Voters’ Cancer -A Crusading Scourge Overwhelming Elections Process; As Flunkies Cut Corner; Where Is Liberia’s Democracy?

The alarming rate by which some people are allowing themselves to embrace such dangerously unchecked venture by being trucked from place to place for little or nothing by handicapped ill-prepared participants in the impending December 8, 2020 senatorial by-election, is indeed causing serious national wave and someone must apply the brakes before it becomes a national nightmare.

Already, observers are saying when Liberia’s democracy is no longer aligned with one individual, one vote rather one individual excess votes coupled with the imposed criminally-driven mentality of being trucked to a strange localities perform a patriotic duty for the politically empowerment of those who failed to prepare, and are prepared to fail miserably by providing teaspoonful of raw rice and few brown coins; then one does not need a heavenly angel to let it be known that in such nation, there is not just a lethal political short-circuit; instead the nation and its governing system is doom in the grim obit of barbarism.

Based on the foreseeable voters’ cancer determinedly ripping the fabrics of the nation’s electoral process, a staunch member of the Rainbow Alliance, Mr. Dan Sayeh has threatened to issue an injunction and take the National Elections Commission (NEC) to court for the gross violation of the election’s law it is statutorily empowered to protect and apply regarding trucking of voters.

Although Sayeh who comes from the civil society background did not say when, but vowed to institute such measure if the NEC fails to put its house in order and bring to book all those fertilizing the gross violation of the election’s law.

In a phone-in-talk show with a local radio station in Monrovia on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 Sayeh noted that while his pending action is intended to bring sanity to the process; most callers were quick to inform Sayeh not to hesitate with his legal action against NEC because the Voter Roll Update is reportedly flaw-ridden and the exercise will soon end.

At the same time, it has been reported that some aspirants who denied, have been trucking voters from neighboring Sierra Leone to Grand Cape Mount County to encroach on the nation’s electoral process; as callers on the show appealed to the Government of Sierra Leone and the diplomatic missions near the capital to caution the Government of Sierra Leone not to meddle into the internal affair of Liberia.

However, the FrontPageAfrica reported that on Monday, Mr. Luther Dean the National Elections Commission Magistrate in Bomi County   confirmed reports of ongoing voter trucking in the County but says the NEC has not been able to establish those behind the trucking of voters.

“There is serious trucking in Bomi County but we haven’t been able to establish who is doing it. People are bring truck full with people.”

The NEC Magistrate admittance comes in the wake of media reports of serious vote trucking by politicians around the country. Since the NEC commencement of the Voter Roll Update (VRU), that allows first-time voters the opportunity to register.

The “trucking of commercial voters” is now becoming a new phenomenon in the political dispensation of Liberia due to the failure of the National Elections Commission (NEC) to take concrete actions, or give a definite position on the issue of “voters’ trucking”

-Writes GDJ

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