Weah’s ‘Crony-Possessed’ Regime -As Gov’t Imposes Hardship through Wicked Policies; While The People Catch Hell; So-called Pro-Poor Agenda Reflects For The People Death Sentence In Perpetual Poverty.

Just when the largest segment of the population believes that it voted to usher in a government of the people, by the people and for the people; conversely, the Weah’s crony-possessed regime declared the people’s mandate as a bad check; should be returned to them (people) with the inscription that it is time to endure hardship imposed chronically out of wicked policies while amassing toxic wealth at the expense of the rapid depreciation and totally declined in growth, development and positive improvement of the people.

Pundits, upon drastically and critically x-raying the inner motive obsessed with crony-clique-driven mentality are not surprised the least regarding what is obtaining in the country that has beclouded the hope and aspirations of the people when President George M. Weah’s regime remains truly crony-possessed; dismantling and disorganizing people-centered policies and replacing them vested selfish interest of accumulating unaccountable wealth; while fiercely rejecting policies that protect the people’s joy and collective interest.

The very sadly spoken pundits noted that even while it is globally known for free that investors are specifically into investment ventures first and foremost above all else, is to make profit and maximize it to the fullest; however, here is a company arguing against government’s unpeopled-centered policy not to impose any more money on the them; despite (company) paying its taxes; to do so is tantamount to robbing the people of service it, as Orange GSM company is providing for them; while the tax-junkie government continues to deeply squeeze one of its outlets: Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) to wear the face of no-surrender-no-retreat in getting that people-tear ridden revenue.

All over the place, people are crying for the imposition of the additional cost it will require since the three-day free call had been one of the most important avenues through which most of their pressing financial matter is settled by re aching out to relatives, friends and helpful contacts through communication besides utilizing the three-day free call to conducting other useful and meaningful operations. Government’s major responsibility in crafting laws is to bring release, joy and happiness coupled with providing maximum protection for their livelihood; and any laws or policies to the contrary is complete bad laws or policies; and ironically, instead of the government adopting the stance being pursued by Orange GSM Company which is people-centered; it is advancing the opposite which is counterproductive for the people.

This is a very sad day for the already abject poverty stricken people who are just mere onlookers and spectators of their own economy and while foreigners gloat over them since the draconian policies strongly back, protect and defend the foreigners who are immensely entrusted with all the glorious privileges and opportunities to operating almost at will, the pundits see the way things are unfolding as hell to tell the captain; when in fact the Captain-Weah is never wrong.

No wonder why Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel D. Tweah, Jr., is craving the indulgence of Liberians across the country, especially partisans and sympathizers of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), to help make him a “Benevolent Dictator,” a move he thinks will help to speedily put Liberia on path of development and rapid transformation.

However, pundits regrettably questioned why seek a benevolent dictator enrichment to put Liberia speedily on the path of development and rapid transformation, when he had already declared that his short stay in power has achieved more in development that any presidents since 1847, adding that can’t he just continue on that path if he is sure to himself that the country is excelling progressively And the wellbeing of the citizens has greatly improved.

According to them what the people are getting out of the leadership is tremendously terrible while not yet an approved full-grown dictator by the Legislature, what more if he becomes that so-called benevolent dictator; fool no

During one of the many endorsement ceremonies of CDC’s Senatorial candidate, Representative Thomas P. Fallah in Monrovia, the Finance Minister said that the President needs to be made a “Benevolent Dictator” so that Liberians can be afraid of him in order not to question his administrative actions and decisions. He said the CDC administration needs to start taking tough decisions and, as such, there is a need to re-orientate the whole government in order to achieve that goal.

“Look, we need a benevolent dictator. It means somebody like Paul Kagame of Rwanda, who alone can sit in a room and make a decision that will change the whole country faster,” The Minister said, adding that “this is what is happening in many Asian Countries, where the benevolent dictators just say, ‘OK, I’m not here to hear what the other people get to say or their views. I will build that road and put the money there.’

“Because at times,” the Minister continued, “you want to build that road, and some other people will say do the land… and when everybody starts democratizing your decision, then you are slowed down. But we [the CDC government] need tough decisions so we can re-orientate the whole government,” he noted.

According to Wikipedia, on online encyclopedia, a “benevolent dictatorship” is a government in which an authoritarian leader exercises absolute political power over the state but is perceived to do so with regard for benefit of the population as a whole, standing in contrast with the decidedly malevolent stereotype of a dictator who focuses on his and supporters’ self-interests. A benevolent dictator may allow for some civil liberties or democratic decision-making to exist, such as through public referenda or elected representatives or with limited power, and often makes preparations for a transition to democracy during or after their term. It might be seen as a republican form of enlightened despotism, a local daily reported.

The Finance Minister, who many consider to be one of two de-facto leaders of the state, noted that President does not have the resounding mandate for people to be afraid of him—“So this is the mandate that we want you to give him this December 8,” he said in reference to the Senatorial polls across the country that will see fifty percent of the Senate membership elected.

It can be recalled that similar mentality was demonstrated some time ago when many local officials in Bong County lost their jobs and replaced by stalwarts of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) allegedly on orders of electoral district #3 Representative, Josiah Marvin Cole. Their dismissal comes in the wake of recent veiled threats by Vice President Taylor to dismiss nonparty members from positions in government.

Some of those replaced at the time by CDC partisans were the Labor Commissioner of Bong County, Jackson Kwegbian replaced by CDC Sayblee Weyea, Agriculture Coordinator for Bong County, Roland Varkeh replaced by CDC Kollie Nah, the County Inspector, replaced by CDC Victor Wesseh and Commerce Inspector replaced by CDC Pauline Sarlie.

“The fact that some of you who sitting here, are not members of the Coalition, but we have nothing in our hearts against you because I would have removed everybody, replaced you with people I trust and believe would work with us, because you would have done same to me had you been in power” adding, “this is my time, because I served as opposition for 12 years,” Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor told the residents in an emotionally charged remarks.

Residents believe it is because of the Vice President’s inclination to dismiss local officials who are not part of the CDC that Rep. Cole gained strength to replace those he had targeted. Some maintained that the Vice President has the Constitutional right to bring on board those she is satisfied with. The Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has also asked local chiefs to join the ruling CDC or be replaced.

Madam Taylor who also suggested that it is biblical, unacceptable, why two cannot walk together if they do not agree; asking members of the local government in Bong County to either join the ruling CDC or be replaced. In justifying her stance on the matter, Vice President Howard Taylor sought reliance from the Scriptures, quoting from the Book of Amos 3:3, which states, “can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?”

Mrs. Taylor informed the chiefs that the CDC will be holding political meetings and these gatherings must be attended only by the partisans. Mrs. Taylor further told those inducted officials that it is unbearable for the government to work with people with whom she does not share the same political philosophy.

“The Bible says can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction. For us to agree, we must be on the same side so if you think you cannot make it, tell us, we will find somebody else to replace you.

She maintained that trust is paramount and she would not be confident to express herself in the midst of non-members of the Coalition.

-Writes GDJ



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