We Know You Very Well An open caveat to Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Former President of the Republic of Liberia

14th July 2020

Dear Ellen;

Your visibility is perilous for the true essence of staging a reformative revolution against the CDC Weah-Led government by the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP). You highly facilitated the ascendency of the current ruling establishment and it’ll put a dark cloud over the current political alternative (CPP) of the Liberian people with your presence.

We understand your ostentatious nature. We know you beyond the surface. We are cognizant of your order as Commander-In-Chief of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) delivered to Charles Taylor, the hidden mandate: “Level Monrovia We Will Rebuild It.” History taught us that you killed the progressive fabric of our nation and it’s logical to say that you’re a demonstrative representation of Liberia’s unpleasant past. We know you very well!

We are also capacitated to literally catalog your participation into the Liberian Civil War with practical evidences. We know you very well!

We elected you as Head of State but you and your cabal patronized personal gratification over the people’s upliftment. Ellen as president eliminated critics, compromised the Legislature to sign bogus concession agreements that benefitted you and your allies, supported neocolonial foreign cooperations that looted the natural resources before our very eyes as residents of those localities died of poor Health facilities and even safe drinking water. We know you very well!

Ellen, be reminded about how you brought bedlam to the motherland and later reaped the economical dividends alongside your sons, Charles and Robert. We know you very well!

You’ve absolutely NO moral audacity to fellowship with the underprivileged and downtrodden masses because it’s being pretentious from logical perspective. You’re NOT a masses-centered individual, you’re a bourgeois. Still in your class! You intentionally supported this current establishment of political miscarriage cabal of opportunists to punish the ordinary struggling masses after you and your nepotistic friends squandered mammoth opportunities for 12years. We know you very well!

You are pernicious to the reformative fabric of our country. Have some rest for once after Forty (40) plus years of being actively involved with national decisions and we’re nearing the same as Liberia will be observing 173 years of existence in days. We know you very well!

We are cutely aware that you’re flabbergasted/perplexed with the current ruling clique but we cannot allow you to use the people’s hope (CPP) as the conduit to revenge your personal remonstrance(s). You are poisonous but your viper is POWERLESS now.

Ellen, you’re noted for being a crafty DESTROYER and not a FIXER. Your visibility within the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) will be a smooth medium to bring in disunity and uncontrollable confusion. And that’s why we’re cautioning CPP to be extremely careful with your reappearance. We know you very well!

You are nonessential in rebuilding the Liberia you destroyed. You had 12 years to milk the national Cow for everyone’s benefit but you personalized it. Your rejuvenation into our geopolitics to control the process for self-enrichment, escaping justice and expending personal glorification is perilous for the republic progressive tenet. We will constructively condemn you in the strongest way because we are rooting for a NEW DAWN!

The ordinary masses with CERTAINTY in UNITY will LIBERATE themselves. The oppressed people need NO Ellen to emancipate them. We, the conscious minded patriots, will fearlessly agitate to business as usual before entering the Executive Mansion!

Ellen, have some rest and let our generation change the old-age narratives now keeping Liberia at the background. We know you won’t take heed but we’re resolved to keep reverberating this message- HANDS OFF OUR POLITICS! We know you very well!


Truthfully yours,


Foday N. Massaquoi

Youth and Civil Rights Activist

National Secretary General of the Council of Patriots (COP) Youth Wing


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