Underperformed! -Ellen’s Excess Baggage; Her Financially- Made ‘Political Frankenstein’; Tormenting Citizens & Nation; Is She At Ease Now? One Who Sows Evil Shall Reap Evil.

Most leaders at the close of their leadership sojourn, often craved on bended knees to grown their successors; for some, reasons may border on fear of reprisal by an outsider of inner circle’s protégé who from the strike of any imagination, will not consider neither water down any aspect that would reflect or demand revolutionary justice to be meted out strict against the predecessors’ actions and activities during their years in power; to protect and preserve ill-gotten wealth; to ensure the smooth drive of continuity; others ventured to purposely stall the desire and achievements  of the would-be caretaker; while as some do so to complete their unspecified quest quietly best known to themselves.

For example, at the close of the reign of Jesus Christ who knew that his disciples were already very frightened and jittery because for what they foresaw between them on one hand and the teachers, high priests and governors on the other hand in the absence of their well trusted master (Jesus) whose presence would quell any obstacles that would confront them moreover threatened to the core their survivability; the great Lord and Master allowed himself to spend additional 40 days after his resurrection  with them appealing to his Father, The Most High to send them a  Comforter who will ensure the reliable sense of security, hope and trust as they go out winning and making more disciples in keeping with the great command according to the Scripture.

Besides the well specified reason provide above, we have seen many successors spring on the political scene for driven by many vicious and ulterior  motives most often to serve  specific missions in favor of the outgoing processors. Oh yes, we have seen such time after time when the torch of leadership must be passed on to the sons of the outgoing elements; wherein Africa has provided us with so much pieces of evident in the that direction with Togo being a vivid example while although tragedy played a major role yet same came to pass in the Democratic c Republic of Congo (DRC) when the son succeeded the father upon being assassinated. The end results of such desperate maneuverings amount to what grounded observers dubbed as an open secret.

And on the home front (Liberia) Ellen knows far too much enough about the creation or the making of a Frankenstein no matter what will turn out favorably in the maker’s interest, it just a matter of time, because a Frankenstein will always be a Frankenstein; somewhere and somehow, it is bound to nefariously reach the maker; if not directly, rest assure it must be unleashed indirectly. What has obtained in the political arena during the 2017 general and presidential elections that propelled the mighty Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) to the helm of state power with George M. Weah being victorious emulated from the financial glorification showered on the CDC by Ellen; who upon experimenting with the late Cllr. Charles W. Brunskine and the Liberty Party (LP), but soon felt uncomfortable with objective her hidden motive not in any way being guaranteed;  and  with a blatant uneasiness with her deputy for 12 years which spilled bad blood between them, despite his unflinching  quest and unwavering determination to become the next president and her possible successor, shed turned the table on him at a very  crucial time, when all supports both financially and morally were most needed to keep the very party that gave her two  consecutive terms  afloat politically, her financially-troubled bruised with the bad  active bad blood was told by her that he will have to struggle and suffer as she did to succeed; and as an open secret in spite of  constant slow-motion denial, the writings are on the wall.

By and large, in her proud retirement, her son along with some high profile personalities of her government were dragged to court, tried and jailed with photos of them attired in their prison orange jumpsuits displayed in all the local dailies for reportedly committing economic sabotage along with other charges while she groaned in agony and serious embarrassment from the government headed by the making of her financial push. They went to prison under what the political Frankenstein’s regime termed as battling corruption.

Then came the three-day protest by angry Liberians against the alarming number of rape cases rocking the society nationwide’ when protestors planned to present to the self-declared feminist Commander-In –Chief their petition of which the most populously elected President  could not  come down from his comfort zone and received the aggrieved citizens’ petition rather sent a proxy. Most people noted that at the time of campaign, the now President Weah was seriously busy rushing and running to the people even those aboded in the slums and ghettos nationwide begging and seeking their mandate (votes) for the job he now so proud of that he cannot come down and listen to the people’s cry.

As one of the Nobel Prize winners for advocating human rights and the dignity of women, Ms. Leymah  Gbowee described angrily that the government of Weah underperformed in the manner and form he allowed the rape scourge to overwhelmed him and his government.

Also, Gbowee further blasted at the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Williametta Saydee-Tarr for not doing enough to protect the most vulnerable people in the country.

She maintained that there was no need for thousands of citizens to jump in the streets and protest against increase in rape cases if Minister Tarr was working in the interest of vulnerable people.

“I call out Minister Piso  Saydee Tarr. Shame on you! Your job demands that you protect the most vulnerable population of Liberia, but you have chosen to align with your political godfather.

Then came Ellen, who stole the show from the man she heavily worked financially to be president come by dodging the political bullet at the expense of her made Frankenstein who is caught up and wavering grotesquely in the politico-leadership of nothingness.

According to her, “rape has always been a problem, it was before my administration, it was in my administration and it’s still with us today. The women, given the kinds of cases that have recently come up – young babies, three months old, young children, 10 years old violated, sometimes, by old men, sometimes by young men, is something that the women felt they had to act and they had to act in a manner in which one does in peaceful protest.

Former President Sirleaf told reporters who followed her into her residence that she could not sit and watch the women from her compound without showing solidarity for an issue that has always been of national concern.

“I cannot sit in my house, stay in my yard, see all those women out there demonstrating for something that is good for the country and not go there to show solidarity with them. So, my idea was to just go across sit with them, talk with them to make sure that they keep the peace that we fought [for] when I was President in all those years; to tell them we don’t want to see any violence,” she said.

At the same time, President Weah said, “you would remember that few weeks ago, I convened a meeting and constituted a special board to explore ways and means by which we would, as a government and people, combat the rising tide of rape and other sexual gender-based violence in the country. I had in audience the Chief Justice, Speaker, President Pro Tempore, the Vice President, the Ministers of Justice and Finance, Development Planning and Gender, Children and Social Protection with other civil society organizations. I convened that meeting and set up that special board because of our concern about rape and how urgently this government and other major stakeholders could increase efforts towards addressing the problem.”

In an Executive Mansion release the Liberian Leader said protest actions by some Liberians to raise awareness and additional pressure about rape is consistent with Government’s drive to fight all forms of violence against women and girls in the country but advised against undermining the effort by infiltrators bent on politicizing the efforts.

“The protesters’ action is good because they are showcasing their concerns about a serious national problem and any good citizen should do so,” the President said. “The problem is the unruly attitude of some of the protesters who were seen making political remarks and insulting public officials.”

The President, who is the Feminist-In-Chief, further: “As a means of addressing the issue of rape, some people recommended capital punishment for guilty rapists, while others had different ideas. These conversations are ongoing and we welcome our civil society organizations and organizers of the rape protest to join in the fight.”

To further demonstrate his commitment to the fight against rape, the President said he had since mandated the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to procure two DNA machines in addition to ones bought by our international partners to hasten the prosecution and trial of rape cases in the country.

Weah who received lashes of criticisms locally and internationally also stated that

“Let us do the right thing so all can be treated fairly and rightly,” Dr. Weah warned. “I regret that the protesters failed to present their statement of petition to a protégé of mine whom I sent to receive it. I think what matters is the message in the petition and not the messenger who receives the message. That was an error and did not reflect good intent at all on the part of the protesters.”

Meanwhile, a local daily reported that the police in their quest to stop the protestors from using the Tubman Boulevard carried out random arrest, brutalized protestors and chased the crowd into nearby communities.  This left several protestors disenchanted and disappointed in the police and drew several condemnations.

Since the first day of the protest, the protesters insisted that they want to hand-deliver their petition to the President because they do not trust the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection officials sent to receive it. But President Weah has not consented to such demand by the protesters.  Mayor Koijee, in defense of President Weah, has denied that the President has refused to accept the petition and suggests that this is the political side of the protest to achieve some the political edge.

“The President cares; that’s why he decided to send the Gender Minister, who handles all matters at the level of the Executive on rape and other sexual and gender-based violence issues, to receive their petition for onward presentation to him. Anti-rape campaign is a legitimate cause.  So we need to work collectively to end rape and reinforce the rape laws,” said the Mayor.

-Writes GDJ




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