Weah Smells Lofa’s Rat? -Is The Postponed Lofa Tour Politically Motivated Or Tactical Adjustment To Buy Time? What Ever Will Be Will Be


Despite putting off coupled with suspension of the nationwide tour which finally started some time ago with almost all counties covered besides Lofa County making it the last of the tour; it is shocking to learn that Lofa’s visit had been postponed until June due to bad road condition, has triggered more questions than answers especially with the President gallantly named “Bad Road Medicine”.

Before Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee’s unorthodox announcement about the postponement of President George M. Weah’s tour to Lofa County at a news conference on Monday, May 17, 2021 in Monrovia, most pundits including skeptics began pondering why such would come from the City Mayor and not the Minister of Information or the Presidential Press Secretary, and weighing the reason that it is due to bad road and the people are working to make it accessible for the visit of the President and his entourage, is even more suspicious in scope and awareness.

Digesting the rescheduling of the visit according to pundits, opens a wider speculation of what has been previously hinted; starting with the failure of the President to win commanding votes from the county during the 2017 presidential election wherein the son of the county, former vice president Joseph N. Boakai to the political displeasure of the incumbent which seems to wheel around the political aftermath.

Quite frankly, what have been gathered regarding bad road conditions since the inception of the nationwide tour in the presence of the real Bad Road Medicine, yet most of these places including River Cess and other locations in the southeast contained some of the badly deplorable roads in the country; and even at that, the President was able to weather the odds to reach those areas.

If the rescheduling of the visit has no quasi-political flavor, and in spit the urgent need for roads of which the nation like Lofa is craving for, and hearing that currently, people are working on the road for easy ride to the county by the President and his team; we can just hope that what has been said as the reason for the postponement is authentic without second thought, completely divorced of flying stories soaking the air with all sorts of attached explanations including the Brownie Samukai’s present saga, the alleged plan to cold shoulder the visit by chiefs and most citizens believing that the President does not present himself as President and leader for all the 15 counties without doubt whereas the Boakai’s factor continues to  permeate a lingering bone of contention.

Pundits, looking through the layers of much wider conjecture firstly wondered if President Weah is inwardly upset about the huge startling revelations simmering from Lofa before his now delayed visit which should be the last of his nationwide tour that the citizens of the county are not interested in his reported camouflaged per-campaign tour rather were prepared to confront him with some noteworthy questions regarding their political emphasis in the distribution of the national cake under his regime or he has he already smelled the Lofa’s Rat and was just buying time.

On the other hand, the very expenses fleet of presidential vehicles are not suited for such bad road, despite report alleging that for other aspects of the tour, government rented some cars equipped to move on such bad and rough roads, believing that if, and really if, the delay is not hinged on some still, political qualm, then the same attention rendered the other counties with similar, if not, worse road conditions, yet the President and traveling companions were able to brace the weather to be there, indeed, same  early preparation should have been set into motion.

However, the pundits intoned that they shall understand the actual cause and true nature of the postponement by-and-by whether it was based on what has been said about bad road under the no-nonsense watch of Bad Road Medicine or the difficult to digest harbored political qualm.

Weah was overwhelmingly elected by 14 out of the 15 counties as President of the Republic of Liberia in the 2017 presidential election and that mandate legitimizes him as leader of the entire 15 counties respectively; and as it is always reflective in the game of politics that no matter what, rivalry candidates do have their own areas as stronghold (except for some interesting reasons); the same is applied to the water used to take bath with, not every drop from the bucket or the shower will remain on one’s skin to qualify the latter as having a bath…oh no, it doesn’t work that way, the pundits pointed out.

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