What More Mr. Weah And His Pillagers Should Do -Before The Ordinary People Stand And Up For Themselves; Is It Because Of “Peace?”

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., once said “If peace means keeping our mouth shut in the amidst of injustices and evils, I don’t want it. If peace means a willingness to be exploited economically, dominated politically, humiliated and segregated, I don’t want peace.” It is over 30 plus years since this statement was made by the renowned Civil Rights Activist but his assertion is as crystal clear like it was pontificated yesterday.

Fellow compatriots, we, the ordinary masses have been extremely lukewarm in the name of peace with President George M. Weah and his cronies. Back in 2017, the country with an accelerating illiterate population elected Mr. Weah and his policy bankrupt Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to national government with the thoughtfulness of emancipating the common people from the dustpan of abject poverty and economical imprisonment.

After 12 years of misrule, nepotistic squandering, wasting of mammoth opportunities intended to benefit the ordinary people but it didn’t materialize due to the prioritization of  byself enrichment above national development, signing of bogus concession agreements that benefitted Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and few elites; the native Liberians were democratically resolved to have one of their own son ( George Manneh Weah) at the helmet of National Government with the expectation that he could adequately distribute the National Cake equally. It is almost four years after Weah’s ascendency but the most consumable food, Parboiled Rice which was sold for L$30 a cup under  Ellen is now sold at over L$60 per cup under the native Weah’s administration. Was this the “Change” the ordinary people voted for?

The native man from Gibraltar is now a GENERATIONAL TRAITOR to the downtrodden masses and PRESIDENTIAL LAUGHING STOCK to the intellectual class and international partners. Weah is like a Zero man to commoners. He has lost his Political stronghold – the masses.

Mr. Weah (allegedly) steals to build forty (40) plus condominiums, luxurious mansion and we reluctantly accept it. Mr. Weah violates the constitution and international treaties (Article 54 and Article 39 of the 1986 Constitution, Section 9.6 of the 2014 Code of Conduct, Part 2 Section 7 Subsection 4 of the 2010 Maritime Act etc.) without any penalty and it’s acceptable. CDC Police will shoot live bullet and we will do absolutely nothing. CDC PSU officer killed a peaceful citizen and no justice up to now.

Individuals related to the Executive will violate the laws of the republic and it’ll be no offense. Our young and beautiful sisters will be harassed, molested, beaten, raped and sexually humiliated without justice being served. 16b LD and 25M USD of our taxpayers’ money will be “missing in action” but the Finance Minister will be asking Opposition to apologize to him even when we’re yet to see the missing money. Weah and his charlatans will take foreign loan in the name of the republic with a malicious thought to distribute Stimulus package primarily Rice and Beans but that package cannot be visible and we’ll do nothing about that. What more should happen before the people stand up?

Three years ago, the Liberian people felt that electing a native of Gibraltar in Mr. George M. Weah could be the medium of Liberia’s glorious days particularly for the native Liberians, many of whom have been left out of prominent decision-making in National leadership for ages. Yes, the people elected one of their own but after three years in leadership, their dearest son of 2017 failed in almost every sectors of governance.

The Economy is almost dead. Unemployment rate is at 80%. Inflation rate is at 31%. The Economic Growth rate is at -2.5%. The agriculture sector is unproductive but the Government is taking loan to distribute imported rice and beans. International Relations is scant. Foreign Investment is rolling in extreme deceleration because the ruling establishment is grossly dishonest. The nation is entrapped with a Weah’s nightmare and the people are still watching and looking. What more should happen before the ordinary people stand up?

The ruling coalition promised to eliminate corruption, divisiveness, nepotism, partisanship, marginalization etc. Frustratingly, Mr. Weah and his men are even more destructive than the regime of yesterday. The Executive Mansion swims in corruption. The House of Representatives sleeps in bribery. The Supreme Court is remotely controlled. And, sadly the ordinary people are not angry. What more should happen before they stand up?

The CDC Weah-Led Government is titular with emphasis, nominal. The ordinary masses’ social and economic deprivations are logical facts to believe that the commoners of West Point, New Kru Town, Gblowin, Gibraltar et al are regretting their decision of 2017 but they’re still watching like spectators without doing anything. What more should happen before the ordinary people stand up? The carpenter man is already the pilot elected for six (6) years; so, will the people allow the plane to crush for everyone to die before they act for their survivability?

The nation is experiencing its greatest and vivid embezzlement of state resources being used for personal pleasure by prominent government officials while the electorates peevish in misery. And the people are not angry. What more should happen before the ordinary people stand up?

When it’s not Samuel D. Tweah, Finance Minister in the news for riding an US$80K vehicle then it will be Nathaniel McGill, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs purchasing a US$250K real estate property in Brewerville. When it’s not Bhofal Chambers owning a luxurious mansion overnight then it’ll be Acarous Moses Gray swimming in a pool at his newly constructed mansion. What more should happen before the ordinary people stand up?

Sadly, the Chief Executive that should be emulating the leadership role is the chief builder. His 40 plus condominiums and fancy mansion at Sinkor 9th Street can better relate. What more should happen before the ordinary people stand up?

Our indigenous brothers are stealing like novices. At times I wonder whether the CDC Weah-Led government came to STEAL or LOOT because there’s no sense of thoughtfulness that government is transient. Their appetite for ill-gotten wealth is sickening. But when will our people get angry? After the numerous Leadership bankruptcy, rampant corruption, violation of the constitution and international treaties, brutal repression et al what more should happen before the ordinary people stand up? If it’s not now then when?

About the author:

Foday N. Massaquoi is a Youth and Civil Rights Advocate. He is a proponent of academic freedom, social reformation and massecratic emancipation. He currently serves as National Secretary General of the Council Of Patriots (COP) Youth Wing. He can be reached at: foday15massaquoi@gmail.com



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