TRC’s Report ‘Absolute Rubbish’ -“Quote Me”; Rep. Boley Openly Brags; But Were There Ever Two LPCs In Liberia As Boley Wondered?

The custodian and leader or head of the Liberia Peace Council (LPC); one of the most brutally nefarious and monstrous killing machines, Dr. George S. Boley, in what most analysts and observers dubbed as the 14-year-old ‘senseless’ war  in Liberia which soiled over 250,000 people, has described the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC’s) Report as “ABOSOLUTE RUBBISH”.

Bragging openly on the floor of the House of Representatives recently during deliberation on the matter of working out a way to have Montserrado County’s District #10. Representative Yerke Kolubah suspended for four months based on his reportedly constant insults of President George M. Weah when he (Boley) was interrupted and accused by Representative Dixion Sebo of Montserrado of killing his family members in Sinoe during the; civil crisis.

The declaration of the TRC Report by Boley of the brutally-driven-monstrous killing machine-LPC; as ‘absolute rubbish’ with deep-seated grim agony, sends a very petrifying  rough, tough and mean blazing acidic steam to the already wailing bones of victims of war scattered all over the places with emphasis on several ‘shadowed mass graves’ most of whom are yet to be discovered; as the voices of some living activists yearning and craving for the immediate establishment of the war crime and economic courts to give the current boastful warlords and their so-called supreme chief patrons their day in the courts to exonerate themselves or rigidly face the fierce music of unhindered justice continues to pathetically linger in the slippery orbit of uncertainty.

What George Boley, a Representative from Grand Gedeh County said about the TRC Report being ‘absolute rubbish’ in his quest to respond to Representative Sebo’s allegation for killing some of his family members in Sinoe during the zenith of the grave bloodletting in Liberia; which took him by a breezy surprise of interruption and or side attraction, concretely adds more impetus to the foundation of the urgent need now and sooner than later, the erection of war crime and economic courts.

Also, Boley should be cognizant, smartly aware and very mindful that administratively, the head takes the credit or bears the brunt of the b+ ehaviors or conducts of his or her underman directly under his or her supervision, (command) and worse of all, in the military or para-military settings, the commander bears the wrath or consequences of the actions of his or her men in the performance of their functions. Firstly he (Boley) argued that he was never in Sinoe nor has he been there during the ‘massive bloodbath’. Well done! But under whose military command and instructions were the men (LPC’s fighters) gruesomely unleashing barbarically in that part of the country? Secondly, did Boley had to be there physically and on the grounds and everywhere his fighters were while they were performing their unpatriotic duties…? Obviously no.

This is the simplest ABC of authority all commanders in a military or para-military organizations must always keep at the back of their minds. Thirdly,  (and a vivid case study) NPFL’s head or supreme commander, Major Charles Ghankay Taylor now canned for 50 years in a British Prison for war crime in Sierra Leone,  was ever found or photographed commanding his troops in that country (Sierra Leone); yet he got busted and now being ‘roasted’ for the alleged actions of his fighters. So to put up such defense of not being in Sinoe just to save his (Boley’s) skin, is the lowest grade of comical posturing which is tantamount to squeezing poor sifter to store water for whom the bell tolls.

Another scenario, during the incursion into Gbarnga during the senseless blood-driven civil upheaval by ULIMO-K and the LPC which led to the fall of Gbarnga-Ghankay’s stronghold, headquarters and supreme command post, it was reported that one of the vernacular (Bassa) Announcers from the Radio Station in Gbarnga, Bong County used, controlled and operated by Ghankay as an outlet in preaching and propounding his military quest and credo; the late Peter Zoegar, while escaping was captured  and in searching him found the Station’s ID card with and bearing his name, photo and title and responsibility therein, and was immediately executed by busting his head with an old outdated axe as some of his colleagues from the station who were also captured looked on. If Zoegar’s relatives were to take up issue with Boley would he still say that he was not in Gbarnga; and granted that he was not there physically, whose military orders were the LPC fighters in Gbarnga executing as they  had field day spreading the reign of terror in that part of the country? What would be his patriotic answer to Zoegar’s relatives if taken to task? Again, no matter wherever you the commander may be situated, you cannot escape the actions of glory or the hazardous performance of your fighters advancing a mission deeply-enshrined in your military target to conquer.

Today, despite the so-called protective power and fame you may hewn for now, while flourishing in the days of sorrow inflicted on thousands grieving people; and in spite of now, that justice is driven away, and right cannot come near; although truth stumbles in the public square and honesty finds no place there;  but yes indeed, truth crushed to the grounds shall surely and truly rise again; and be mindful all warlords who consistently, persistently and boastfully defied and believe that it is your unchallengeable   right to be totally feared, and always, by the badly mentally bruised and gravely injured people, and should dare keep the war crime and economic courts  establishment very far from their reach; are sooner than later, shockingly going to find themselves like  that person(s) who tries to sleep in a bed too short to stretch out on, with a blanket too narrow to wrap himself in.

Did former Liberian rebel leader George Boley was deported to Liberia from the US over his role in the West African country’s civil war in the 1990s ever wonder why he had to be forced out of his comfort resort in the USA to come back home with a one-way nonrefundable air ticket? A manner very much unusual? According to report, a US Judge said evidence shows that the ex-Liberian Peace Council leader (Dr. George S. Boley) had been involved in killings and recruited children was grounds for his removal. Boley, who served two years in custody in the United States denied the accusations. Around a quarter of a million (250,00) people died during Liberia’s 1989-2003 conflict.


The BBC’s Jonathan Paye-Layleh in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, says at the height of the civil war there were seven armed groups fighting – and the LPC was one of the largest. In 1995,  Boley joined other warlords, including Charles Ghankay Taylor, to lead an interim council for about a year. After presidential elections in 1997, the conflict resumed.


‘Witches burnt’

US immigration officials said it was the first time the use of child soldiers had been used as a grounds for removal from the US. The case was brought by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which said there was evidence from Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) that Mr Boley’s rebel group had burned dozens of captives accused of witchcraft in 1994.


Witnesses told the TRC that in 1995 Liberian Peace Council fighters massacred 27 villagers “ordering them to lie down before they slit their throats with cutlasses and raping the women before they killed them”, ICE said in a statement.

“Various organizations have reported that the LPC allegedly engaged in serious human rights abuses against the civilian population. The 1995 United States Department of State report on Human Rights Practices in Liberia documented credible reports that Boley authorized the extrajudicial executions of seven of his soldiers on 14 November 1995,” it said.

However, Mr.  Boley’s son, George Boley, Jr, told the Associated Press news agency that the judge had ignored important evidence presented on his father’s behalf and said none of the specific allegations brought against him were corroborated by credible evidence.


Were There Two LPCs As Boley Wondered?

Boley testified before the TRC in 2009 and maintained there must have been two groups calling themselves the LPC. “I failed to see how initiatives of the LPC translate to human rights violations and violations of international humanitarian laws. The LPC that I know was a focused and respected body,” a TRC statement at the time quoted him (Boley) as saying.

In its final report the TRC recommended that Mr.  Boley, along with other former warlords, be prosecuted as it said they all bore responsibility for the worst atrocities of the conflict. But to date no cases have been brought in Liberia, our reporter says.

Mr. Taylor, who won presidential elections in 1997, is on trial for war crimes at UN-backed court sitting at The Hague for his part in neighboring Sierra Leone’s civil war. He had gone into exile in 2003 to Nigeria, where he was arrested.

According to AP, at the time, Mr.  Boley had 30 days to appeal against the deportation ruling. Moreover, Representative Boley further slammed Representative Sebo of engaging into spreading lies against him as been done by several paid agents and operatives and bragged that the TRC report was ‘absolute rubbish and should be quoted for saying so. The Boley-Sebo’s startling revelation comes on the heed of an ongoing trial of another Sierra Leonean rebel “Angel Gabriel alias commander Gibril Massaquoi who allegedly committed serious atrocities reflective of war crime against the people of Lofa County and had since been presiding in Finland. The trial is currently being held in Liberia with the accused being present amidst horrible, terrifying and nerve-wrecking saga revealed by witnesses and some victims.

As the establishment of war crime and economic courts’ bell gradually, but from a rocky and slippery distance begins to faintly ring over all warlords of Liberia, most of whom are repulsive to the grim plights of the saddened people, while marvelously cruising in the unchecked pools of glamor, power, wealth and fame and rubbing shoulders with elite of the highest echelon of authorities; the undefeated history of reality is indeed inching on them progressively when the voices of the alleged hard core cold-bloody murderers (warlords) will stand before God and men and score their toxic-mixed grades that with ‘carnage-painting brush’, characterized the gloomy image of the 14 years of civil war. True to the call and promise, it shall come to pass. These heroes and archangels of mayhem, forcefully-imposed-funerals, massive destructions, violence-takes-it-by-force-decree, doomsday and political corruption, will pathetically realize, know, see and grotesquely feel the miserable odd taste of the bread of sorrow and openly understand without second thought, that pepper does not hurt in dogs’ eyes alone; yes, it also hurts in the eyes of human beings too. The time is gradually coming when the saints shall come marching in.


-Writes GDJ.    

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