Weah’s Ailing Policies -Riddled With Flaws; As Deception In Bed With ‘Liquor’ Talk Overwhelmed Leadership; Which Way Weah’s Liberia?

Many political observers and some aggrieved citizens have scolded what they referred to as a continuous and diabolically sharp, and sickening contradiction in policies implementation of President George M. Weah under the cover of his regular unserious appeasing credo: “oh let’s put our differences one side and save the peace enjoyed by all”; which has hit the a sinking ground of no accrued attention.

Weah, according to the observers and aggrieved citizens who spoke on phone-in-talk shows on several radio stations in Monrovia, on August 26, 2020 regarding his appeal for all Liberians to protect the peace, noted that it is outrageous after throwing reckless jabs at opposition members, while at the same time doing things inimical to the preservation of the very peace and reconciliation he wants Liberians to retain, is a worn out expression actually rooted in weakness and mere charade lumbering the embattled leadership into a quagmire.

In three years since the inception of the government, it has not been law abiding and it is glaringly on record for that they added. They also pointed out that one is only accommodated if that person enjoys the favor of the ruling establishment and its approved clique. They said that it is unfortunate for Weah who is presiding over an ailing policies based on selectivism; whose sad record of consistently, persistently and grossly violating the provisions of his sacred promise through the oath of office to protect, uphold and defend is being seen thwarting such constitution for self-satisfaction.

The observers and aggrieved citizens recalled that the three-year-old styled Pro Poor has got no time for reconciliation and despite blowing out hot air, the latter under his administration is only sham and not to be taken serous. They tabulated a long chain of poorly managed issues and developments that has placed the nation of the global radar of total mockery.

According to them, when the Chairman of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) Mulbah Morlu unleashed his startling revelation ranging from his practiced alleged immorality with female officers in government; his reported diversion of solicited money from foreign governments to his (Weah’s) personal use was never treated as a matter of serious national gravity, instead at a news conference, Morlu who did not deny the startling revelation only said he was drunk from liquor and that was the end of the ginger  boy’s unwarranted saga.

Another disturbing situation they mentioned is born out of the most unsettled whereabouts of the printed LD16bn. which molestingly landed the Central Bank of Liberia’s (CBL) Governor Milton Weeks, his Deputy for Operations Charles Sirleaf and others in court and subsequently behind bars wherein inspite of the state’s resources to prose cute the case, the end result was the caving in of the government to the disturbed accused and by extension, the company (Crane) that printed the above amount, and having taken to task for wrong doing, soon withdrew her (Liberian Government) legal pursuit, apologized and entered into an agreement to print its LD4bn which has been realized.

With reconciliation and peace every Liberian must jealously protect over violence, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee ahead of partisan tugs purportedly armed with dreadful weapons including machetes, they maintained, paraded the streets of District number 13 in the New Georgia belt, and clashed with their political opponent on election day, leaving some opposition supporters badly wounded; despite notifying the Liberia National Police (LNP)  about the violent situation, the LNP has got yet to bring to book the perpetrators of some high degree of  violence and lawlessness.

They again reflected on the attack on Telia Urey and her Team while campaigning in a by-election in District number 15 in Monrovia with yet no police’s comprehensive report then the Zwedru, Grand Gedeh’s fracas involving the Chairman of the Collaboration Political Party, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and entourage and some ruling party’s supporters reportedly inspired by Superintendent Karl Farley; and despite a called for investigation, the matter seems to be put to bed perpetually; so they wondered who is undermining the most  cherished peace and where does reconciliation stand in Weah’s ailing policies; riddled with flaws; as deception in bed with ‘liquor’ talk which overwhelmed the leadership and now which way Weah’s Liberia?

However, President George M. Weah, in a clarion call, urged Liberians to continue to work together in peace and harmony for the collective good of the Country. He said working together for the common good of Liberia is clearly articulated in the National Anthem when it says, “In union strong success is sure”, something the people termed as empty talk.

Speaking Monday, August 24, 2020 at program commemorating Liberia’s 105th Flag Day, the Liberian Leader said our flag is a symbol of patriotism and national unity. “Let us put aside our differences and come together as one people, placing the national interest above personal and partisan interests,” Dr. Weah said, however, the observers and aggrieved citizens noted that how can such statement be sincere when the same President has vowed that no Urey will become president in his life time; and so we asked, is he dwelling on peace and reconciliation?

The Chief Executive said the flag has come to represent the pride and dignity of the Liberian people, and to symbolize the hopes and aspirations of all Liberians, adding, “this occasion presents yet another opportunity for us to reflect on our collective actions as a people, and steer a united course for the continued betterment of our nation,” at the same time, they intoned that the President as a most powerful person who presides over the state and its multiple rich resources does not have to be a rocky scientist to know that the people are catching hell  under his leadership and are being pitifully reduced to mere onlookers in the own economy  contrary to his loud declaration that Liberians will not be spectators in their own  economy.


Writes GDJ

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