TRIBUTE FROM A GRIEVING SON: A nurse, mother and Deacon who cared for thousands succumbs to death

For several years, Mother Martha Reeves Frankyu sat in a drugstore in Buchanan caring for hundreds if not thousands of citizens who came down with various illnesses. Named and styled, “Goodwill Medicine Store” and later “PhoMat Medicine Store” in honor of her sister, Photo, the last by her side prior to her death, hers was the poor man’s drugstore, where the least in society could find hope and courage in the meager they had sometimes they brought nothing at all but that didn’t stop her from caring for their situation.

She was a champion to her community who brought life to dying souls, some without a cent to care for themselves.

After several years of serving the populace of Buchanan city, mother Martha Reeves Frankyu, married to Rev. Theophilus Frankyu, a Baptist prelate, moved into the remote places of Bassa administering medicine at different market grounds as well as remotest districts that hardly saw medication prior to her move in.

Not just that she helped medically her people in these villages and hamlets, she brought every kid who could not afford an opportunity in the village to town for education. She was indeed a mother beyond borders.

Several kids didn’t end their lives in the village to end up illiterate because of her zest to pick the lowest in society to some place of opportunity. For her, the two kids God blessed her with: Togar Alexander Bealded a veteran Liberian journalist and Patience Bardingar an entrepreneur could not be the two in this world to get the pinch of her generosity. She went beyond.

Many mourn for such irreparable loss who at Church was a Deacon; in the community, a leader and respectable character; in her family a champion of hope and leader.

Born June 7, 1961, mother Martha Reeves Frankyu graduated from the Liberia Christian High School in Buchanan before transitioning to medical school and other ventures.  A devoted humanitarian, a seamstress, pastry chef, a virtuous woman, and a daughter of St. John River District, Fortsville, Grand Bassa County, she was baptized in the Baptist Church.

Her death is tragic and irreparable and one that has pierced the hearts of many who fed from the fountain of her generosity. It occured on Wednesday March 11, 2020 in Accra, Ghana where she has been undergoing medical treatment for months. 

She leaves to mourn her son, Togar Alexander Bealded and daughter Patience Bardingar, four sisters: Madia Reeves Fully, Amanda Reeves Kolleh, Nelly Reeves, Photo Reeves and two brothers: Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Reeves and David K. Reeves, including other relatives and friends as well as grand children in Liberia, Canada, USA, etc.

A book of condolence has been opened at her son’s residence in Old Road, Gaye Town, after Christ the King Catholic Church.

Goodbye mama, goodbye, we will see on that peaceful morning where there will be no more illness and suffering but peace and tranquility.

About the author: Alexander Bealded is the only son of the deceased, a journalist and 2017 candidate in Buchanan Legislative election.

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