Weah’s Liberia In Reverse -While Plagued With Massive Illicit Mining; Bankruptcy In Int’l Relations; Defocused In Growth& Dev.; Law Abuser

The close-to three years deeply-bothered leadership of President George M. Weah has placed the nation in an absolute political reverse, overwhelmed by massive illicit mining recklessly dominated by aliens, as the national coffers starve for cash; totally bankrupt in international relations; completely defocused in national growth and development coupled with being an excessive joyous law abuser; is the Liberia that the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has given the people on flower-based of ease for their votes mandating it (CDC) to preside and govern.

With the nation badly overdosed from poor leadership nightmare, and people chronically injured from the mildew of by-product; saddled with every ounce of selfishness, expressed ingrate and a micro-over-blown appetite-gurus pathetically frozen in high public space of command, control and authority, with boastful ego of carelessly being unconcerned about honor and disgrace while the nation cries a river of tears of blood; the troubled-leadership continues to crow of being the only leader in the history of Liberia, who has achieved so much in so short a time than all leaders  put together since  July 26, 1847.

Needles to ask for the vivid tangibles since the defocused political lens cannot present any project that is at least one hundred percent complete from start to finish in its short period of grandiose achievements as being trumpeted around here day in and day out. All once can frankly see are loose and splinter undertakings pressurized by uncertainty and successful ending. All beautiful projects earmarked are either in their embryonic stage awaiting fresh injection of solid cash to speedily complete or fractionally stalled or abandoned for the unforeseeable time wrapped in political determination to be realized and then used as ‘developmental pacifier’ loaded with long songs and  questionable stories.

All these sad and frustrating crises are profoundly denting the aspirations, expectations and a progressive forward march of the totally abject-poverty-drowning governed; as foreigners most often with the acquiescence of some higher-ups are mercilessly with no revenues for the national  coffers,  looting with impunity  the nation’s rich minerals, fertile soil and other unaccountable resources;  conducting shadowed and shady logging operation when the nation, based on some funding arrangements with some foreign countries including  Norway, is on pause for all logging engagements for now.

Despite the consistent and persistent reporting of such terrifying, unscrupulous, demented and cancerous activities against the growth and prosperity of the citizens and country, the country continues to tread in reverse as the invading looters celebrate field day with the long hands of the law become very shorter to dare reach them, let alone bring them to book to know that the laws of this land are there to protect, defend and guarantee joy, peace and happiness for the  citizens and not to be bullied for specific clique’s aggrandizement. So what we have here in Weah’s Liberia in absolute reverse is the upright weakness in the execution of the laws against perpetrators to the fullest without compromise, no matter who is hooked and nailed.

How can and will the laws be useful, meaningful and rigid when the President who took an oath to protect, uphold, defend and respect the very laws carved in the constitution, is a habitual abuser of the latter. There is a maxim that if your house does not sell you, obviously, the street cannot buy you-that’s the existing tragedy between President Weah and the  constitution of Liberia; for wanting to have his will and ways at all times without hindrance or speed-breaker; the laws must succumb to his whims.

This politically and heavily bruised leadership is carrying us nowhere dynamics and progressive as long as it keeps dancing to the music of party, personal, crony and praise-singers. That the leadership before God, men and women including the children and babies, that Liberians under his watch will no more be spectators in the management of their own economy; and that the world in general and the Liberian people in particular must not judge him from the eloquence of his speeches but from the (sound) decisions he will make to enhance maximum growth and developments of the nation and people can be seen today as mere sham as evident of unfolding happenings. Indeed however politically charged this nation and people may be in the wake of the December 8, 2020 senatorial by-election, we are in serious leadership trouble.

-Writes GDJ



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