Weah’s Problem-Driven Foreign Travel -At The Heart Of A Raging Dreadful Killing Third Serge Of COVID In Liberia


It is preposterous, unthinkable and pathetically unbelievable that a leader, whose people are gravely saddled with a raging dreadful third strain of Coronavirus now killing them massively with no substantive and medically-driven facilities coupled with adequate vaccines, would elect to make a foreign travel when that leader should be in the country, taking full charge, control and providing prompt leadership and being with the people in these times that try human’s souls.

Pundits, with total shock, dismay and surprise, have also expressed absolute consternation that President George M. Weah, in a country badly plagued with the deadly killer Coronavirus; depopulating the nation with an economy in complete tatters, is said to be leaving the country ahead of an entourage close to 40 besides the advance team for a trip to France, is too worrisome and mind-disturbing.

According to pundits, why it is true that there is no medicine for fear, equally so, no people-centered leader will find his or her people in such a desperate squeeze where their health with security is grimly threatened; and decides to leave for a foreign visit, and despite such, even if the leader is already away, the best thing to do is cut the visit short and return home and be with the people in resolving the Coronavirus serge.

They also recalled that during the EBOLA serge, former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was told by Mo Ibrahim, the African billionaire, to return home, forget about the luxury of the expensive wines and cousins, and be with her people in battling the scourge

The pundits also reminded President Weah that problems do not go away, they must be engaged time and again because the worse thing to do in troubling time, is to postpone or try to dodge the engagement, the end result, the latter will reinforce, advance with greater velocity and unleash immense disaster.

They also registered their regret that an individual who has always prided himself of being the man of the people who sincerely loves them; could not afford the sacrifice to stay and stick with them in such a difficult time of the Coronavirus pandemic; that third serge is ravaging their lives when the need for demonstrated and profound leadership is most needed to restore hope, trust and confidence in the governance system, wherein, his commitment would show up in his life, but to do otherwise, is tantamount to eroding self-image including that of the administration.

In the robust and radical words of the Leader of the One People Revolutionary Movement (OPRM), Comrade Robert W. Moncio Kpadeh, “our government is not in charge and things are rapidly spiraling out of control, and even more troubling is the sad reality that its officials are bereft, daft, and incorrigible.”

According to Comrade Kpadeh, from every eventuated indication, it has been made clear that these officials have not the know-how to fix the problems and change the disgusting narratives afoot.

He pointed out that on top of such malaise, is the painful fact that the very government is absurdly bloated and mired in extreme corruption, reckless plundering of scarce resources, blatant deceit and mendacity, and callous abuse of power.

With such a morass burdening and depressing our Homeland, it is objective to say we are in DEEP TROUBLE, just to borrow the wisdom of JNB, he intoned.

Moreover, did Weah think he made the wisest decision to abandon his people in times like these to honor a foreign visit when his leadership to safeguard them cannot be over emphasized?  Would he had done that during the heat of campaign hustle or on elections’ day? What would it benefit him if he brings in all the resources to a totally not useful to the badly sick, and almost a dead population? Does the President know when the citizens need the presence of their leader the most? Does the President, being around his people in crisis time reflect anything politically expedient in the business of governance?

The pundits want the President to know and understand if all those on the trip are very important to the visit with (despite the incurred costs, and who’ll foot the bills inclusively) specifically accrued unique impact on the conditionality of the plights of the country and people or are just among the good time and merry makers? They then added that, inspite the expected political and economic dividends to be accumulated therein, they remain thoroughly unconvinced that the President chose the wrong time of the year to travel, being cognizant of the grave unfolding trend of events presently obtaining in the country with emphasis on the health and security of the people in the wake of the third COVID serge.

-Writes GDJ





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