Weah’s Inflicted Nightmare -As His Fast Eroding Leadership Crashes Nation And Citizens In Vicious Quicksand

Liberia is in trouble; very serious political trouble emanating from complete self-seeking and dangerously driven coupled with poorly prepared and badly blind leadership outwardly champions by now passive soccer legend George M. Weah as President; a result of a vivid pain- stricken by-product of what ill-nourished majority can create as a cancer on the skin of democracy.

A leader that finds profound pleasure in taking cover behind the fragile walls of proclaiming himself the best thing that has ever happened to Liberia in terms of growth, development and a sound and vibrantly sustained economy in a relatively short period as compared to the achievements of all leaders of the nation from 1847; while this is a deeply worrying vague fallacy to say the least; this leadership is well-rooted in throwing loose, reckless and grimly unfocused jabs at individuals he ought to thinks more than twice before attempting; and moreover in a place of worship wherein he prides himself as a man of God and a devoted believer of the Most High. What a shame and moral scandal in the land.

When President Weah sightlessly voiced out that you (perceived successors) don’t want to accept our excuses, but when your time comes, then we should comfortably embraced yours, is not only a practical position statement of upright weakness and bankruptcy of vision, but a total lack of the flare and substance to develop policies imbued with the attractive qualities to transforming the saddled nation and worn-out citizens his dilemma –prone leadership has inflicted as absolute nightmare on the people in just three years; while confusedly witnessing the fast erosion plaguing his administration thereby rapidly crashing the high hope and image of the people and  country in a vicious quicksand.

To even subscribe to a floating razor blade as a lifeguard boat of defense; having spent 12 years in opposition, most often referred to as government in waiting; being conversant of the mishaps and transformations most needed to keep the country progressively afloat as promised; and equally cognizant of the magical campaign miracles to be performed when elected as thundered all over the place; it is indeed saddened that “Doctor Doctor” Weah has shown in the first place that he became President without knowing what makes a president; who is called a president; what are the specific and cardinal issues that must be engaged time after time; where do the required services of the president go to, and who are not just consumers of such services, but who are the employer of the president and above all things, what kind of leadership will he provide and by example; if Weah ever knew then what he has known now; he would have changed his mind; devise a new and different option very far from politics, let alone the president.

Now that the challenges of the presidency have overwhelmed him so pathetically that it is an open secret that he has got nothing tangible to offer the state and people; nothing has he got to convince those he throws jabs at including in the church and believers whom he accused of fertilizing wrong doings; so there and then, besides being so obsessed with the glamor and intoxicated with the toxic of the presidency in the embodiment of power, which in itself corrupts and without carefully balancing it between service to the people, state and oneself meaningfully, becomes dreadfully absolute, and then corrupts absolutely; and with nothing to show palpably that will openly shame the opponents, critics, skeptics and would-be detractors , there is every reason to believe that the President is gradually trekking that path of ‘absolute  power’ which corrupts absolutely.

It’s no two-way street, that other leaders messed up things and you decried them for messing up; that you in term promised a great revolutionary change that will not only reflect hope but that genuine lost hope will be restored and joy with maximum hope through the promised change will flow like a river of unity, love, peace, justice and the respect for the constitution, the rule of law, shared equity for all regardless of political leanings, class and pedigree under the self-styled political rescuer now rest in the deadrum of limbo and in there, multiplied by capital zero. You have your time, as others, you declared them problematic  and disservice to the people and state; they are written off; now in this day and age where you  claimed to be far better than they; your three-year-old score sheet spells inept in the business of statesmanship and sheer good governance.

Let these few lines remain your struggling regime food for thought; that he who has got nothing to stand for will surely and indeed fall for anything and while it is interesting to note now that wasn’t it yesterday that you used to laugh at the wind behind you and the team; and didn’t you and the crew run nowhere and never think that the time could not find, challenge and expose you? Be mindful of the adage that when you point one finger at someone for whatsoever manner, form and condition, four other fingers are pointed directly at you. A hint!

-Writes GDJ

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