current regime’s performance ‘pass mark’ So much so that its existence of significance; valued structured; credibility of virtual responsiveness; honesty and sincerity rootedly marred coupled with its consistency of being thoroughly inconsistency including flatly cut off from socio-politico-cultural-economic dispensations maturely, packaged in good governance; and the most pain-stricken aspect, stems from in this day and age, can any level-headed leader who claims to love the people and country leave his country for over two weeks leaving behind a chronically bleeding economy, complete dissatisfaction in bed with unbearable hardship including massive unemployment piercing every inch of the country; while the people’s staple normally referred to as GOLD DUST is now a tug of war to even see it without being well whipped to demining exhaustion; with the imposed system grimly saddled with uneasiness, character reduction in substance and as over majority of the people is no longer at eae. Quite obviously, considering what are obtaining in the once land of liberty still endowed with unaccountable rich mineral and natural resources, rated on lobal index as the very poor with hat in hand parading other nations’’ capitals with emphasis on western countries begging for food to feed ourselves and fe brown coins to line the pockets of the ruler, the clique as well as the privileged elite class; it is vivid on the radar when the cracks really start to show; indeed, make no mistake, for that what have made it very difficult to process this government.
-Writes GDJ

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