Weah Doesn’t Own Liberia Alone -While Pundits Scold Him As Being Don’t-Care-President; Weah Says We’ll Succeed If United; Certainly Will Fail If Divided; Where’s His Political Leaning?

With dreadful dismay and acute frustrating disappointment in the George M. Weah’s inept leadership expressed by pundits, who continue to look for the position and warm sentimental platitude enshrined in his inaugural, and are unable to see the latter in practical term rather the complete reverse; are now sounding a caveat inspite of all his constant shortcomings politically; he must be mindful and told in clear term that he doesn’t own Liberia alone.

According to them, they are deeply pleased that President Weah from the grass-root of the society, is too aware of a specific line from the National Anthem which states that in union strong,  and if we are united succeed is sure; and certainly will fail if divided.

Expressing their political frustration further, the pundits noted that Weah who said so much to change Liberia to a noble height with positive hope and respect for all no matter your political leanings, has now made a dramatic and quizzical U-turn; dashing all people’s hopes to break news productive and progressive grounds  and engage their aspirations to excel.

Moreover, as replacement of the promises made on that auspicious occasion now seen too fetched for implementation, let alone accommodation; all that can be realized is a bundle of misguided egos solely armed to annoying the people and badly tinting the nation’s bruised image, and at this level; they wondered just what will he say at the United Nations General Assembly in September.

In a lengthy conversation with the PATRROT over the weekend in Monrovia they added that while it is becoming a glaring signal that Weah doesn’t listen to the people anymore; that without political fear, displaying the notion of a don’t-care-President, he has taken such unscrupulous mentality to an advance level by demonstrating that bundle of egos ordained him as a great President, despite the senseless political blunders being saddled with.

At the same time they informed Weah that greatness does not come out of favoritism, but out of fitness, and is measured or come through genuine service to the people; wherein the leader serves for equal justice for all; lead to feed the people without drawing any form of line; serves to ensure that the people’s livelihoods are significantly improved in growth and development; and when these among other pertinent issues are meaningfully carried out to enhance unity, peace, harmony and  clear-hearted reconciliation; obviously such services will portray your greatness without second thought; and not gloat over (alleged) ill-gotten wealth and established political kingdom.

During the conversation, the displayed some passages of the inaugural address beginning “my people, thank you, yaaaaaaaaa” for entrusting me with the responsibility of leading the effort to build this New and better Liberia. It will be my task, my duty, and my honor, to lead this nation from division to National Unity, and toward a future of hope and prosperity. Again, they critically pondered if such is a vivid reality in here years of his troubled-administration.

“I want to admonish you, that the foundation of the New Liberia must be reinforced by the steel of integrity. We need men and women, boys and girls, whose integrity provides the foundation of the trust that is required for Liberian society to benefit her people”, at this juncture, has his questionable leadership with sincerity and honesty provided and stuck to such roadmap, the pundits intoned doubts.

In his Inaugural address Weah stated that “it is my belief that the most effective way to directly impact the poor, and to narrow the gap between rich and poor, is to ensure that public resources do not end up in the pockets of Government officials. I further believe that the overwhelming mandate I received from the Liberian people is a mandate to end corruption in public service. I promise to deliver on this mandate”. Today, the mandate is the biggest joke wrapped in a ballyhoo and a true reflection of absolute charade, as Weah in one of his several expressions, recounted that it is difficult to fight corruption in Liberia due to family interconnectivity; having vowed before God and man to end the menace in public space; and now, the pundits are lamenting that corruption is now dressed in ‘iron suit’ and turned into a sacred cow in Weah’s Pro-Poor Regime. The question they now asked is: where does fish start to rot?

“As officials of Government, It is time to put the interest of our people above our own selfish interests. It is time to be honest with our people. Though corruption is a habit amongst our people, we must end it. We must pay civil servants a living wage, so that corruption is not an excuse for taking what is not theirs.” In view of the expressed statement embedded in Weah’s Inaugural address the pundits out of grave suspicion observed that what that has not taken center-stage; and to Weah, out of all sincerity and courtesy, what works well in his heavily-bothered leadership?

“Those who do not refrain from enriching themselves at the expense of the people –the law will take its course. I say today that you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law”, but “we continue to see the   cronies, clique, praise-singers, blind loyalists, and sycophants never ever being touched in all manners, forms and styles when muddy in scandals, the pundits maintained.

-Writes GDJ 

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