Weah Blatantly Betrays Constitution -Now Turns Subject Of Investigation

Now it is half time, since the full time is six years and already, three years have elapsed for President George M. Weah in the political arena where his badly troubled-leadership has portrayed  blatant betrayal of so many constitutional provisions which thereby rewarding himself with appalling reflexes for miserably ill-treating several constitutional requirements glaringly without remorse.

So where is the reliance of the sincerity of Weah who said so many things about the marvelous nature of his leadership, and the constitution out of which contains the oath of office; authoritatively enshrined and imbued with those patriotic and nationalistic words of commitment, devotion and dedication, are indeed cardinally carved.

Having tongue-tasted state power for the first year, and being fully acquainted with the 90-minute play on the soccer pit which divides the 90 minutes into two halves with 45 minutes a-piece, he told the nation and people in his state of the nation address the relevance of the constitution, and commitment to its respectability, protection and application, and urged those who are not cognizant of its significance nationally, it is disturbingly entertaining to witness how things have play out in the first half of Weah’s suffocating leadership.

Take for example some of the things Weah said in some of his officially high profile speeches which are totally doomed the scale and weight of truism. “In my inaugural address, I stated that my greatest contribution to this country as president may not lie in the eloquence of my speeches, but will definitely lie in the quality of the decisions that I will make over the next six years to advance the lives of Liberians.  And, as I have often said, I am a man of action”. Is that true? Although he may be a man of action in another dimension for his clique, but not being people-centered for the governed.

Listen to this, “when we accepted the challenge to serve our people about a year ago, not only was it the dawn of a new era for our nation; but an opportunity to right the wrongs, address the plights of our people, heal their wounds; and confront every challenge and obstacle that stood in the way of transforming the lives of the Liberian people for the better. Today, I can state with understandable pride, that we did not disappoint our people; neither did we fail them”. Is this an honest presentation from a man once perceived to be the true redeemer of the people from the shackles of imposed abject poverty, complete exclusion from shared state’s power, opportunities and absolute inclusion?

When violence is nastily plaguing all facets for the nation and viciously encroaching on the freedom, peace, safety and security of most of the citizens politically and otherwise perceived as openers or refused-to-be-praise-singers, Weah is drumming that “the peace that we enjoy today was bestowed upon us with the blood and resources of other countries; its sustainability is now our responsibility. We are constitutionally responsible under the law to protect our hard-won peace”. What has his government done so substantively to vividly show that perpetrators of violence and anti-peace are harshly brought to book and harshly dealt with in keeping with the law; rather, they continue to openly and freely  cruise around here under the canopy of business as usual.

Under his widely proclaimed Pillars three and four, Weah indicated that “under this pillar, we shall examine ways to improve the judiciary system to ensure that the basic rights of all Liberians are protected.  To that end, we will propose legislation that will be intended to create new processes and avenues to ensure that all our people are fully reconciled. Calling spade a spade are the people under his leadership reconciled? Mere charade; whereas for the fourth pillar he noted” we will request you to draft  legislation that will focus on the decentralization of institutions and systems of governance, review and build upon the current Code of Conduct in order to increase accountability of public officials and reduce the incidence of corruption”. However, the nation and people are groaning from the upright disregard for the Code of Conduct while corruption remains the most rooted password of the day.

-Writes GDJ

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