Tyranny And Terrorism In Power Struggle: The Liberian Saga

The war that came and branded itself a revolution which lasted for 14 years characterized by horror, mayhem, carnage, and vivid tyranny, clearly defined and guided terrorism coupled with sheer recklessness in killing with malice of forethought, punctuated by chicanery and treacherous maneuverability with the conceptualized ‘crab mentality’ massively breeding intransigent behaviors, all rooted as the nucleus reflected as severe power struggle to the teeth portrayed the Liberian saga.

The spillover of the war completely loaded with every inch of all forms of calamity to the highest epic which became the bad product, is the mode spreads throughout all facets of our political engine by which we conduct our political venture without second thought of prudence, was set into motion as far back as so many years before covering so many written and unwritten pages of the nation’s history with specific emphasis on King, Barclay and Tubman’s eras and onward. However, it would be inflicting grossly and painfully grim fatal disaster, if the pin of our compass did not touch base with those politically sad interesting eras.

Beware, when tyranny becomes a very serious bedfellow of terrorism, the determined factors in their quest for state power will not stop at anything until such a raw power is captured and put under complete command and control. Also, one clear signal being shown is that the power struggle turns vicious and rigid, when a key player is an incumbent with constitutional consideration is still in his or her favor to contest in the race; then be careful, that the political lethal games, tactics will be weaponized against any archrivals; let alone infiltrating and dishing out state resources to oil the wheels of incumbent’s campaign. Equally, take into serious account the measures and utilization of rigging, wide-angle intimidation of opponents, excessive drawing of red lines to contain  challengers and the shifting of the goal pole  to create an unleveled playing field will all be factored into the game plan of the incumbent who second place is a dreadful and damning disgrace to ever associate with.

There are, and could be many books written on power struggle about Liberia during elections, two books stand to show  the desperate tempo of a frightened incumbent (and then onward to others are THE PLOT THAT FAILED AND THE LOVE OF LIBERTY. While the Plot That Failed could be seen as, to some extent, stage-managed, the Love Of Liberty written by Tuan Wreh, tells a life moving, and nerve-wrecking story imbued with heavy load of tyranny unleashed through blind terror, of how far, the incumbent can go, including, the extra miles to weaken, break and morally paralyzed a political opponent.

The Chronicle of incumbents in the Liberia political setting mainly when practically challenged by tough notch and difficult to crack opponents, all types of stunts, pouring in the vicious postures and dangerous checkpoints maliciously erected including applied mean scare tactics that would make opponents to craw directly under their skins and try their best to become totally deaf, dumb and blind toward standing in the entire process of elections.

We’ve heard some thrilling episodes along with startling revelations, when tyranny and terror uncompromisingly ganged up to seize the most obvious edge in power struggle; believe it or not when you see people, with the political leverages, treating challengers cruelly and diabolically for a political development that will come and go  thus leaving people behind, can mean, and be so dear to power junkies that they just don’t care at all who they badly hurt or gravely damaged along the way  in the process (campaigns/elections) with strong veins; and if you think it is a joke, then without hesitation, you must be told that indeed, the joke is not and never funny.

We read about the political standoff between Tubman and Edwin Barclay when Tubman’s ascendency to the helm of state power sanctioned by the Rock City Boys after all of them have served a one term each, despite the colonial mentality attached to the arrangement that all those wanting to be presidents, must come from Monrovia as a “Rock Town Boy”, in his (Tubman’s) quest to become an entrenched dictator; out maneuvered the City Rocks and their one term allotted to each leader golden rule, and turned out to be the political straw that broke the camel’s back by yoking the country for 27 consecutive years; and even at that, he died in office. When the City Rocks got furor with his petitioned-style of continuation in power using the Carrot and   stick as programed petitioners keep pouring with their screaming banners reading that Tubman must complete the good work he has started, also intensified the anger of the City Rocks and requested Barclay to challenge Tubman in the next election; in spite of Barclay’s early warning shot that Tubman, an outsider (not from the City) from Maryland County, known as poor man lawyer, could not be trusted to abide by their one-track-minded colonial golden rule, rejected the City Rocks’ appeal to move against Tubman; instead, he (Barclays) responded that they (City Rocks) wanted a king and they’ve got one.

The two books mentioned earlier, clearly showed the mean, rough, tough and vain way in which tyranny and terror very hungry for state power can, in no-nonsense mood, become baby-sitters for the opponents. Tuan Wreh and Samuel Coleman felt the weight of Tubman’s tyranny and its bedfellow terror.

Now, in Doe’s era, opponents and challengers were not accorded bed of roses, nor did Taylor sweeten his opponents and challengers with ice cream; and absolutely impossible that Ellen who had rejected many high profile portfolios in the land, and would only settle by hope, crock or violence for the president job, treated her political opponents and challengers with honey, classical wines with sumptuous cosines and lodged them in ivory tower; and now, for Weah we can see that the beat goes on.. and on and on, the beat goes on; meaning, the current scenario is either a mirror all are looking in, and a alive movie everyone is witnessing, with the greatest showdown slated for 2023; and with fully grown determination, declaring to be very ripe to seek second term, and being an incumbent at that rate; all opponents and challengers who are  playing marbles and hide-and-seek with people’s vested and cardinal interests, should standby for the fierce hustle, tussle and wrestle for state power in the arena regarding who takes state power after 2023 presidential election; and for whom will the political bell toll?

-Writes GDJ

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