When Force ‘Sifter’ To Store Water -A Classic Reflection Of Leadership Bankruptcy?

As the nation gradually inches towards 2023 at which time, general and presidential elections will be the focus of cardinal activities and order of the day; out of which men and women desirous of retaining their positions, while others will be vying for public offices in a quest of removing incumbents; wherein, all will be jumping from here, here and yonder, craving on bended knees; showing their juice and the political heat they warm themselves with on one hand, and the exercise of the inherently exclusive power rendered the electorates constitutionally; to hire, retain and fire any contestants; be you old or new, and no matter whatever elective public space you have occupied; the either well nurtured or ill-seasoned decisions to make or break candidates, rest with the votes of the mandate providers.

While some determined competitors would be counting their political glories and blessings one by one; as others will be gnashing their teeth of regret about while they either underperformed or badly operated to the exclusion of the job providers (people); oh sir, don’t get it wrong, because it should be the day that the chickens, gallivanting the areas will show who will be  the tallest chickens after the rain, because obviously, while the tallest chickens will only shake off the rain drops from their feather and begin to strongly move around with pride and dignity, the timid ones will immediately take cover in a faintly dug fox holes by the fire wherein, they can be picked up without tussle by even a child using his very weak left hand with no resistance .

Indeed, the political stock-taking with emphasis on performance, deliverables and promises made and not kept, will also vigoiusly, robustly and radically take practical center-stage;  will be some of the heavy loads that all current players will have to bear for the better or the worse. This is coming on the heels of the elections when some will be seeking re-elections, while others will be carving their way to have a bite of the political honeycomb when already, the first four years of the current leadership is uneasily asking about who turned of the light that his leadership keeps doing one wrong thing to another hereby imposing grave sufferings of the people who are unable to even fence for themselves, moreover maintain their collective status as based bread winners of their respective homes, have become insignificant in their own country and worthless to the society; which according to them, has transformed them into a living-dead in the midst so much God’s provided resources

Despite the hue and cry of the most disappointed electorates for whom the leadership had totally let down in spite of all their shockingly dashed high hopes and aspiration in the very leadership, and considering all that they went through for the current President to become victorious; they find it a complete heartbreak to see what they’re going through; and have become a disgraced laughing stock for making badly and poorly such political choice. They’ve even admitted that the present government is proceeding very wrongly. Moreover, they are vehemently blaming blowing their own hoaxed trumpet of being the best administration and has accumulated a whole lot development-wise as compared to all other administrations put together, instead of conceding to the political quandary it has critically found itself in without the slightest knowledge of knowing how to get out of the very political quagmire, it is also important to note according to them,(pundits) that they, the disappointed people have planned to reward the regime pathetically at the ballot box in 2023 that will make the ruling party to know and feel how good it is, to be badly disappointed, political tip for tap. The simple interpretation co-relates to what is popularly hanging in the wing that all will be done to make President George M. Weah a one tern President as a signal of punishment for reneging on his share of the governor-and-governed contractual agreement-we vote for you and then you set us free from the scourge of poverty, injustice, insecurity in the truest meaning of the total partnership in enhancing the growth and development of the state and all of its people without fear or favor.

When pundits listened to the President’s address to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on September 23, 2021 and scored it as ‘white elephant’, in fact most of the vital issues advanced in the address amounted to forcing ‘sifter’ to store water when the glaring reality is very impossible-sifter cannot store water period. Again, the pundits added that they have listened to, and heard speeches and addresses from the President for almost   four years; though beautifully written in print, but implementation has always been politically blurred and most often, never fully done as compared to what is in print . For example, pundits maintained that the President declared that Liberians will no longer be spectators to their own economy; conversely, Liberians are not spectators but mere onlookers and far from inclusion. Pundits again wondered how and through what medium or indicator the various issues mentioned in the address can be best felt and reflective if not thorough the people portraying positive change, adding, what the President noted in his address to the UNGA were in no way a compelling commitment that cannot be compromised; let alone serious to be realized, just how beautiful the latter appeared in print.; in short, the address is only meant to occupy the gap barely for the presentation with no concrete seriousness attached.

The pundits critically observed that with the political battle to obtain victory in the 2023 presidential election, and with the incumbent struggling seriously to bounce back from the backburner where it is no longer at ease with; and reminding the electrodes who are wailing about rewarding the incumbent at the ballot box for the denial of opportunities and reduction in self-value along with the imposition of every inch of hardship suffered; to do what is expedient to match their words with deeds, and not faltered for 25kg bag of rice and US20.00 from desperate power seekers or be induced politically to sing from the old hymn sheet; they should also be mindful about those whose calculated and tactical avenue, is to rig the election as a vital and quiet aspect of the game; must use this time to say what they mean, and mean what they say instead of blowing hot air around here, and later end up doing something outside of what is most expected of them, adding, this time you exclusively hold the key to the grand change long craved for.

  Excerpts of September 23,2021 Address To The UNGA. (Pundits’ notations/full notes to the address in bold letters in parentheses). 

 The President of the Republic, Dr. George Manneh Weah, says Liberia’s strides against the deadly COVID-19 and poverty are strong and progressive despite mounting challenges facing his Government. (HOW AND WHY?)

The President said the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PADP) which specifically targets longstanding socioeconomic deficits of the country has also developed a Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan intended to reduce the debilitating impact of the pandemic.

“Under the Economic Recovery Plan, the Liberian economy is already beginning to show signs of resurgence, and in spite of the negative impact of the coronavirus, projections for Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth is now positive, and is expected to reach four percent (4%) in the coming year,” the Liberian Chief Executive said Thursday, September 23, 2021, in a statement to the ongoing 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.(ABSOLUTE CHARADE)

 Dr. Weah asserted that through the implementation of difficult macroeconomic reforms, his Government has been able to obtain a substantial increase in domestic revenue generation for the first time in more than a decade, “and we are committed to broader economic and investment climate reforms”. (WHO FEELS THE IMPACT?)

“In the agriculture sector for example, my Government is endeavoring to vigorously launch agricultural promotion projects, which will increase agricultural production through new entrepreneurship opportunities, innovations, and safe farming techniques.”(MERE RTHTORIC)

 Conscious of the importance and impact of infrastructure on social and economic development, as enshrined in the PAPD, the Liberian Leader told the United Nations General Assembly that his Government has identified investment in roads; energy and ports as key priority areas.

“I am pleased and honored to address this Seventy-sixth (76th) Session of the United Nations General Assembly on behalf of the Government and People of Liberia,” he added. “I want to use this occasion to congratulate His Excellency Mr. Abdulla Shahid on his election as President of the Seventy-sixth Session of the United Nations General Assembly; and avail to him Liberia’s fullest support in the fulfillment of his duties and responsibilities.”

Tacking COVID, Other Challenges

President Weah acknowledged a horde of negative socio-economic impacts and health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic which, according to him, “remind us of the measure of work that is required at the global and national level to combat this pestilence.”

Taking cue from the theme for this 76th Session, which is “Building resilience through hope to recover from COVID-19, rebuild sustainably, respond to the needs of the planet, respect the rights of people, and revitalize the United Nations,” Dr. Weah opined that the theme is clarion call to all peoples of all nations, that as they try to re-build their COVID-impeded economies.”

He was quick to draw attention to what must be done by nations in a sustainable manner that will take due account of the environment, have regard for fundamental human rights which are enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.

He paid heartfelt tribute to the courageous and dedicated public health workers around the world for their continued selfless service in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic .(TOTAL INSINCERITY AS MANY PEOPLE WERE SIDELINED IN THE OVER US$30m SUSTAINABLE PACKAGE).   

The Liberian Leader recalled that six years ago, the United Nations General Assembly took a giant step forward to promote the economic and social advancement of all peoples, and to better their standards of living, when it adopted the landmark 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

“This was meant to be a global plan of action; for people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership; with the goal of eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions,” President Weah asserted, adding that “since our transition to the Decade of Action for the implementation of the new Sustainable Development Goals, the world has been engulfed by a global pandemic which has posed enormous strains on our capacity to implement the 2030 Agenda, and has even raised the possibility of reversing development gains.” PUNDITS AGAIN CRITICaLLY QUIZZED IF PRESIDENT WEAH IS TRULY THE TALK-AND-DO MOVER?

“Permit me, on behalf of the Government and People of the Republic of Liberia, to extend deep appreciation to all our bilateral, multilateral, development, regional, sub-regional, national and local partners; for their support in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and the assistance they continue to provide in our quest towards recovery,” the Liberian Leader said further.

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