Weah’s Neo-Apartheid Gov’t -What Works Well Therein?

What works well in President George M. Weah’s neo-Apartheid government is now the point to ponder. Is it the governing system so saddled with inconsistencies and a long chain of discouragements of confidence in the failed leadership to institute a change that has long been craved for and propounded by the now neo-Apartheid regime with a clarion call as a hope of breaking from the past? Could it be the rooted notion of being totally unconcerned about honor and disgrace and about the respect for the value of laws and the defender of the Constitution that is breached anytime and at will without an iota of check-and-balance being meted out?

Can it be the lack of enforceability of its very mandates ranging from security to providing tactful and decentralized social services basically the likes of electricity, pipe borne water facilities; let alone the attraction and sustained direct foreign investments, badly smashed and flabbergasted by mistrust, unreliable and questionable judiciary system wherein justice is canned and casualty in the community of truism?

Just what works well in Weah’s neo-Apartheid administration…should it be its most feared taboo of transparency and accountability placed under key and lock?  Despite all the tons of chronically over-heated odds piercing the regime’s inability to saliently manage state’s entrusted  authority, resources, nation’s image properly and very well; and to ensure general equity; one sticky and dwindling issue is the manner and form  in which the current electricity is being provided without any clearly and meaningful  monitoring mechanism in place; the end result, areas next to each other are dimly divided as the other will be beaming in electricity, the closet next door neighbors will for days,  if not week, perpetually dating total darkness without the courtesy of a furnished information explaining why or why not; which sadly, but seriously runs contrary to the core fulcrum of the World Bank’s objective regarding the project.

Knowing that unemployment in Liberia  was running through the glass roof with no signal of things taking the turn for the better part; being completely cognizant of the government’s  incapability and ability to attract fresh investments despite the over-sung fairy tale that President Weah is the classic epic of contacts and most acclaimed showroom and by extension, warehouse of most needed investments and investors, only waiting for his call upon his ascendency to the helm of state power to start pouring in by the drones; it was made openly vivid that the electricity would be avoidable and available which in turn, will empower the many who are unemployed to fence for themselves since electricity is energy and such energy can enable the cut-away from the mainstrain of employment to operate their individual businesses to sustain themselves and their families.

Amazingly, this has not been the case; the electricity is being marred and confiscated by the politics of the movers and the shakers along with the wheelers and the dealers whose vested politico-interests come and count first and foremost; with vibration like the President’s transformers for specific places in keeping with his term is being sounded all over the place with no one dares to checkmate the entire grotesque crunch. Moreover, the Indian contractors that are implementing the project for Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC aka let’s enjoy corruption) are not up to the task considering the sluggish and care-free attitude attached to a very serious project deeply tied directly to the survivability of over 80% of the unemployed population deserved more professional attention and services than what they are forcing down the throats of the cut-away citizens. And more interestingly, the President and his faithful comrades, cronies, praise-singers and so-called supporters who for hem will always call black white as long as Dr. Weah perceives it to be white although naturally it is black, don’t attempt to show concern on how the  intended-to-be-precious project is taking shape; oh no!!! That’s a waste of useful time as long as they have electricity and it must be at their disposal 24/7, it’s very fine and hahahaha.

The virus referred to as power theft has taken another form and character. Currently, there is a massive and all-out war on meters. In spite of the armchair declaration merely dashed on the radio to report any one caught in the act of meter trafficking, and this and that will happen to the perpetrators, the whole scheme is a charade as the meter trafficking is becoming a very booming business. Why? Simple, announcement must be followed by rigid monitoring exercise; that means the action of monitoring must not be exclusively resigned to the armchair rather at the various sites with  people free of cutting corner or the first time in years to be on the team with a quiet security-on-security spin unleashed to countercheck those in the field. At the same time, robust action without being watered down or compromise those apprehended in the act of meter trafficking must face the music of the laws. Imagine someone coming up to you saying that he or she can sell you a meter, but will not be in your name; how possible will the buyer purchase his or her current to recharge with the armchair’s declaration that has also noted in the series of precaution, that such shadow-meter will be blocked? It has indeed become business as usual.

So what works well in Weah’s neo-apartheid regime…as some group of frustrated lads said that Liberia under President Weah who has according to him and his henchmen, achieved much more for Liberia and Liberians in a very short period of time, than all previous leaders put together dating far back as 1847, is functioning on one kidney. I was tempted to ask them what did they mean, but the pith of their disgruntlement would not allow them to cooperate in any manner, form and shape. So what works well in Dr. Weah’s neo-apartheid leadership?

The answer as the musician smoothly puts it…is blowing in the wind and you don’t have to look any further once you’re in Liberia.

-Writes GDJ

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