After taking the baton from former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, It’s a public information that we have experienced the most disastrous and catastrophic failures of leadership since the founding of the republic. In 2018, group of playboys and opportunists headed by an incoherent soccer icon took siege of our country. All  we have seen is severe economic crisis due to  massive corruption and colossal incompetence in handling the economy. Our generation is bleeding and the future of our country is at stake. A man whom all eyes were widely feasted on as the saving grace and messiah was actually the oppressor in disguise.

Base on his performance thus far, I don’t think Mr. Weah deserves a second chance and it’s my ardent hope that the voters take care of him at the ballot box. George Weah needs to kiss the presidency a goodbye due to the alarming wave of suffering. My only worry is that, the current opposition we have is engulfed with internal wrangling , and is likely to remain so, which might make it much easier for Mr. Weah to continue inflicting maximum damage on the country.

During the UP led government, madam Sirleaf was successful in carrying out a number of reforms in Liberia’s post war Public Administration as well as  undertaking a number of projects. Even though she inherited a broken country,  Sirleaf managed to build roads in different parts of the country, Madam Sirleaf paved roads in communities that never had one( Caldwell). She build schools, bridges, hospitals , recreational parks, communities were connected to the national grid, Ellen restored electricity to parts of the country, the New RIA terminal, , Central Bank, LRA building, Ministerial Complex, Jackson Doe Hospital and a number of other projects were initiated by the previous administration. However,  while these projects were being implemented , Liberians complained about key things they believe madam Sirleaf left unattended or did little in addressing.

Here are the few issues;

(1)Liberians complained about unemployment( lack of jobs to better their lives)

(2) Liberians complained about access to electricity

(3) Liberians complained about lack of economic opportunities that would put money in their pockets.

(4) Liberians complained about madam Sirleaf’s failure to tackle corruption.

(5) Liberians complained about struggling every day to survive.

(6) Liberians complained about the high prices of food items and high  cost of transportation.

Now, can any intelligent and morally upright person justify that Mr. Weah has solved or resolved these problems that Liberians complained about?  Can anyone justify that the economy is doing well under Mr. Weah? To claim that the economy is doing well means  you are shamelessly saying, most Liberians are significantly better off now than they were during the previous administration. We see millions of Liberians are still struggling to meet their basic needs.,there are hundreds of Liberians across the country currently without employment, Households are struggling to pay rent, Families are going hungry.  small businesses are struggling due to lack of financial opportunities, prices of food and non food items have hit all time high record, the streets are filled with dirt’s and jobless youth.there is no economic security, Liberians are living from “Hand to mouth” Pp, parents are unable to feed their kids and you want to be reelected for constructing a market building , military Hospital or a substandard Sports Park as though your predecessor never undertook a project.

The major expectation of Liberians was that,  a Weah led government would have ensure that the masses have the ability to meet their basic needs on a regular basis and live a comfortable and better life. Sadly, the economy has failed to deliver for most Liberians.Weah’s scorecard in fighting corruption and improving the quality of life is at zero.

The reason Liberia has fast retrogressed under the CDC is because Mr. Weah was never the man for the job. He is an inarticulate and ineffective  55 years old man presiding over a complete disaster of a government that is very dishonest and compromised. Mr. Weah was placed over a territory he has no control over.  A man whose administration can not press charges on his corrupt colleagues . A man whose administration can not improve the quality of life for Liberians. The recent leaked audio of the AFL Chief of Staff validates claims that Mr. Weah and his lousy Mister “Know-it-All” Minister of Finance are presiding over a wobbly economy due to “silly”and “stupid”policies.

Finally, I can say very justifiably that this is not a government that should be given a second chance.

Write-Vamey Diggs


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