Weah Pre-empts Murder Probe -His Utterance Jeopardizes Ongoing Investigation; is the Murder Case Headed Fo+r Compromise? Just What Is His Evident For Such Utterance?

Pathetically, the nation with the world at large was taken aback with shock when on Sunday, October 4, 2020 President George M. Weah in his Sunday’s Sermon at his Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church stated in the midst of that the ongoing investigation into the mysterious death of two Liberia Revenue Authority’s (LRA) employees who were found dead in a parked car on upper Broad Street opposite the Sacred Heart Cathedral as ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ business which most people termed such statement coming from the President as unfortunate and very troubling.

According to them, the controversy surrounding the death of Mrs. Gifty Asmah Lama, a Research Analyst and Mr. Albert K. Peters an Auditor at the LRA is also worrisome and requires a full-scale independent and impartial investigation to obtain the actual facts along with those involved if any, and not to be far ahead of the ongoing investigation with compromising statement like ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ business which within itself, jeopardizes the substance of the probe without presenting or providing cogent evidence as has been done by President Weah.

Adding their voices to what they referred to as a very sad development emanating from President Weah, the observers pointed out, who should be on top of issues with first class information on the nature and gravity of unfolding situations unfavorable to the image of the state, especially happenings bordered on citizens’ safety and national security; his awareness should always be sharpened based on daily and regular high profile security briefings which the President can rely on to speak out to and on issues of public and national concerns, without jeopardizing any serious, controversial or mysterious ongoing investigation as he (Weah) has done in the case of the two dead LRA’s senior employees.

Pundits also chided the setting from where the sad statement was made and the day; while considering the President of the nation presiding over such sermon without remorse is far beyond imagination; despite the odds, it was binding on the President to give the ongoing investigation chance enough to derive at some level of credible findings and with pointer in the direction of ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ scenario, the he could comment on scene if the Justice Minister finds it more feasible for only the President to speak on.

The pundits also intoned that Weah knows how gullible this nation is when it  comes to information dissemination coupled with those struggling to take the first credit for breaking the news despite the attended flaws, and moreover, the aspect of the ‘radio-without-battery quoting vaguely the utterance maker; when those and many more are packaged, it becomes expedient that the President does not offer himself as the source of jeopardizing and ongoing mysterious death investigation with such utterance that is tantamount to adding insult to injury; that indeed, the pundits noted should not have  come from the President in the first place let alone in times like these.

The pundits also noted that it was too soon for anyone as the matter of fact to begin prejudicing the conclusive trend of the ongoing mysterious death investigation; amidst tons of conspiracy theories and grave suspicions lumbering on allegations, hints and incidents which must be vividly and professionally clean out through an independent, impartial and credible investigation that tinted and untainted findings will  openly embrace with all due respect, the kudos of truth without  second thought.

Following all the ups and downs, and being stuffed with terrifying news and amazing stories, Mr. Sylvester S. Lama, Gifty’s husband, maintained that the family is suspecting a foul play, and has demanded the conduct of an autopsy to establish what really happened due to the manner and form in which they have lost someone who is so “dear” to them.

He said that family members of Gifty are not satisfied with the manner and form in which the remains of his wife were discovered in a vehicle, and as such, the conduct of an impartial investigation should not be downplayed.

“We are calling on the Liberian Government to investigate this matter to ensure that justice is served. We need justice is serve”.

Lama then said that the family of the victim will give the police the chance to conduct the investigation and will avoid preempting the outcome of the probe.

“My wife is somebody with high integrity. So, people who parading the corridor providing misinformation that my wife was involved in extra marital affairs; I think that is from the belly of the devil. My wife was born in West Point and she is a leader in the Church of Pentecost; and she is a youth leader of our district; anybody who says that my wife and I were on separation, that person is a complete liar; that person is demonic”, Lama declared.

A local daily reported that the Director of the Liberia National Police (LNP) Col. Patrick Sudue conceded and said “I must say publicly that there were some errors on the crime scene, but those errors on the crime scene were not as significant to destroying what we had at bay. What normally should have happened was the persons that were onboard the vehicle should have been extracted. We should have had an ambulance there, extract the people, put them onboard the ambulance.

“But again, we had a lot of persons there – we respect the dignity of everybody and there were a lot of people there with gadgets, they had their gadgets on, people wanted to record so, looking at the aspect of taking those people out of the car that were unconscious, we deemed it necessary that what we could do is to let them remain onboard and someone drive the vehicle to the next point.”

-Writes GDJ



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