Weah’s Liberia Flunked Miserably Again! -Badly Scrapped In MCC’s Scorecard For Four Years Running; Forfeits US$500mTo Enhance Important Projects Now Trapped In Performance Quandary

While flunking miserably and performing dismally again, headed by Dr. George M. Weah in international challenges, reflective to the governance system, with high-value-rated tenets widely acclaimed by the international community, has been severely bruised and grimly lacerated.

As the unwelcoming Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC) Compact scorecard for Liberia is gravely heart-aching, morally questionable, prestigiously demeaning and damagingly disturbing in the crafty act of serious governance freed of reluctant attitude in delivering meaningfully with exemplified credibility.

Earlier, (Monday, November 8, 2021) when Minister of Finance Planning and Development (MFPD), Mr. Samuel D. Tweah, Jr., appeared on the Spoon Talk Phone-in Show and quizzed if Liberia would this time pass the MCC‘s test; he carefully pointed out the very best that the leadership has done to pass nine out of 20 (twenty when the benchmark would consider 10 out of 20, yet slowly but softly conceded that Liberia will not make it.) Moreover, he was told straight to the face by callers that one cannot send his or her child to school only to be told at the end of the school year that he (child) passed in writing and spelling, when the hard fact of reality is that he or she failed and will repeat the class, no more and no less.

Coincidentally, the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel F. McGill also admitted that he has informed President Weah to dismiss all nonproductive or lack productive and progressive-results elements in the government which will be done at the government’s retreat, but as the all-powerful he sounded, this has not come to fruition until the MCC’s semi-‘obituary’ landed on the center-stage leaving blame-shifters gnashing their teeth.

Pundits, without remorse or second thought, attributed the plight of the MCC’s scorecard as a systematic reflection of how Weah’s Liberia has flunked miserably again; noting that it is now badly scrapped in MCC’s scorecard for four years running; and forfeits US$500m to enhance important projects also trapped in performance quandary, when all that was required from the government is to pass 10 (ten) out of the 20 (twenty)  set goals of the benchmark of the compact.

This government should have fully been aware that such nerve-wrecking situation was long coming; for example, a leader who prides himself of being Female Commander-In-Chief to score 23% in girls’ education; despite the alarming vibration of reported rape cases of women, girls and even little ones including babies by evil-driven men and boys under his (President Weah’s) watch, speaks volume to say the least coupled with long chain of protests in most parts of the country. Indeed, those unpleasing postures should have served as a wakeup call to double up and brace the challenges with all seriousness, because forgetting to be mindful that he who fails to prepare, prepares to fail; and that the gloomy fate of Weah’s Liberia; flunking four consecutive times in the same course based on governance, is appalling.


At the same time, eligibility for the MCC funding is predicated upon a country passing at least 10 of the 20 indicators, as well as both categories “hard hurdles” categories – the political rights or civil liberties indicator, and the control of corruption indicator.

The Weah administration scored 50% on rule of law, 94% on gender in the economy, 77% on land rights and access; but failed in primary education (27%), and protection of natural resources (19%). The government also failed with regard to girls’ education (23%), child health (33%), fiscal policy (38%), Inflation (17.0%), regulatory quality (38%), trade policy (37%), and government’s effectiveness (31%).

However, the government did better in health expenditure (66%), while access to credit score was at 59%, immunization rates at 17%, and an impressive 83% on business start-up.

The FY2021 scorecard year, the Weah administration failed to reach the 50% threshold, passing only nine out of 20 indicators. The highest marks this time were earned in the Ruling Justly category (5 out of 6 indicators passed), followed by Economic freedom (3 out of 8 indicators passed). Liberia performed poorly in the category of investing in People, passing in only 1 out of 6 indicators.

During FY2018, FY2017, and FY2016, Liberia did achieve the threshold of 10 out of 20 indicators passed. The compact under the former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration came into force on January 20, 2016, and ended at midnight on January 20, 2021.

Meanwhile, before the release of the MCC’s scorecard on Liberia, there have been thunderous voices growling from far and near, like a day in the life of John the Baptist screaming in the wilderness for the people to repent; this time, it is coming from the political leaders at home and abroad; and one of those who is speaking truth to power which incorporated some of the reasons while Liberia continues to fail miserably in the MCC’s  indicators or platform, is  the People’s Liberation Party’s (PLP’s), Political Leader, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell.

In his prophetic Thanksgiving Service message on Friday, October 29, 2021 to worshippers at the Benson Street Mosque in Monrovia, Dr. Cassell   indicated that the country remains faced with the lack of foreign-direct investment opportunities to impact the lives of Liberians.

He noted that the Weah led-administration does not have the wherewithal to attract or mobilize foreign-direct investments in Liberia. “It (government) also doesn’t have the credibility and integrity to attract multi-international corporations. Liberia is certainly in a morass wailing for redemption”.

PLP’s Political Leader noted that in the wake of reports of looting and plundering at various ministries and state enterprises on a daily basis, President Weah has “sadly proven not to have the political will to act accordingly as he has been accused of corruption”.

Dr. Cassell observed that despite these ills and challenges in the Liberian society, the Weah led-government remains repressive and intolerant by going after perceived political opponents, instead of concentrating or finding solutions to the mountainous problems and challenges confronting the nation

At the same time, in his recent address to AJAL as invited guest speaker at the  auspicious occasion held in the United States of America, Dr. Cassell pointed out that Journalists must at all times report the truth  to expose the vices and excesses in society. While no story is worth the life of a journalist, a journalist must defy all odds to gather and report the facts, plain and square.

Journalists must be patriotic, uncompromising, and daring in their reportorial duties with the singular goal of protecting the interest of the state and its people. Editorials, Op-Eds, commentaries, special features, and lead stories must focus on governance and society, and talk about the danger of corruption, bad governance, lawlessness, poor quality education, bad healthcare system, the utter disobedience to the separation of constitutional powers, impoverishment of the people, the rising insecurity obtaining in the state, impunity, the ineffectual nature of the legislature, the corruption in the judiciary amongst other abnormalities obtaining in Liberia. Journalists must write and speak about these issues with conviction, passion, and vehemence for if these conflict- trigger incongruities are not dealt with adequately, they can potentially lay the basis for conflict and war.

Lest we forget, these were the very vices and egregious tendencies that plunged Liberia into a fourteen-year senseless bloodbath that crudely claimed the precious lives of over 250 of thousands of compatriots. These vices are once again marauding our nation and the Liberian people are witnessing another epoch of debauchery under the ruler ship of President George Weah, Dr. Cassell maintains.

According to PLP’s Political Leader, Liberia is currently enduring what “I term as “Vexing Paralysis”. Every segment of the Liberian society has painfully nosedived to nothingness”.

-Writes GDJ

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