Toxic Political Environment

From the strike of any imagination what obtained at the Nimba-Primary with the four collaborating parties-Unity, Liberty, All Liberian and Alternative did not only paint a ludicrous image of the collaboration, but equally raises more under-the-skin questions of collective institutional and individuals’ sincerity from the bottom of the hearts; honesty of accommodation of each political leader and not displayed of white teeth, black heart concept; what was the binding commonality and the sense of belonging from the get-go; how was the shared political achievements defined; what was the method used in the acceptance of the obligatory ideology to be adhered to all collaborators; what was understood as collaboration and the accrued result?

While it is often stated that those who failed to prepare, also prepared to fail; and while it is a commonplace and political slogan that opposition is a government in waiting; as graced by the scripture that to whom much is given, so much, if not much more is expected. The manner and form in which Nimba-Primary fracas was executed, did not only send mixed-signals to the people who are gravitating to the should-be-one-spirit political vehicle that would chase the ruling establishment out of political relevance at the ballot box in December 8, 2020 and then comes the biggest picture in 2023; however, the Nimba-Primary has indirectly created a “toxic political environment”, thereby making it much easier for the ruling party with its coalition lumbered with tons of  both within and without disenchantments;  confidence crisis with the complete missing flare of conducting a renowned, credible, growth and development oriented governing system; the political heartbreak from the Nimba-Primary can now afford them a little breathing space wherein the gloating gets into full-blown motion.

Did the four Collaboration Political Parties (CPP) actually know what did are into politically? Have they ever thought the least that it was not a I like or can make it and be comfortable Mr. X than Mr. Y rather a national challenge needing all hands on board to ensure that the political fray is carried out with a collective and unwavering united front; that no individual, selfish motive or sacrifices are exclusively and uniquely treated as sacred  cow in the process; that the leading supreme interest is in the spirit of oneness, no matter what may struggle to infiltrate and drill a wedge in the middle of the collaboration; would be forcefully crushed from the unbending cohesiveness; and so no attempt, maneuver, patronized-scandal including the divide-and-conquer tactics can lay hands on the slightest space to slam the collaboration into disarray and condemned disrepute and exposing the latter to public scorn.

In such a toxic political environment where political lawlessness, the reckless disregard for the constitutional binding Code of Conduct coupled with the already ruining fabrics of the election’s law on pre-campaigning; with the ruling party speedily going under roll; it is glaring that the silver bullet that pierced the Nimba-Primary and throwing the CPP into a micro-orbit of mistrust and harbored qualms  and reflective of the building of the tower of Babel which motive was quasi-self-proclaimed authoritatively-driven over the Almighty God Who from the onset of the project, all spoke one language; but as they got where they considered  closer to God’s position as motive got very nastier for the Most High to stomach; the one spoken language turned into multitude of strange languages with difficulties in understanding most often  bordered on indecent meaning from one person to another; and out of bitterness and lack of trust teammates; the Tower of Babel came crumbling down.

Today, with grave dissatisfaction expressed on one hand in the CPP and total rejection of the Nimba-Primary by another collaborator (ANC); practical would-be suffocation of sincerity, openness out of honesty; likeness for specific individual by another against another are among the suspected key factors at the Nimba-Primary leaving the once politically united front to brace itself against the political gravity and velocity of the ruling party prone with accountable leadership flaws; and serve it a one-way nonrefundable exit ticket at the  ballot box; has shot itself in the leg and pathetically licking its oozing wounds in the politically charged public domain. If they were never fair, open, truthful, sincere and honest from the depth of their hearts and cherry-picking inwardly; then day has broken over them and are they gathering the firm and undeterred collective will-power to land back on the drawing board and with all due respect, work out a reasonable ways and means that will scrupulously reconcile between collaboration and consultation to avoid an amazingly grotesque after shock nightmare.

Meanwhile, the FrontPageAfrica reported that the primary issue is being compounded by a lingering feud between the current head of the CPP, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and the former head, Mr. Benoni Urey. Both men  have traded barbs over petty differences bordering egos even as the conundrum reaches a boiling point.

Mr. Urey has publicly declared that Mr. Cummings, in his own words, “was not fit to be President”, owing to his late arrival on the political landscape.

Mr. Urey says he prefers former Vice President Joseph Boakai.  “People  usually elect people who have worked in government. You don’t elect people who just come from a country and come to another country and want to be president. You elect people based on their experience and based on their reputation. And I think of the three (3) candidates, Joe Boakai has the most experience; Joe Boakai has stood the test of time, and he’s a relatively decent person.”

As many took Mr. Urey to task over the timing and proximity of his comments, Mr. Cummings did not hold back, and has repeatedly expressed grave disappointment in Mr. Urey’s attacks, questioning the timing and impact of such a statement at a time when the opposition should be holding together.

Mr. Urey’s assertions, Mr. Cummings said last October, is a deviation from the objectives of the CPP. “Those assertions are far from the truth. When the four (4) political parties agreed to come together on February 21, 2019 and we all affixed our signatures to the document, we decided to work together in a collaboration of independent parties and by 2023, put forth a single ticket for the Presidency in 2023.”

Mr. Cummings said at the time, he has supported Mr. Urey as the Chairman of the CPP and offered him his unflinching support during his tenure and also  made financial contributions and was on the campaign trail to support his daughter, Telia Urey’s quest for the District No. 15 Representative’s seat

At the same time, The ANC wishes to inform the general public that it does not recognize the results of the CPP Nimba County primary held on yesterday, September 6, 2020. This decision is based on the fact that its candidate, Mr. Taa Wongbe was maliciously and abruptly prevented from participating by supporters of Madam Edith Gongloe with the eruption of violence, led and orchestrated by the ALP.

This unfortunate situation was preceded by series of blatant violations of the process, which when ultimately failed to frustrate Taa, led to premeditated attacks on him, our delegates and officials. The refusal of Madam Gongloe’s team to allow ANC’s candidate to enter the stage was avoidable and should not have happened.

Also notable is that while Taa attended to his injured partisans, an inconspicuous regrouping of the other parties without notice to our candidate took place to announce LP’s candidate, Edith Gongloe Weh as the CPP’s candidate. The ANC will not support the outcome of any process it

Moreover, little did Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel D. Tweah, Jr., know how dangerous it is to transform the already political fist of fury of President George M. Weah into an iron hand by craving the indulgence of Liberians across the country, especially partisans and sympathizers of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), to help make him a “Benevolent Dictator,” a move he thinks will help to speedily put Liberia on path of development and rapid transformation.

But pundits regrettably wondered why seek a benevolent dictator enrichment to put Liberia speedily on the path of development and rapid transformation, when he had already declared that his short stay in power has achieved more in development that any presidents since 1847, adding that can’t he just continue on that path if he is sure to himself that the country is excelling progressively And the wellbeing of the citizens has greatly improved.

According to them what the people are getting out of the leadership is tremendously terrible while not yet an approved full-grown dictator by the Legislature, what more if he becomes that so-called benevolent dictator; let no  be fool into thinking that dictator  are compassionate, kind and caring, a di dictator is a tyrant, oppressor, autocrat and despot who greatest pleasure is to rule with iron hand.

During one of the many endorsement ceremonies of CDC’s Senatorial candidate, Representative Thomas P. Fallah in Monrovia, the Finance Minister said that the President needs to be made a “Benevolent Dictator” so that Liberians can be afraid of him in order not to question his administrative actions and decisions. He said the CDC administration needs to start taking tough decisions and, as such, there is a need to re-orientate the whole government in order to achieve that goal.

“Look, we need a benevolent dictator. It means somebody like Paul Kagame of Rwanda, who alone can sit in a room and make a decision that will change the whole country faster,” The Minister said, adding that “this is what is happening in many Asian Countries, where the benevolent dictators just say, ‘OK, I’m not here to hear what the other people get to say or their views. I will build that road and put the money there.’

-Writes GDJ         








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