When a Republic decays under a belligerent and benevolent dictator – Voices from Exile (VEx) stands in full solidarity with thousands of protesting health workers…

Press Statement for Immediate Release September 23, 2020

Fellow Liberians home and abroad, as we issue this official press statement, thousands of health workers have been protesting in Monrovia and elsewhere since this afternoon in demand of improved working conditions. The ongoing crisis is fast worsening as a result of an irresponsible national leadership being presided over by a belligerent and benevolent dictator.

The CDC-led Government of Pres. George M. Weah has manifestly shown ‘gross lack of interest and competence’ in addressing a number of legitimate concerns and/or reasonable demands put forth by health workers through NAHWUL amid COVID-19.

The blatant failure of GOL to proactively address health workers’ concerns only demonstrates how remiss and rash Mr Weah along with his government is and has been since 2018. The public threat through a thoughtless directive to “dismiss and replace” health workers is even more provocative, combative, and insensitive.

Voices from Exile (VEx) wants to acknowledge thousands of health workers across Liberia for demonstrating true leadership and patriotism during this crisis. VEx honours your resolve, sacrifices, and conscientiousness to national duty. We are fully and firmly standing with and by Health Workers through NAHWUL. GOL must meet those 8 equitable and realistic demands without any further delay.

While health workers are protesting, judicial and legislative workers are also protesting. There is a crisis everywhere. The Republic is in TROUBLE. Pres. George M. Weah is only fit to loot and not to lead. His government is only fit to steal and not to serve. The current passport scandal justifies this unbiased conclusion (institutionalized looting). This is Liberia’s nightmare right now.

Hence, with our people’s full mandate and backing, we are calling on all students, teachers, marketers, farmers, taxi drivers, unionists, motorcyclists, tricyclists, push-push riders, rock crushers, yana boys, slum-dwellers, rural inhabitants, and diaspora Liberians to join health workers in solidarity as they carry out series of protest actions in demand of better working conditions.


Signed: Martin K. N. Kollie
Chief Convener
Voices from Exile (VEx)


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