Title: COVID-19


By: Romeo Famuleh

Contributing writer


You shall stop sitting at the window seat very soon; you shall be gone very soon from that seat.
You shall be gone and become  a history, leaving this sweet proud Earth that nurtures the apples in the cart.

COVID-19! Your Window seat will be empty; i wonder if many will care? oh, the soft wind will and the proud  Earth will choke you very soon.

COVID-19! if fate and star agree gang of religious men, scientists, teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, socialists, presidents, researchers, journalists, volunteers, etc.
will soon unite and take you off that seat.

COVID-19! Did not the Psalmist say, “God is mindful of man”? we are man-God’s favoured creatures.
Why then fills us with fear?
Fears have been with us always
Faith has been sleeping with us ever;

For faith is only fear that’ll always say it prayer. farewell, farewell, farewell.

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