Tweah, Others Turn Code Of Conduct Into Mere “Tissue” -And Unilaterally Decrees Rejection Of Bill For Lawmakers’ Salaries Cut

The Code of Conduct sanctioned by the constitution as a legitimate checkpoint erected to contain political appointees including some high profile operatives in government and ensure that they do not use state’s resources, position and influence to campaign for candidates of their choice at the displeasure and detriment to others, has been transformed into mere tissue by many perceived political movers and shakers of the ruling establishment.

Many political observers and analysts expressed their profound shock and dismay over the gross violation of the Code by Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, and Thomas Fallah in Brewerville. Again, the official launch of G. Melvin Findley of CDC’s petition program was also graced by some top government officials along with National Port Authority’s (NPA) Managing Director Bill Twehway in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

According to them, it was outrageous to see Minister Tweah in Brewerville and many supporters of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) who were dressed in their party’s T-shirts, displaying banner engraved with the portraits of Thomas Fallah, a senatorial candidate of CDC and Finance Minister Tweah moving in the rank of a campaign mode.

They noted that unlike respecting the code which strives constitutionally to draw the red line in order to avoid such violation and unleveled playing field in the impending December 8, 2020 senatorial elections nationwide, Tweah with the vested power, authority and influence over government’s finance, and how it is spent and who gets what in keeping with operations and obligations, among others tempting, but salient necessities, could bed openly seen violating the  code without remorse knowing that his position and status would not entertain such behavior on the political playing field.

They also added that the disrespect and violation of the  constitution and other laws of the country is not only the doing of President George M. Weah rather a standing  culture of most senior members of the ruling establishment like Finance Minister Tweah and others.

The concerned citizens further explained that Minster Tweah who heads the fiscal arm of the Liberian Government and presides over the spending entities, should be immured from active politics.

According to Section 5.1 of the Code of Conduct, it states that all officials appointed by the President of the Republic of Liberia shall not campaign in political activities, canvass or contest for elected offices (B) use government facilities, equipment or resources in support of partisans or political activities (C) serve on a campaign team of any political party, or the campaign of any independent candidate.

But quick to the contrast, they noted that this Code of Conduct, the Finance Minister was seen vividly in the Brewerville, Parker Corner Community attending a political rally of the ruling party’s candidate Thomas Fallah. He was there with the official government car assigned to him.

According to them, this is not the first of its kind for the Code of Conduct to receive big slap in the face by Samuel Tweah and his officials. In 2018, almost the entire government attended the campaign launch of a CDC’s candidate in the 2018 representative by-election in Montserrado County, District 13.

At that program on the Iron Factory Field in Gardnerville Community, the President was accompanied by the Speaker, the Senate Pro-Tempore, City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee and a host of others.

This up to now the President continues to close his eyes to this violation. But again, we are told that a strict jacket rule was given to all his officials to ensure that they go all out to safeguard that Montserrado is taken from Dillon.

Meanwhile, Minister Samuel Tweah has upright called on members of the Legislature to reject the expected Dillon Bill calling for the lawmakers to cut down their salary to US$5,000.

According to Minister Tweah, the harmonization exercise carried out by his ministry already deducted over US$11 million from the exercise conduct there is no need to reduce further. He said the people should be mindful that it will not be in their interest for the lawmakers to cut their salary to US$5,000 because they lawmakers who will have to give them some money when they go to them be it at the homes and work will be unable to help them, something critics condemned as unwarranted and makes not sense,

-Writes GDJ



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