When Heaven’s Door Opens Unto Rivercessters




Oh… what a moment of celebration being demonstrated from the level of joy and happiness expressed in River Cess Country for the great release rendered them by former vice president, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai for the donation of a Ferry which will firstly save them from applying physical energy in peddling those canoes easily risk-prone and take a longer time to get from one point to another; secondly, the volume of travelers with their goods will with speed, definitely increase the transport of services of which many places that could not easily be reached , if not reached at all, will now be featured progressively in the activities of the county’s economy reflective through the smooth movements of most needed goods and  services with emphasis on  reliable and dependable transportation.


Our correspondant in conversation with many joyous residents of River Cess received several praises from the people for the donation which was given many classifications. While some prominent sons and daughters of the county termed the donation of the Ferry as a stsitch in time which indeed, saves nine, some rate it as when Heaven’s door opens unto the people of River Cess, whereas others pride it as a cardinal signal that there is a great farsighted-and-people-centered statesman who sincerely, honestly and convincingly believes and accepts that Liberians will and must be fully part and parcel of the emerging wave of growth and development with the operational credo of leaving no body and counties behind anymore in the forward march national achievements.


A veteran civil servant upon hearing of the groundbreaking landmark achievement in River Cess which will cater profoundly to the river transportation urgent needs of River Cess that has been stuck in the quagmire and usage of ancient vessels (canoes), has been liberated with a modern river traveling technology, graciously extolled the former vice president, Dr. Joseph N.Boakai for his relief to the people of the county, which also shows that Liberia still have leaders with unique and extraordinary quality that could benefit everyone collective without cherry-picking as leader.


The veteran civil servant also made it clear that promises made an not                    kept are as dangerously useless as forcing sifter to store water and commended Dr. Boakai for keeping and making real of his promise which clearly an openly shows that a man’s word is the value of his worth and life of which people can always count on, that his yes is yes, and his no means no, adding that, this man is the real and actual talk and do man, and no doubt about it.


As former Vice President, Joseph Nyuma Boakai makes vividly practical his promise as reflective of his donation of one Ferry to the people of Rivercess County, to be operated on the Cestos River, at the Yarnee Statutory District crossing point, the whole place came to a complete standstill with deep-seated joy, admiration and warm and tender appreciation as onlookers became overwhelmed with the sight of release and great hope.


The Ferry deployed under the auspicious of the Joseph N. Boakai Foundation is in fulfillment of a promise made to the people of Rivercess in 2017 by the former vice president of Liberia.


This brings to five the number of Ferries donated to Riverside communities in Bong and Nimba Counties which are currently operating at the Hindii, Piata and Peigi crossing points on the St. Paul River and on the Yah River in Nimba at the Tengbin crossing point.


Fitted with two forty horse power Yamaha Engines special for towing and pushing the Ferry donated to the people of Rivercess County is one of five ferries that has been donated to communities by the former Vice President.


In the same vein, away from River Cess, despite the auspicious occasion being well graced by many; the spreading rhythm is… and the beat goes on.


-Writes GDJ

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