Weah’s Second Term On Edge? -While Trapped In Massive ‘Political Ambush’; Can His Badly Deformed Charisma Fish Him Out?

In the beginning, it was all ha-ha-ha. .with the overly driven echo vibrating and cracking down every wall and solid steel item into a restless regimentation, as most keep-following-the-leaders push-over-loyalists, drunkenly chant the gather-around–me-praise-singers-on-my-political-merry-go-round as we travel along the path of national growth and development of which most will  sooner than later appear in realizing a crack in the bearing.

So true, in the beginning, it was the best of time when the rulers had wine for tears and fear by none while intentionally breaching the laws of the land despite craving on bended knees to propel to the zenith of success of cronies, be it under lightning, thunder, flood or fire and that all sober minded lads must just feel like, but dare not raise the red flag; for to do so or even dare attempt, the consequence will be gruesomely unleashed.

Moreover, an interesting aspect of our system and style of democracy is the freedom of platform for a sitting president to succeed himself/herself for the second term based on one of the most politically accommodating constitutions; therein such political player will know if his/her juice is still sellable and very tasteful for the electorate to gravitate to it as a sure transformation of affording such political player to capture the mantle for the second and last term in office based on that very cherished constitution allowing only two terms and no more.

However, for some leaders, with nothing authentic and tangible to wear as face during the first term, most often, dig deep on something politically grotesque under their sleeves to rig and or to, with dry-face, overwhelm the process with stunts, upright cash-tricks and con-tactics all vehemently employed, deployed and applied to pronounce victory for that craving on bended knees’ second term seeker.

The pathetic showcase politically is when the second term seeker has nothing useful and meaningful to hang on;  and while fighting fiercely from tooth–to-toe to win at all cause and cost, and avoid the humiliation of being dished out in a chronically smashed and leaking old and rusty tomato cup with garbage-owned straw;  it’s even by far  greater than seeing a terrifying and fear-choked drowning man in the center of an angry ocean very far from shore, with no lifeguard boat in sight and not even a floating razor blade to cling onto, despite the glaring option of being bled profusely. So one can see what it means for a first term flunked leader to hustle the power back to the tower.

Let’s face it with boldface. Failures are reflective in many forms, shapes, manners, styles and class; but it is dangerously simple and clear that he /she who fails to prepare, indeed, prepares to fail… clear cut. Make no mistake, the Late John Fitzgerald Kennedy saw something far beyond political pomp and popularity pageantry, when he alarmingly cautioned world leaders to be mindful that a society (government) that cannot feed the many who are hungry, will certainly be unable to protect the few that are rich.

Years after this profound and dynamic utterance propounded several years back that is today breaking down the great political walls and solid economic iron gates which history has made it no secret; there are still much more people going to bed on empty stomach; many automatically transformed into perpetual beggars in the blessed land endowed with multitude of most needed natural and mineral resources, just to keep afloat (and even at that, luck is not on their side); insecurity is hell to tell the captain; wanton violation of the laws and the constitution is a habit of the elite, privileged few; cronies and praise-singers including blind loyalists as the country is most feared by foreign potential investors based on the justice system; economic dishonesty; fertilized political corruption; gross and toxic human rights violations with emphasis on sexually violation against women, girls and even babies under the keen watch of a boastfully proclaimed  female-commander-in-charge; mysterious deaths with attended flimsy explanations; poor and dilapidated health system; backward education system imbued with barbaric relics saddled with quandary; profusely bleeding education system flooding the society with grim frustration; high pitch unemployment quagmire, just to catalog a few, are well up on the journey of four years under the declared rubric of ‘change for hope’ or ‘hope for change’, is fast too drowning politically to firstly keep its nose at least above the water; and secondly, and most inhumanely, while  the people live on complete oxygen with the change for hope very far from being seen  or realized; except for the very privileged few and the boss with the henchmen.

All Eyes On Second Term, But…

Who all can run, run, and who all can’t run stay.  Crystal clear and simple as that. Now, looking back almost four years of cruising in the corridor of political glamor and executing state power, a faint echo continues to rumble in the ears of the people who themselves are gravely responsible for their political plights, economic disappointment and trampling underfoot their futuristic achievements as evident by the things they are satisfied with when given out their cardinal mantle of authority (vote) to con-men and self-declared people-centered and so-called love for country and people advocates; and the reliability of that echo  which would drive us throughout the first term is: ‘I may not be judged by the eloquence of my speeches but by the decisions I will make”. Almost four years, both speeches and decisions are on trial in the open court of public opinion. And sweltering in the heat of absolute shock, regret and disappointments which have critically short-landed the high hopes, expectations and aspirations of the people who were for the first term, given a check with the inscription: “no sufficient cash” while they refused and rejected to accept that the flourishing vaults of justice is bankrupt.

Change turns abstract and hope becomes an abandoned orphan. Power is sweet, yes, power is very good. In the same vein, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely; and viewing through the political lenses of President George M. Weah’s second term bid already on edge; and despite being trapped in a massive ‘political ambush’; can his already deformed charisma fish him out of the political quicksand; although the more he wiggles he deeper he sinks; can the latter propel him in accumulating the laurel of the second term in 2023?

Most of the same feeble-minded people whose demented, reckless and loose grounded posture of prostitution in the usage of their precious votes, wherein  they continue to unfold the “Red Carpet” for  tinted state power seekers to capture their respective elective seats from up to down; are this time clamoring sycophantically  to institute a real change of those who must definitely leave behind the river by engaging the December 8, 2021 senatorial platform to weed out the political flunkies; are again the very people well situated to hail the king’s new dress code although very cognizant that it’s no new suit; for naked it has been in the beginning and still naked today. All the tough talks over the various radio station talk shows that they will change the old guards at the 2023 polls; don’t be fooled into thinking that they mean what they are saying and are saying what they mean, because out of the highest degree of deceit, they still formed a larger segment of the political push-over set to fall for anything including a teaspoonful of raw rice a few brown coins; for the bigger and greater pictures in the mirror that must be purged are the sacred cows that must not be touched rather be retained without second thought. In short, the political “boll weevils” who are found where cottons grow are surely and truly the agents and defenders of such charade.

After 12 years in the political opposition wilderness (community) preparing to head the state with sufficient clues in your politically prepared and sophisticated arsenal to restore the most needed positive change with unique difference, as a result of the years eaten away by the locus, the incumbent President Weah, on the day of his inaugural, sounded clearly what the challenges imbued in his state’s mandate were. Before God, men and women, the then President-elect Weah thundered, “I have spent many years of my life in stadiums, but today is a feeling like no other. I am overwhelmed with the crowd and the energy here today, and I guarantee you, when we finish, there will not be a winning or a losing side.

“Today, we all wear the jersey of Liberia, and the victory belongs to the people, to peace, and to democracy. The tens of thousands of Liberians here today and many more in our communities across the country who are listening, gathered together around radios in the palava hut, it is to you we are responsible to deliver the change you deserve.

“Indeed, we must deliver the change that our people need, in order to transform their lives for the better. I promise to do everything in my power to be the agent of positive change.”

And so he came, conquered and became the leader from the opposition community with over a decade of careful watch and note taken. With almost four years of being around, the knock on the door for second term keeps breaking into every aspect of his desire and quest driven by the unstoppable thirst to keep on keeping on; but mine you, the bridge over the second term’s river spells qualified presentation for the second term; and assuring victory also comes with a price only determined by the voters who will weigh and scale what was done in the first term. However, the first term doesn’t seem to relate to the victory sign for him based on the toxic excess baggage accumulated during the first term.

As compare to the challenge of the change he (Weah) perceived in his inaugural address; unfortunately and practically, the first term totally suffocated in the process, to change the tide- turning the corner to produce positive results has become Weah’s (government’s) broken point;  by extension, the straw that broke the Camel’s back and now neutralizing legislative projects thereby popularizing same as ongoing developments nationwide dubbed: Presidential projects believing they will eclipse wasted time and unfulfilled tall promises to make up for second term victory.

As the 24th President Weah said to the 54th Legislature in the first state of the nation report that: “I swore that I would preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of Liberia.  And, in the process, I asked the Almighty God to help me to do so, to the best of my abilities. And this is exactly what I intend to do.  The Liberian Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Republic, and with which I am intimately familiar, shall be my principal guide for leadership and governance throughout my tenure as President”.

“Without pretending to be a constitutional scholar, expert, or lawyer, I have found direction, as well as inspiration, from studying it.  I would humbly advise all of you Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen, and indeed–all Liberians—to study your Constitution well, for I find it to be the most useful and practical guide for those who would govern, and for those who are governed. My assumption is that not everyone is familiar with the Constitution, as they ought to be. I will now beg your indulgence to allow me to make frequent references to it today as I address you.  In some instances I will read extensively from it”.

Dwelling on Article 7 of the Constitution, Weah noted that the Republic shall, consistent with the principles of individual freedom and social justice enshrined in this Constitution, manage the national economy and the natural resources of Liberia in such manner as shall ensure the maximum feasible participation of Liberian citizens under conditions of equality, so as to advance the general welfare of the Liberian people and the economic development of Liberia.

Beautifully written on papers but the tug-of-war is the implementation which has brought the government under grave attack and unforgettable criticisms as the hope and expectations of the people are dropped like hot cake. This also rekindled a clarion call from one of Liberia’s renowned Economists, Dr. Tokpa Nah Tipoteh when he cautioned the People’s Redemption Council (PRC) the military junta of Liberia on its first anniversary that the greatest crime any government can commit is to lie to its people. Indeed, the unbearable disgruntle and pitiful grief reflective on the faces of most of the people under this regime which portrayed absolute stiff disappointment is a vivid indicator of its own that one does not have to be a rocky scientist to come to term with.

Therefore, truth crushed to the ground shall surely rise again. This also became reflective through a distant mirror when Congressman Chris Smith stepped in with undiplomatic tough and raw talk on the hard facts of reality obtaining in Liberia and glaringly unfolding under Weah’s administration. Calling for more sanctions, The Representative of the state of New Jersey’s 44th District at the United States Congress, Smith, has accused President George Weah of running a kleptocratic government that is milking the coffers of the country to the ground.

Congressman Smith who is a Republican and a Senior Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and a Ranking Member on the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations blamed President Weah for the high rate of poverty in the country by using his political power to appropriate the wealth of the county through embezzling or misappropriating government funds at the expense of the wider population.

According to Congressman Smith, “in Africa, we have a special relationship with Liberia which was founded by freed American slaves. Unfortunately, President George Weah leads a Kleptocratic government that is engaged in political corruption from the day he assumed office by depleting the government’s coffers for personal use while the people of Liberia suffer.”

The New Jersey Congressman at the end of his presentation on Liberia made mention of the then Trump administration’s sanction of Senator Varney Sherman of Grand Cape Mount County as a positive example of fighting graft and corruption in Liberia. “Liberian Senator, Varney Sherman, was sanctioned by the Trump administration for corruption, which is positive though; but more needs to be done, “Congressman Chris added.

At long last, Weah’s second term quest is now an open secret, and despite a new political lad on the block, while the question about how leveled is the playing field and drowning in the odds; Weah will settle for nothing but capturing the political victory trophy; and besides the now twisted hymn of December 8, 2020 wherein those vibrating and croaking to settle the political score at the ballot box in 2023 by purging the old flunked guards-the ruling power (CDC); the rhythm is: who all can run,  run, and who all can’t run stay. But out of all sincerity, will green leafs ever turn to brown? And above all else, will 2023 actually be the game changer?

-Writes GDJ

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