Troubling Time For Liberia -As The ‘Red List’ Keeps Getting Longer With Integrity Problem-Names; The Nation Sinks Away From Int’l Contacts


A group of heavy-hearted Liberians in the most disturbed mood, told this medium on Thursday, May 20, 2021 that the government’s problem has become much more complicated to the extent that it appears like a day in the life of a naughty little child promised a caring house blessed and resourceful enough to turn his life around from the worse to the very best, but all that is asked of him is to change most of his entrenched hobbies and trim his huge appetite of wanting everything  with bulk being what he does not own but must have it at all cost and cause.

In the same vein another group added to the grim status with a notion that right across the river is a willing-free-for-arrivals promising treasury of every want and all needs, the only ticket required to accumulate the solutions to all the hard pressing obstacles is to swim and get across in person, and then, all your nightmares will automatically turn perfect joy and happiness with all needs and every want made available with   the brightest day light ever seen in life.

But despite the simplest way out, the boy (nation) with all his dire heart friends full in control of happening and development are worse than cat, meaning they cannot even touch water let alone swim. Based on the boy’s poor pathetic shape an option (something not done so easily by dwellers of across the river) that then most of the key hobbies be replaced with upright and ready to show their juice movers and shakers as well as the wheelers and dealers step in are being hell no, cried bitterly out of existence, is now keeping the boy and his dear hobbies to die for, and with, now on the stage of time spinning on a merry-go-round while gradually sinking in a political quicksand.

Indeed, this is a glaring reflection of the troubling time Liberia now finds itself in; this is a nation whose top leaders from the President to the speaker, deputy speaker, foreign minister, notorious warlords have all got serious problems with the great United States and cases to answer to before the page can be closed or he better or worse.

At the same time, a prominent Liberian lady speaking from the United States in an interview with a local radio station on Friday, May 21, 2021pointed out that the Weah’s government lives on credit and at the end is bound to be stuck in deficit. She made it clear that the government cannot afford to live on credits multiplied by corruption as evident by reports from home and abroad. She also added that the government is specialized in telling lie to another and as such, people will not spend their money on people who used their money to build huge duplexes; while they, the privileged few must always eat bountifully with no accountability, as the governed go to bed on empty stomach.

She noted that the Weah’s government is not trustworthy and most of the officials are not tested and the need to

establish the war crime court was seriously emphasized and cannot be over stated; whereas the inability of President Weah to shake the table (reshuffle) is becoming too alarming thereby portraying that he could be mindful of something that could back-blast to say the least.

What is so disturbing is that for the 12 years Weah and his Congress for Democratic Change (CDC)  as opposition, its  main plank in its platform was the establishment of the war crime court but conversely, upon his ascendancy with his CDC to the helm of state’s power, he and his political party are no longer at ease for the implementation of the once determined and widely acclaimed  establishment of the war and economic courts; upon being a political bedfellow of a notorious warlord now greatly wanted to face the war crime court for horrendous crimes committed against humanity during the 12 years civil crisis. Today, most people are craving on bended knees to find what has prompted the abrupt change to total reluctance and dare not hear about the establishment of the war crime court.

-Writes GDJ


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