Weah’s Regime -Will Be Audited -All Assets Declaration Will Not Be Compromised

The Standard Bearer of the Unity Party (UP), Dr. Joseph N. Boakai has vowed without compromise that the outgoing administration (Weah’s) will be audited in the first 100 days of his leadership when he takes power.

In the same vein, former VP Boakai made it vividly clear that he will be the first to top the list in assets declaration which is very fair enough for the people to know also how much officials of the outgoing have accumulated during their tenures in government with open explanations leading towards what they owned and how they were earned.

In a SPOON TELEVISION interview on Friday, June 19, 2021, Dr. Boakai also spelled out that when he wins the presidential election, he promised to lead for only one term in which he will restore the lost hope most required from a genuine people-centered leadership the people have yearned for years, but not being fore coming.

According to him, wanting to serve is not based on amassing wealth and wanting power because he is very satisfied with his one house, instead, it is basically about providing the type of quality leadership that will cater to the needs of all Liberians without discrimination or segregation or based on party flavor, that’s exactly why he wants to lead.

Dr. Boakai further explained that all Liberians must demonstrate the passion of willing to serve one’s country because Liberia is all that we have and it is incumbent upon all of us to work much harder to make it better among the comity of nations,

He pointed out that in three years of his leadership, no vehicle should be struck on the highway because the roads will be prioritized and that no one will occupy a position where he or she will be stranger, adding, a Public Works Minister and crew will know where they belong and what are expected of them in term of performance.

He noted that currently, Liberia looks like a ‘war zone’ and with such it is difficult for investors to freely move around and know where to be, and how to better function with their investments.

The UP Standard Bearer and one of the staunch leaders of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) maintains that the economy will profoundly be rooted in agriculture wherein the farmers will not just be given royalty rather 50% of the proceeds will remain with them and that they will be encouraged to ensure that most wool works materials used in the country are produced from agriculture produce and utilized.

He indicated that while it is true that he does not in any way intend working on and on , the education system will not be tied around two little teachers in the villages or few individuals in the counties as being done, wherein if that teachers do not go to school, obviously, then there is no for that day.

He said the schools will be well handled with roads where the students must have at least one warm meal every day and structured in a way that will enable top government officials to send their children there without cherry picking and that teachers will be paid justly and meaningfully.

He assures the people that corruption under his leadership will not partner to impunity because the rule of law will be vehemently enforced to the letter and no one will go free without fully having his or her day in the court of competent jurisdiction without fear, favor or second thought. The law, according to him, will strictly be adhered to and serve its statutory mandate without being tampered or interruption by any form of influence.

Dr. Boakai stated that three years into his administration, people will begin to see the fruits of his leadership and worth of the government, adding that the governance system with vast input from the Governance Commission (GC), will be transparent and accountable to the people with all rights to know what and how are things obtaining in government.

He stressed that the badly challenged healthcare delivery system will receive maximum attentions and supports to enable it function and provide professional services to the people in all parts of the country; and with firm contacts established over the years with friends who are willing to help Liberia to another level, will be brought on board as well as every Liberian with something fruitful to offer to the growth and development of the country, will not be denied to say the least.

Asked about the political sour grape between him and his former boss, (form president) Ellen Johnson SIirleaf which led her not to support him in the 2017 presidential election, Dr. Boakai intoned that Ellen is still a renowned official of the Unity Party, and despite her current engagements globally, all is well with their relationship, and what matters the most is Liberia and how to progressively move the country forward, noting that the Ellen-Joseph relationship is a thing of the past and must be put behind us or on the backburner.

Dr. Boakai was then extolled at the end of the interview for the profound displayed wisdom and experience, and not hurting himself or open a floodgate in the process of answering most of the provoking and hard questions.

-Writes GDJ

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