Unity Party Is Not Broke -Chairman Modad Says That’s Bogus Assertion For Anyone To Think So

       The Chairman of the Unity Party (UP), Mr. Amin Modad has dismissed as bogus assertion, when confronted in an interview on a local radio station in Monrovia that the Unity Party is broke or bankrupt.

Mr. Modad pointed out that the Unity Party being a staunch part of the four collaborating Political Parties (CPP) comprised the All Liberian Party (ALP), the Liberty Party (LP), Alternative National Congress (ANC) and the Unity Party is still maintaining its national headquarters in the Capital (Monrovia) and is undertaken several projects.

The Chairman of the former ruling political party noted that the entity is currently involved with renovating several structures (buildings) to be used by the party including other activities it is engaged with which required money to facilitate such projects, and it will be foolhardy for anyone to think the least, moreover believe that Unity Party that survived for 12 consecutive years in power would be perceived as being broke.

Questioned on the State of The Nation program carried on the Truth FM Radio Station as Guest to give a tip on the relationship between the former standard bearer, former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the party, Chairman Modad disclosed that the relationship is cordial, that the former flagbearer of the party pays her dues, and that they visited her at her house recently.

According to him, she offers some pieces of advice for the party and the way forward.

Concerning the alleged personality-clash specifically in the hierarchy with those solely determined to head the CPP’s ticket in the 2023 presidential election considering the quest of the ANC political Leader, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and UP’s Standard Bearer, Dr. Joseph N. Boakia who has openly registered his desire to head the CPP’s ticket for 2023, and declaring to be the only one for now, who can move against and defeat the incumbent, Chairman Modad indicated that there is  no ongoing row existing between Dr. Boakai and Mr. Cummings.

He explains that for those of the conviction that the two political actors are at loggerheads for the leadership of the CPP’s ticket, should think again and know that the four leaders of the CPP come from diverse political backgrounds with different orientations; and while being full leaders and legitimate members of the CPP, equally so, they are heads of their respective political parties and in the process of upholding the spirit of the CPP collectively, it is also incumbent upon each to politically market his/her leadership skill, his/her party and what good and difference will the latter deliver to effect vivid,  positive and genuine change, is obvious as political leader of an independent entity with its own unique ways of conducting its operations; but there is no in-fight between the two respected political actors.

Again, asked what would happen if those with high hope of capturing the CPP’s do not win, Chairman Modad maintains that the leader to head the CPP’s 2023 ticket will be realized from consensus, and in keeping with the document  they all affixed their respective signatures to that established the CPP, all, whether defeated or not, will collectively accept and support the person who will win the ticket and no second thought about that, although it I not written in stone, all have accepted to abide by the spirit of the document signed by all parties.

Also quizzed why a once ruling party and later defeated by the incumbent and his party would attempt to vie for leadership, Chairman Modad intoned that it is based on the experiences accrued by the former regime (UP) in running the affairs of the state and managing the wellbeing and welfare of the people, something the current ruling establishment has failed to do  which has drawn the red line between the UP and the ruling party, adding that make no mistake, the change promised  the present regime, has become a total political nightmare that the people don’t want around anymore.

Touching on whether the CPP will audit the Weah’s administration if it wins the election when asked, Chairman Modad responded without hesitation, that yes, the CPP will definitely conduct a comprehensive audit of the Weah’s leadership. He continues that every responsible government, leader or institutions taking over from the outgoing, will first of all conduct a thorough audit to enable it know where it is starting from and with what it is taken with it, and what are the flaws on the books.

He reiterated that the CPP is maturely intact, no in-fight or political row between any of its leaders, and emphasized that it remains the single most cardinal commitment to make Dr. Weah a one-term President and that remains CPP’s political battle cry.

It can be recalled that speaking when he won the Chairmanship, he linked his business success to the UP administration and his election to the Chairmanship provides him the opportunity to give back to the party; although has been in the background for long, he has been a longtime supporter of the Unity Party.

“Everyone contesting for these positions are honorable people but I bring in the qualification of a successful entrepreneur who have built institutions, who has succeeded despite the challenges, who has remained loyal to the Party despite the adverse reaction from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change government,” he noted.

He has served as Liberia’s representative to the World Trade Organization, headed the multi-donor funded Enhanced Integrated Framework Program in Liberia, and served as Sr. Policy Advisor to the government of Liberia on trade and investment. He has played a key role in Liberia’s post-conflict recovery especially with regards to establishing key economic policies and Liberia’s integration into the multilateral trading system.
-Writes GDJ

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