Weah Plots to Steal Montserrado Election – Mo Ali Alleges





By Julius T. Jaesen, II

The Assistant Secretary of the former ruling Unity Party, Mr Mo Ali has accused President George Weah of holding a secret meeting over the weekend with cabinet ministers and heads of agencies at his Jamaica Lodge, where he instructed them to do everything humanly possible to ensure that CDC wins Montserrado from Senator Abraham Darius Dillon.

Montserrado County has been the political stronghold of the CDC throughout the 12 years of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and up to 2018 July when Saah Hardy Joseph won a senatorial seat in Montseerado County replacing George Weah who became President in the 2017 presidential election. Saah Joseph was the last partisan of the CDC to have ever won a senatorial seat in Montserrado County on the party’s ticket.

However, one year and eight months into the CDC-led administration, the reality has changed as CDC lost her once a stronghold, Montserrado to the Collaborating Political Parties’ candidate Abraham Darius Dillion who won with little over 120,000 votes against the CDC’s candidate, Paulita C.C. Wie.

Political pundits are attributing the massive defeat of the CDC in her stronghold, Montserrado County, to her poor governance of our country. They believe that the defeat of the CDC in her stronghold was not about Dillon and the CPP but rather the deteriorating state of Liberia’s economy under the leadership of footballing President George Weah. Liberians further averred that even if the opposition had fielded Zogos against the CDC in Montserrado County, the CDC would have still been flogged like an abused and neglected African bastard child.

We can all recall that the 2019 senatorial by-election is not the first senatorial election Darius Dillon ever participated in as a candidate. We can vividly recall in 2009, Dillon contested on the ticket of the opposition Liberty Party and secured for himself a little over 6,000 votes and finished six places in Montserrado County out of 10 candidates that contested. Nevertheless, in 2019, almost two years in the Weah’s administration, Dillon made a comeback in Montserrado and secured a massive victory against the CDC in her backyard.

Now, it seems that Dillon’s victory has created bottle-up anger among Cdceans and has sent fear in the political spines of the ruling party that their days are numbered. We all can confirm how day-by-day, Weah is losing political capital across the Country. Some political pundits and commentators speaking to the Parrot News said, Nat. McGill and Tweah have cajoled Weah to believe that he is still in touch with the Liberian people and his political base in even solid than ever before. They convinced Weah that mainly the opposition, the majority of whom just left state power and enjoy living off the taxes paid by Liberian people, pundits and commentators averred, is piloting all the criticisms against him. Therefore, it seems that CDC is regrouping and garnering all efforts to ensure that she reclaims her stronghold from the opposition candidate Darius Dillon. Cdceans have time in and time out categorised Dillon as a vacation Senator.

Nevertheless, CDC’s strategy to reclaim her stronghold, Montserrado County, appears to be an attempt to rig the election as alarms by Mo Ali. In a social media a post, Mo Ali avers, “a very reliable source told me that the President told his ministers that under no condition they should allow Abe Darius Dillon and the CPP win the Senate seat in Montserrado”. According to Ali, very furious President Weah was seen banging on the table instructing all his ministers and heads of agencies to ensure that civil servants and all those working at agencies to vote for the CDC. He claims that the President also instructed those in the meeting to use every available government resources at their disposal to ensure that victory is achieved in Montserrado.

Moreover, Mo Ali claims that it is against these backgrounds that ministers and heads of agencies of government are seen all out in Montserrado campaigning for the party’s candidate in blatant violation of the code of conduct. “Meanwhile, the president has also given a very clear instruction to a select group of NEC Commissioners to ensure that all is done to give victory to the CDC in Montserrado”, Ali concludes.

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