Weah’s Gov’t Flunked Big Time Again -As ECOWAS Orders His Regime To Fully Comply With Court’s Judgment Without Delay; Despite Hiding Behind The Cover Of Violation Of Legislative Sovereignty


President George M. Weah’s regime has flunked bid time again as ECOWAS Court orders his (Weah’s) government to fully comply with court’s judgment without delay despite hiding behind the cover of violation of legislative sovereignty.

Chided once again for violating the canon that what is not done legally is not done at all, and refusing soberly to accept the maxim that what goes around, comes around and that pepper does not burn in dog’s eyes exclusively let alone on the surface of dumboy; knowing that injustice one place is a threat to justice everywhere as propounded by the late Dr. Marin Luther King; the hole once dug for Supreme Court Associate Justice, Cllr. Kabineh Muhammad Ja’neh has become much wider to accommodate all the vicious schemers for reason best known to them.

This  brings the whole plot to the story about the child who says the mother will not sleep he/she will not also sleep in the same vein, the child who does not listen is  bound to feel the weight and be used as the shock-absorber; and by the same tokens, ‘jealous rock’ can never aim the chicken.

We must also be mindful and never forget the terrifying tory told about what goes on about how a hound back individual is being buried, and why it is very important for another hound back person be present to know if it is joke, then obviously, the joke is not funny at all.

When the twisted plan was in the process of being hatched, the schemers were candidly told to abandon such inhumane snare, yet they uprightly rejected the plea instead intensified their quest to have Cllr. Ja’neh impeached at all cause without second thought. In short they were told to leave it alone, but still they were holding firmly onto it.  Now they have seen for themselves (schemers) how good it is to be dominated openly with the table completely turned on them thereby extending the long list of dismal performances in the closet of total flunkies.

This Pro-Poor regime, despite crying and wailing on bended knees about being absolutely cash strapped and persistently and consistently continues to chant the no-money-syndrome; here again it has been severely ordered to pay all withheld entitlements, including salaries, allowances, and pension benefits as from the date of his (Ja’neh) indictment from office to the date of notification of judgment-US$200.000 as reparation for more prejudice suffer for violation of his rights; yet with that burden weighing gravely on the administration’s shoulder, don’t be fooled into thinking because the regime always knows where to find or get money from when it comes to seeking personal aggrandizement.

Lest you forget, telling lies, abuser of the constitution and laws of the land, unconcerned about honor and disgrace as reflective through institutionalized corruption; operating in trenches to accumulating cash by hope or crook and fertilizing parallel economy (illicit mining and illogical taxations on items) to serve and line the pockets of all the henchmen and not leaving out that for sure, fish starts to rot from the head;  persistent blanket impunity for all cronies, glee club chanters, blind loyalists and yellow-belly-driven sycophants as just a tip of an iceberg about the missteps this government is involved with without pausing to change for the better, for doing all the wrong things that bleed good governance and place the country into a nose-dive posture for the four years running preposterously.

Transparency with accountability is being gravely suffocated in this regime rather ruling with gross malice and wicked envy is the greatest joy and compliment that this government finds profound pleasure in toying with, while the country sinks deeper in a quagmire. Now, the government is under binding obligation to fully comply with the ECOWAS Court’s verdict, will the government ever realize that indeed, small shame is better than big shame? Obviously one thing this administration has to its credit is that it does not learn and will never learn instead, gloating all over the place as being the best thing that has ever happened to Liberia and that it has accomplished fantastic things in a short period of time than all presidents put together remains very laughable up to present.

-Writes GDJ

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