One of the definitions I like is- Doing the right thing when nobody is watching.When you have a clear opportunity to steal,corrupt , misappropriate,misapply or lie and you refused to do so, you have integrity meaning you can be trusted, you are dependable, credible and honest.

Come 2023, one of the campaign issues that should be on the table for debate should be integrity, which of the Presidential candidates has passed the Integrity test at least from your perspective as a qualified voter.

When you enter the booth to mark your ballot, you are voting to stop corruption, voting to promote Development, promote peace and reconciliation, you are voting for a standardized education system and food security, and the list goes on.

Voters are responsible for most of the problems we have in the country, the decision you make in that booth will affect you personally and your children, even those unborn.

Some voters trade their votes for money,rice,cars,bikes or something that will not benefit themselves or the country, these are the people who sell their birth right.

They are unpatriotic, short-sighted and possibly have criminal minds, criminal minds because they have the mentality for short term benefits,eat today and suffer tomorrow.

People who take money to vote for unqualified candidates are in a sense receiving pay for the next six years, and these are people who make the loudest noise when things go wrong.

Once you choose the man or woman who is qualified, you will see the benefits of Integrity and honesty.

Those who are mostly the culprits in this situation are the youth who are careless about their future and desperate for cash.They don’t see anything wrong with being bribed to vote In a rogue and white collar criminal as long as there is opportunity for short term benefits.

Yes, it is your right but the application to of your right has undermine the peace and security of the country, your reckless behaviour has and could plung the country Into trouble.

It is your vote, but others are stakeholders in your vote, your one vote could be the deciding factor for the president of Liberia. You have just committed a crime against the state and it’s people by taking  the wrong decision  in that voting booth.Even if you don’t win do the right thing. Those who deliberately form alliances to vote governments into power even if those governments are doing the wrong things have the biggest guilt on their consciences and they are haunted by those feelings till  they die because you have mortgaged your future and that of your children.2023 is around the corner, let us speak against corruption, against rape, murder and crimes against humanity in your community and the nation by electing people who are serious to move the nation forward.

The current situation in LIBERIA speaks for itself, it is a shame that a nation this old has not moved to develop ourselves, we must stop the don’t care attitude and take Liberia serious.

Are you proud to be a Liberian?

Are you better off than you were a few years back?

 By Atty. George K. Saah


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